Difference Between 2 Way and 3 Way Light Switch

difference between 2 way and 3 way light switch

IntroductionNowadays people are widely using the three way switches. However, the usage of two switches isn’t decreasing too.  Just from the name, we can assume that these switches are different. And that’s true Both these switches have different working principles.  We’re assuming that you are up to buying new switches. And we’re guessing that you’re in a […]

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How to Add IP Camera to Blue Iris?

How to Add IP Camera to Blue Iris

IntroductionBlue Iris is a third party software that allows you to control your surveillance system to view, access, control and even communicate your IP cameras or other cameras that are at a remote distance.  But to begin the process, you have to set up the cameras and the Blue Iris software in a proper manner to […]

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Best Blue Iris Cameras

best blue iris camera

Introduction Blue Iris, as we know it, is a popular third party security surveillance software that you can run on your mobile or PC. To keep an eye on your home or office at your absence, this can provide you with a 360 solution. But when it’s about picking up the best Blue Iris cameras, […]

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