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Long range night vision camera

Security and safety is an innate need a person cannot compromise with best long range night vision security camera and therefore we often need to install security systems to our premises in order to get them secured and safe.

When it comes to monitoring your property sometimes you need a long-range wireless security camera if you want to monitor video surveillance, clearly and vividly. So, it is important to choose a right long range wireless night camera in order to keep your property safe. The best outdoor security cameras for video surveillance are your best bet. 

The best long range wireless camrea is the combination of wide viewing angle, vibrant and clear image quality and infrared sensors which are necessary whether you are watching over your parking lot, the backyard or the farmhouse etc.

Here is a guide to help you pick up the best long range wireless camera for the larger areas of your smart home, fulfilling your long-range wireless needs and video surveillance requirements.

Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera...
TriVision Outdoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi, POE, 1080P HD Home Camera...
PHYLINK Bullet 1080PWaterproof Outdoor Security IP Camera,True Day...
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YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision on...
Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera...
TriVision Outdoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi, POE, 1080P HD Home Camera...
PHYLINK Bullet 1080PWaterproof Outdoor Security IP Camera,True Day...
Amcrest IPM-723B Outdoor 960P 1.3 Megapixel (1280TVL) WiFi Wireless IP...
YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision on...
Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera...
Google Nest Cam Outdoor - 1st Generation - Weatherproof Outdoor Camera...
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TriVision Outdoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi, POE, 1080P HD Home Camera...
TriVision Outdoor Security Camera, Wi-Fi, POE, 1080P HD Home Camera...
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PHYLINK Bullet 1080PWaterproof Outdoor Security IP Camera,True Day...
PHYLINK Bullet 1080PWaterproof Outdoor Security IP Camera,True Day...
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Amcrest IPM-723B Outdoor 960P 1.3 Megapixel (1280TVL) WiFi Wireless IP...
Amcrest IPM-723B Outdoor 960P 1.3 Megapixel (1280TVL) WiFi Wireless IP...
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YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision on...
YI Home Camera, IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision on...
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This is the cam for those who feel bothered to use any wireless or wiring stuff in their smart home.

So this is the effective and quite easy voice handling cam with a wide range of HD resolution as it has a built-in mic and speaker. So through this, you can easily tackle and set or even manage your cam settings without any movement. Rest the other best quality of these security cameras is that you can use this cam not only for specific security purpose but also for your indoor home surveillance and at the workplaces as well.


  • This security camera has a super finest built-in magnet with metallic surfaces
  • Long range wireless security camera
  • Can aware you about your activity alerts
  • Easy plug-in with quick remarkable security
  • Wall mounting plate with Nest screws
  • Wireless security camera comes with power adapter and USB cable


  • 1080HD with 24/7 day and night
  • A vast and long-range night vision security camera
  • Live stream long range wireless camera 
  • Two-way audio 
  • Cloud storage security camera 


  • Limited streaming
  • Costly
  • Limited notification
  • No local storage availability

2:Trivision Outdoor Security Camera

Trivision Outdoor Security Camera


Trivision Outdoor Security Camera is a DIY camera packed with multi-features including 1080p full HD video footage and 2MP resolution. It has a 3MP 4mm wide angle lens ensuring maximum video surveillance with fine quality.

It is equipped with 24 high power IR LEDs offering 60 feet night surveillance. The long range wireless camera is water and dustproof contains a metal bracket for wall mounting which is very well reliable in case of adverse weather conditions for outdoor security cameras. 

It has a motion sensor that sends free motion alerts whenever any movement is detected. The notification is received on the application designed for Android and iOS devices. All in all, the long range wireless camera functionality is on point. 


  • 1080p video footage AND 2MP Resolution
  • Metal bracket for wall mounting
  • A dedicated app designed for Android and iOS devices
  • Push Notifications for proper video surveillance


  • No smart alert facility for this wireless security camera 
  • Less range 

3:Pod-8 2 Waterproof Megapixel Wireless HD 1080P Security Camera

Pod-8 2 best long range wireless security camera system


These outdoor security cameras have a quick intuitive operation and setup without any monthly fee. Your security camera will be working in just some minutes on your Android, PC, iPhone, Mac, iPad device. Just simply download or install this long range night vision security camera on your PC/Mac and step-by-step follow the process and launch a remote viewing system while sitting anywhere.

The true Night/Day advanced cut filter of 1080P HD and Night Sight system to capture good and illuminated videos and pictures around 50 feet with 6mm or 4mm and fixed aperture lens of F2.0. NAS, Micro SD memory card, NRV, FTP, storage helps in recording direct videos on a Micro card with a capacity of 128GB which is sold separately.

It sets the security cameras for long recordings or to lessen the viewing time as well the storage space. The recorded and saved video is remotely seen from your Android/IOS or computer device. You are able to position the wireless camera to send you email alerts, remote playback or mobile notifications instantly and automatically as the motion is detected. So you are able to pay an instant response.


  • It is very easy to attach the security cameras just use 3 screws and mount the camera to the wall.
  • Proper wireless camera functionality
  • Motion alerts through FTP, Push notifications, and emails
  • It is secured with a 200 feet range of WI-FI


  • No sound



AMCREST is one of the phenomenal choices for best long range wireless security camera. The security cameras are not just best for security purposes but also applicable and easily connected with PC, Android, and ios. Rest of this, it is weatherproof with wide night and day 100 degree viewing angle.


  • Powerful and effective Wi-Fi security cameras 
  • Live screen footage
  • Network cable with foot power supply
  • Pro HD outdoor bullet wireless camera
  • Free cloud space for 4 hours


  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easily accessible wireless camera 
  • High quality


  • No sound
  • It’s fixed no movement

5: Y1 IP SECURITY SURVEILLANCE long range night vision security camera

Y1 IP SECURITY SURVEILLANCE long range night vision security camera

The beauty of this best long range wireless security camera is that it as a wide long range of night surveillance which is around 11 infrared LED’s that can easily show you a clear sharp image and video clip view. Another plus point of this cam is that it has an affordable range with a full pack of effective activity alerts, cloud space, and HD recordings.


  • Micro SD cards
  • Highly protection and compression
  • 32GB local backup support
  • FAT 32 formats
  • The security cameras have a Two-way audio facility
  • 24/7 wide lens recording and capturing wireless camera 
  • Additionally, it also has a 3-hour snap history


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • 130-degree FOV wide angle
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Also Best for indoor security cameras
  • One of the best long-range baby security cameras.


  • Limited functionality
  • Monthly cost $10 for cloud space
  • Quite costly wireless camera 

6: Wansview Long Range Night Vision WiFi Security Cam

Wansview Long Range Night Vision WiFi Security Cam


  • It is a compact and precise astronaut shaped camera which is just for. It is one of the best long range night vision security cameras as it covers an amazing 20ft distance with the best night surveillance.
  • The 1920x1080p lens provides high definition videos as well as images along with 25fps. The amazing results of the HD footages can be recorded and observed very easily through the phone whether on iOS or Android. These security cameras can even provide the results on PC as well.
  • 2.4GHz WiFi is the best fit for this camera as it is connected to the Wansview App or mostly through iPhone or Android. This shows its friendly compatibility with the internet.
  • If you are not at your home or somewhere away from the location of the mounted camera, it can give you the recordings whenever you need them, you just have to attach the micro SD card in the given slot. It caters and works best with the 128 GB card. Also if you are a Mac PC user, then you can have the recorded videos for almost the whole day and a week.
  • This camera is made of the shape of the pan; this covers the wide angles of 350 degrees and 76 degrees horizontally and vertically covering almost all the directions.
  • The security cameras also have this amazing zooming in technology as it has 8 presets and 4 different options to witness the enlarged picture differently.
  • The security cameras are finest when it works at the night and darker setups, as it covers almost the range of 20 fts in the dark with amazing clear footages. The IR LED lights fixed in this camera helps a lot to get a crystal clear image even at nights.
  • The confidentiality matters a lot and it helps all both the providers and the customers so if you are buying these security cameras then there must be no worries when it comes to the personal information, which is ensured and not leaked from our side.

7: USG 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera

USG 3MP IP Bullet Security Camera


If you want a professional CCTV long range night surveillance camera, USG IP bullet camera is the perfect choice for you. It can effortlessly recognize small details like text, persons, and object clearly up to 300 feet.

You can adjust and tune the camera according to your security need. It’s a business class indoor/outdoor camera having 3MP lens for clear images and recordings.

The camera has weatherproof housing suitable for outdoor use and adverse environmental condition. It consists of 72x infrared LEDs for clear and distant night vision.


  • Night surveillance security camera with excellent flexibility.
  • Effortlessly recognize small details.
  • Long range wireless cam has a weatherproof body.
  • The camera is adjustable.
  • One of the best long range cctv camera.


  • No interactive features
  • No smart alerts
  • The absence of motion sensors

8: Arlo Pro – Wireless  Security Camera System

Arlo Pro - Wireless Security Camera System


Arlo pro camera is one of the best night vision security camera system comes with a full HD 1080p camera and 130 degrees wide viewing angle.

The unique selling point is the wireless hassle-free technology that offers various varied features in a compact device. It has 850 nm LEDs which helps to view clearly up to 25 feet.

It has a microphone and a speaker for two-way communication and a dedicated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. The device is powered by 2,440 mAh battery.

The camera does not need to be plugged in and comes with a magnetic mount so that you can place it anywhere according to you need. You can store the footage the camera captures in a local hub through the USB port. Moreover, the camera is usable for a long time just from one recharge.


  • It’s a long range wireless hassle-free system
  • Long battery life
  • Detailed and better recording quality because of 1080p sensor
  • With Arlo smart function you can create activity zones and get alerts.


  • The night surveillance quality is not that good
  • Live streaming takes time
  • Arlo application often hangs.
  • The security camera gets foggy after rain.

9: Eyemax 6100F Long Range Security Camera

Eyemax 6100F Long Range Security Camera


This long-range night vision security camera features HERO chip set which is known as the top grade in the world with 600 TV resolution line that has its own signal picture technology to change the frequency of signal luminescence through a sector of monitoring. The back light improved function exist more than the Wide and Dynamic Range (WDR) along with a ratio of fusion of an optimum through the pixel, when they interact the shutter at the dark area with low speed and shutter at the light area with high speed.

The High and Light Mask (HLM) function is prevented effectively against vehicle headlights. It is very suitable for seeing the license plates of vehicles at night. The Digital and Slow Shutter (DSS) is seen through the least illumination quality that allows the pictures without any noise and at low illumination.


  • Eyemax is weather-resistant and the built-in sun shield is removable which helps in making sure that you receive good quality images and protecting it from any elements
  • It has 240 motion sensing zones
  • The sharpness is adjustable
  • The Power source of this camera is DC 12V
  • Resolution of this device is around 600 lines
  • The image conversion is V-Flip, Rotate, Freeze, NEGA: ON, H-Flip, Off Adjustable

10: Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2


Reolink Argus 2 is a pill-shaped wireless indoor/outdoor long range night vision security camera that costs relatively less with such varied features. It comes with a weatherproof design having an IP65 rating and is easy to install. The camera has a new feature of Starlight CMOS sensor that ensures excellent night vision. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and also has a solar power option. The image quality is quite good which captures1080p video at 15fps.

It is equipped with seven infrared LEDs which help to view the objects clearly in the night up to 33 feet in black and white. The 130 degrees wide viewing angle gives the large coverage. The camera has a speaker and a microphone assisting two-way communication. It has motion detection but lacks sound detecting ability. Reolink mobile app needs to be installed In order to view the live and recorded footage for IOS and Android devices. Conclusively Reolink Argus 2 is a perfect choice due to its high-quality day and night video quality, a weatherproof design which is capable to withstand in the adverse climatic situation and affordability proves it to be a solid choice.


  • Cost-effective
  • Completely wireless
  • Weatherproof design
  • Sharp video quality


  • SD card is not included
  • It cannot sync with other smart devices

11:  HUGOAI Night Vision Long Range Security IP Camera

HUGOAI Night Vision Long Range Security IP Camera


  • The cost of this best night vision video camera is pocket-friendly and amazing.
  • With the 1920 x 1080 high-resolution HD quality pictures, this camera performs best in the day as well as in the dark as well as it covers almost 30 feet long range distance. This 30ft footage helps this camera to lie in the best cameras of long-range night vision security camera.
  • If you are looking for the best WiFi compatible camera then this is the one which works efficiently with 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Not just that, these security cameras are easy to adjust, easy to install, and easy to set up.
  • The app is available through which you can monitor the activity of this camera that is easy to be installed. The app can be downloaded for free.
  • The motion sensing is remarkably strong through this camera as it provides the immediate notification on any kind of movement that is detected from this.
  • Not just that, the face recognition technology has made its way to save you from the fake alarms as it is intelligent enough to store the data and differentiate between the family member and the intruder.
  • The two-way speaker and microphone technology are highly appreciated in the real-time emergency situations to warn the intruder.
  • The storage is not compromised at all since it can store almost 128 GB data by mounting an SD card and it can store all the data in it. That can be the recording or any other footage.
  • The Zmodo security cameras provide its users with a 1-year warranty and the lifetime technical assistance.

12: Video Security Dome Wide Angle Camera

Video Security Dome Wide Angle Camera

These security cameras are powered by the Sony Effio 1/3” CCD Technology image sensor of colour DSP. It has a weatherproof housing 700TV lines good quality HD resolution.

This is the best long-range night vision security camera with 3.6mm built-in lens for the wide view and IR Led with 0 Lux. The package kit includes 1 x 12v 500mA supply of power, 1 x decal free warning, 1 x good resolution camera and 1 x video extension of power cable.

These security cameras have good night sight that will never disappoint you. The image and video quality it provides is super exceptional. Since it is weatherproof, it will be very effective in every season and it absolutely wouldn’t affect the results.

The 24 hours recording time it provides is widely appreciated by the customers and the videos are completely secured in the Micro memory card. So you are able to review the footage’s later in your free time without missing any details as the footage will be crystal clear regardless of when it is recorded day or night.


  • These security cameras are weatherproof day/night which comes along with DSP advanced technology
  • The CCTV camera lets you watch stuff even in pitch black darkness with its infrared 28 LEDs. When darkness is detected the LEDs automatically turns on.
  • It provides good quality pictures even in harsh conditions of weather and low lighting



This best long range night vision camera is come up with a large 7-inch LED monitor with an ideal deal of cost price. So if your budget is quite medium and normal then this security cam deal is the super cool deal for you to avail without any asking.

Rest about its specifications so this cam has a built-in microphones availability, motion triggered recording and a rechargeable battery with simplifies installation. Apart from this, these security cameras are weather-resistant wireless cam that also offers you a micro SD card and an easy backup storage facility. So whenever you want to trace the records you can easily get access to your previous recording history.


  • It is weather resistant cam
  • Wireless and easy to use without any hard and fast tricks
  • Come up with the widescreen of 7-inch monitor streaming
  • 32 GB supported card


  • Affordable
  • Has a 4 GB micro SD card
  • The Friendly audio monitoring facility
  • Water resistant camera
  • No net connection need


  • Only a receiver
  • No windows phone connectivity only applicable for apple, android phones, and tablets

14: Titathink Professional Wireless Outdoor Camera

Titathink Professional Wireless Outdoor Camera

This best long range security camera produces 1080P HD footages with stunning colour representation. It has 3D Noise Deduction which is Digital (3-D DNR) which provides an unusual picture as well as video quality with less noise. The day/night feature allows it to capture sharp pictures even in low light. Its infrared Night Vision is around 50 feet. Titathink is the most efficient for long range night vision security camera.

This camera is highly compatible as it works with WI-FI, Power of Ethernet that is (PoE), or Ethernet. It is able to record to NVR as well as NAS drives which efficiently integrates with further security systems through iPhone, NAS and ONVIF, Android, from PC, Mac, smartphones, tablets, iPad and more. It supports memory MicroSD card for recording. There is an audio of two-way for the built-in microphone which helps to monitor audio and video.

The built-in memory SD card supports Max 128G, same as the DVR that are united in the camera which is able to store data directly into the Micro SD card and it doesn’t necessarily need any recording device, 3rd software or any internet link and you can even play it again through our software or APP. Very convenient to install and uncomplicated to operate.


  • This camera is highly dust proof as well as waterproof which is perfect for outdoor security
  • It has a 4mm lens which provides a wide angle view, especially for identifying car and facial license plates within the range of 45 feet it can be clearly seen
  • It has a high image resolution of 1080P streaming, MJPEG, H.264, and MPEG4 configurable stream
  • The day/night cut filter of Auto IR and LED infrared 12 powered light gives good color representation in the daytime and nighttime pictures of 50 feet crisp
  • The motion sensing of Multi-zone, Ftp and Email send message alerts on the mobile device.

15: ZOSI Megapixel Night Vision Long Range Security Outdoor Camera

ZOSI Megapixel Night Vision Long Range Security Outdoor Camera


  • This Zosi Camera is an amazing 4 pieces long range night vision security camera set that is only for
  • The camera is easily set up through the manual and since it is a wireless camera you can do it all by yourself. So no extra worry about the installations, simply just plug and play. That is it.
  • The NVR and the Camera can directly be connected to the power supply.
  • The video will show up instantly when the power supply, mouse, and the screen will be connected from HDMI to the camera.
  • This has the capability to cover up the best night vision with the outstanding IR lights. The best thing about this camera is that it covers the clear 100ft distance. The detailed viewing covers up the long range of the night vision.
  • It is also one of the most weather-friendly cameras as it has this hardcore aluminum coating IP 66 that can manage each and everything no matter what the weather is.
  • This camera comes with 1 TB hard drive for the recording purposes but one can easily adjust the recording of this camera with a 4 TB slot as well as it has the capacity of storage up till 4 TB.
  • This camera will send you the notification of any movement and motion detected as it is Android an iOS-friendly, it has a good compatibility with the notifications to these portals.
  • The company provides 2-year warranty and 1-year replacement warranty to its customers if the product stops working. Moreover, the lifetime technical support is always there, available for the clients.




RLC-410 is available in two versions i.e., 4MP and the 5MP.5MP camera has a pixel resolution of 2560×1920 with a 2.4X resolution of 1080p full HD while 4MP is available with 2560×1440 high resolutions to capture excellent quality video recording. It has 18 infrared LEDs which enables night vision up to 100 feet distance and records sharp and fine quality videos even in low-light. It has an 80 degrees viewing angle having relatively limited coverage.

Whenever any unusual activity is detected the device sends push notifications to your smart device warning you about the danger on the dedicated app. You can also create specific activity zones which reduces excessive alerts. You can download a free Reolink app or Reolink software to get live streaming through which you can stay intimated. Reolink RLC-410 can be used indoor as well as outdoor having an aluminum waterproof body which can bear harsh weather conditions.


  • High-resolution video recording
  • Night vision up to 100 feet
  • Reolink dedicated app and software
  • Push notifications
  • Indoor as well as outdoor camera
  • Waterproof body
  • Local storage, up to 64 Gb card supported


  • Relatively less viewing angle




YI dome security camera has a glass lens offering 1080p HD image quality offering sharp and vivid imagery. It gives an excellent result even in the worst environmental conditions. The night vision is quite powerful and can let you see clearly up to three meters in the deep dark environment. It covers a wide area having 112 degrees wide viewing angle.

The audio system is also very strong which cancels out all the unwanted noises and communicates the message clearly. It can capture the wide area taking into the record all the necessary details.

It also sends a notification when any motion is detected on the application.

It allows two speaking modes i.e., Intercom mode and hands-free mode. The hands-free mode allows both the listener and speaker to communicate simultaneously.

Install the free user-friendly and interactive application on your smart device whether android or Ios and have a fine surveillance experience.


  • It has an excellent night vision capability
  • It is equipped with a noise reduction capability
  • It sends alerts when motion is detected
  • Fine quality images and footages


  • The device does not have enough storage
  • The technical support provided by the company is not adequate.

18: Sony long range 100 Meters (328 Feet) IR Bullet Security Camera

Sony long range 100 Meters (328 Feet) IR Bullet Security Camera


Sony IR Bullet Security Camera is a long range night vision camera from the pioneer camera brand SONY featuring full HD 1080P video up to 1600 feet. It’s a weatherproof camera you can install indoor as well as outdoor. This super AHD CCD Camera has a 115 Feet night vision ability ensuring clear and vivid footage in the darkness, packed with a built-in bracket appropriate for wall mounting.


  • 1080p video quality
  • Weather Proof Camera
  • 115 Night vision ability
  • Built-in wall mounting bracket


  • Relatively expensive

So here were some picks we just discussed in details which will definitely help you out while choosing a good and reasonable security device for the surveillance of distant areas like parking lot, back and front yard, farmhouses or your driveway etc., ranging from the basic and affordable models to the premium quality and professional security systems for indoor and outdoor surveillance and we hope that one of them will definitely prove to be the suitable one for your place.


After the above mentioned run down of long-range night vision security camera there are also a few things which you have to keep in mind before going to buy any cam.


You need to make sure that the long range cam you’re willing to get has the right compatibility. A long range device with a proper line of sight has no rights reserved to be on your arsenal. Be mindful of the SD card compatibility of the long range camera. Line of sight isn’t something you compromise for compatibility. You’d want to have them both.  


Second is the picture quality. Make sure that the long range cam which you are going to buy is offering you qualitative and highly effective picture quality. Except this, another good quality of the long range night vision security camera is that it also offers you a clear and appropriate resolution with a reputable HD. And with appropriate long range camera  features, you’d want a proper line of sight as well. 


When it comes to the rights reserved for motion detection for a long range cam, you cannot make compromises. You already have good line of sight, and now you want your long range cam to have the right motion sensing abilities. That’s not unreasonable. As a matter of fact, it’s prudent for a long range camera with good line of sight. 


Most of the times because of the cost budget there are some cams which don’t offer you sound availability. So if you really want and looking for a sound availability cam then check and read the features as well as the pros and cons portion so through this mannerly you can recognize that whether the cam is offering you a sound facility or not.


Last but not least, the other important concern is the price. I recommend you all to make sure to search on various websites as well as also prefer and do a random local market survey so through this you can amazingly save your side from any big loss and extravagant.


Rest, sometimes the product review descriptions or even the reviews and star ratings also help you out to judge or pick the right cam according to your requirements

Hope that, by following these key guidelines, points and tricks will surely keep you safe from any kind of bankrupt and loss. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the best one among the above-mentioned long-range night vision security camera list and make your life easy, reliable and secure from all the worries and tensions.


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