Best Cable for CCTV Camera: High Quality Cables to Keep you Secured

Best Cable for CCTV Camera

IntroductionCCTV cameras are becoming the consumer-grade security standard. Although the technology is matured enough for the average consumer, there are major changes in both the power consumption and media consumption department. And that’s one of the reasons for us to bring you this review on the best cable for CCTV camera. So, what can you expect […]

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Ge Z Wave Switch Reset: Getting things in order

Ge Z Wave Switch Reset

Smart switches are the new trend out there. These ‘z wave’ enabled smart switches are making the smart home functions a lot easier.  But all machines break once in a while. No matter how advanced a machine is or how minor the work of the machine is, it can show problems. And if this is the […]

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Z Wave vs WIFI: A War between Waves

Z wave vs. WiFi

If you’ve ever come across smart home devices, you must have seen the term Z wave.  Nowadays almost every smart home device uses Z wave as the data transferring media. But that doesn’t mean that Z wave is completely new. It’s been out there for several years. But only recently it’s been used in devices. So, what […]

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Types of CCTV Camera Cables

Types of CCTV camera cables

What do you mean by surveillance? Here’s the thing- surveillance is like an extra layer of protection.  And CCTV cameras are the widely used tools for this surveillance.  However, it’s important to get the best out of CCTV cameras. Because low-quality output means security risk.  But getting the best output from CCTV cameras is impossible without using good […]

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How to See Infrared Light without a Camera: Ideas that work


IntroductionThe answer to the question ‘how to see infrared light without a camera’ isn’t as easy to answer as you may think. There are different parameters involved. Also, different devices handle infrared light illumination differently. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the answer for you. Not only that, but we will also be shedding […]

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What is an IR Illuminator: A 101 course of the ins and outs


IntroductionAn IR Illuminator, as many of you may know, is one of a kind security measure for nighttime. Although such technology didn’t make past the military barracks back then, it slowly made its way to the consumer space. And even the average consumer these days is interested in the infrared illumination technology primarily because of two […]

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CCTV Monitor vs. PC Monitor

CCTV Monitor vs. PC Monitor

Having a CCTV at home or office means tension free time.  Normally people choose between the two types of monitors for displaying CCTV footage. Some use CCTV monitor while some use PC monitor.  Here’s the thing- Most of them opt for any one option without knowing the details properly. And this calls in some issues.  If you use the […]

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CCTV Camera Not Working at Night [3 Checkpoints]

CCTV Camera not Working at Night

CCTV cameras are truly a blessing to many people. These are the reason behind tension-free sleep at night.  That’s why more and more people are installing CCTV cameras in their house. An interesting feature of CCTV camera is its night time recording. In other words, night vision CCTV cameras brought in such a new craze that […]

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Is Smart Home Worth It?

Is Smart Home Worth It

This has been a burning question nowadays. To be honest, there’s no direct answer to the question, is smart home worth it.  A smart home can make your life easier without any doubt. But the real question happens to be about expenses. Are we having the best bang for the buck from the monetary perspective? […]

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