CCTV Monitor vs. PC Monitor

CCTV Monitor vs. PC Monitor

Having a CCTV at home or office means tension free time. 

Normally people choose between the two types of monitors for displaying CCTV footage. Some use CCTV monitor while some use PC monitor. 

Here’s the thing-

Most of them opt for any one option without knowing the details properly. And this calls in some issues. 

If you use the wrong monitor for viewing CCTV footage, there’s a high chance that you’ll miss out on performance. Sometimes, even a bad CCTV monitor can cause blurry night vision footage. 

However, knowing the details can be super difficult. There are very limited resources out there which discuss CCTV monitor vs. PC monitor in details. 

Fret not. We’re here to help you out. 

In this piece, we’ll give you solid facts about both types of monitors. We will compare these monitors on their common features like size, price, resolution, input ports, etc. That’s not all- we will shed a light on features that will matter while using for a long period. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and get going with the details-

What is a CCTV monitor?

To understand the answer to this question, at first, you have to understand what CCTV is. 

Well, CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is a TV system. And in this TV system signals are private or closed. 

Now back to the main question. CCTV monitor is the monitor that is specially designed and manufactured for viewing CCTV footage. 

Comparison of General Features

Here the plan is to clear out the difference between CCTV monitor and PC monitor by comparing their features. Just as we mentioned before, we will compare the price, size, resolution, response time, weight, etc. features. 

So, let’s begin-


CCTV monitors are relatively smaller in size when compared to PC monitors. 

The general size range of CCTV monitors is between 7 inches to 12 inches. On the other hand, PC monitors can go up to 37 inches. But the general preference stays in between 22 inches to 27 inches. 

Bottom Line

If you have a large enough spare space for a CCTV footage display, then you can, of course, go for a pc monitor. But if it’s the opposite then taking a CCTV monitor is the best option. 


This feature matters a lot in case of CCTV footage watching experience. Higher resolution means more pixel density. Which means sharper image and video footage. Which in turn means higher detailing. So, with a higher resolution display, you’ll be able to track movements more easily. 

Now comes the comparison part. 

CCTV monitors can go up to Full HD display at best. Which is 1080p resolution. 

On the other hand, PC monitors can go up to 8k resolution. 

So, we have a clear winner here. However, to get 8k resolution you have to give an 8k input to the monitor. Which means if your cameras cannot produce 8k resolution footage, then you cannot get 8k resolution.

Bottom Line

You can use a computer monitor for CCTV only if your cameras can produce high-resolution video footage.  

Response Time

This is broadly related feature, to be honest. But we cannot stop without giving you the bird’s eye view of this comparison. 

CCTV monitors have the lowest response time of 8 milliseconds. And PC monitors have the lowest response time of about 1 millisecond. 

Bottom Line

To be honest milliseconds are nothing when human eye capabilities are considered. So, this won’t affect a lot in real-life use. 


If you are planning on keeping the monitor at one place then this doesn’t matter much. But if you’re thinking about carrying this to places then this is a super important factor. 

Now, about the details. PC monitors are large in size. Hence these monitors are a bit high on weight. 

On the other hand, you could take some of the CCTV monitors even with you. 

Bottom Line

Get CCTV monitors if want to move your monitor frequently. 


This is probably the most important factor here. 

A 12-inch CCTV monitor price is around $130. On the other hand, 18 inches to 19 inches normal pc monitors have a price range of $70 to $110. 

So, the CCTV monitors seem a bit pricy when compared to PC monitors. But there’s an explanation about this. CCTV monitors are specially designed for security purposes. So, there are some additional features that you won’t get in the PC monitor. 

In some cases, CCTV monitors are better at face detection and kinds of stuff. 

Bottom Line

If you’re low on budget, then PC monitors are a better option for you. 


Durability is another super important factor in here. CCTV monitors are super strong. These are made for long term use. To be more specific, CCTV monitors have to run 24/7. This puts a lot of strain in normal pc monitors. 

It’s possible that 3 pc monitors get out of order by the time 1 CCTV monitor shows malfunctions. 

Bottom Line

Consider the durability factor before connecting your CCTV camera to pc monitor


Normally someone wouldn’t think of designs while using a monitor for surveillance. So, this is the least important factor in here. 

But since we’re taking everything in, we will compare this factor too. 

PC monitors are superior in case of design perspective. Every brand upgrades their design in some way each year. On the other hand, CCTV monitors focus the least on this feature. 

Bottom Line

If you have a knack for monitor designs, then you can convert PC monitor to CCTV monitor. 

Final Thoughts

At this point, you can obviously ask us something like, ‘Can I use computer monitor for CCTV?’ Our answer would be yes. But we won’t suggest you do this. 

Use the device that’s meant for the surveillance job. Good quality CCTV monitors can sometimes even surpass PC monitors of the same range. 

So, we’ll end this CCTV monitor vs PC monitor thing with one final suggestion. That is choose what you think is best for you.

Alex Dantas

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