Best Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

When you are away from your home and you want to keep a check on what is going on in there behind your back, often the hidden cameras are what plays the best role in providing you the required information. The hidden cameras are most of the times designed to look just like the regular household items so no one can get to know they are being caught in the eye of the camera. The hidden cameras are often disguised in the form and factor that represent the usual routine items so that they can record the best video without anyone knowing it. These camera are often seen as the alarm clocks or the best smoke detector hidden camera. So if you are looking forward to have a disguised camera, buying one in the form of any household item is going to give you a lot of help.

Apart from the cameras that are already made to provide a disguise, there are the commonly used black box cameras as well. These cameras are the spy cameras or the hidden cameras that you can place in some object and start recording the footage you want to have. Depending on your choice of the camera, there can be additional features in a camera as well that will tell you about the details of the footage they are recording, can provide you remote view and even show you what is happening in your home or in your office while you are away.

There are many reasons for choosing a best smoke detector hidden camera for your property. The reason can be anything but the most common of the reasons for purchasing such a camera are stated as follows:

  • If you want to check the workers that you have left at home and you want to know whether they are working properly or not
  • To check the teenagers and the growing children that when they are left alone at home, they are behaving well and not getting themselves into some trouble
  • When you hire the services from some personal services provider such as a nanny, a dog walker, a baby sitter or some other person and you do not want to leave the children, house and your belongings on to them, then the camera can help you with that
  • If you find things are getting missing or stolen from your office or from home and you want to know who is up to that, then these cameras play a helpful role in keeping a covert eye on the target area
  • There had been some criminal activity in the area and you want your property to be safe from such a trouble, or if worst something happens, you want to get it caught in the eye of the camera then the camera can still help you there
  • These and many more other personal reasons could be behind your motivation for purchasing the hidden camera

Here we are going to present to you the review of a very efficient smoke detector camera that you can easily find on This camera and its specs are going to convince you to make decision in its favor or against it.

Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera, Mini Smoke Detector Cam HD 1080P, TANGMI Wireless Security Camera Wall Mount Motion Detection Video Surveillance Camcorder IP P2P Android iPhone Remote Control for Home Office

The smoke detector cameras are one of the most popular form of the hidden cameras that you will find in the market. The reason behind it is the fact that the smoke detectors are essential part of all the buildings be it the residential or commercial ones. Therefore no one can judge if the best smoke detector hidden camera is hanging from the ceiling is a camera or just a smoke detector while the camera inside it can keep working silently.

The camera we are about to discuss with you is the one that is wall mounted and has so many amazing features as well. We hope this camera will come up to your expectations and you will make the decision in its favor as well.


Let us have a look at the features of this camera and learn what they are all about.

  • Wi-Fi camera
    This camera is a Wi-Fi enabled one, the one that is meant to provide you the facilitation as much as needed. The camera is easy to install and set up and you can do it all by yourself in a few simple steps. You can download the app for this camera free from the store and there are no monthly charges for using the app as well. You need not to worry about the distance limitations for this camera as it can operate remotely with the help of the wireless as well. So all you need to do is to make sure that the camera is linked to a good WAN. However, you will have to make sure that the battery of the camera is charged in order for the Wi-Fi to work properly, else you will not be getting any signals from it.
  • High resolution Mini Camera
    This camera has an amazing opportunity as well since it gives you the liberty to choose the resolution of the video captured by the camera in several variations. These typically include 480P, 680P, 720P or 1080P, depending upon your choice and your need for the camera you can choose the resolution you like to have and get going with it. Most of the times the indoor security cameras do not require very high resolution while the outdoor ones do. Still it is a matter of choice and you can make the decision according to your need.
  • Battery and power both enabled
    The camera gets to operate with the help of the battery but if you wish to charge the best smoke detector hidden camera with the help of the power source then you can easily do so since the camera supports both the features. If you need power while you are on the go, the batteries can work well but if you want to go for the continuous power supply, then these direct power supply can help you with that a lot. You need not to worry about the memory being full while you are recording with the help of this smoke detector camcorder as the camera is equipped with the loop recording option so that when the memory is full the camera automatically starts overwriting upon the previous and oldest videos in the memory. This way the process of recording never stops.
  • Motion activated recording
    This is another feature that is unique and is amazing in this regard that the camera record only when there is some motion recorded in the focus area. This is a feature that is known to be environment friendly as it keeps the camera out from functioning while there is no motion involved. Also this saves the power and energy of the camera as it has to record only when there is some motion else the camera is in the standby mode, saving battery for you.
  • SD card memory enabled
    When it comes to the amount of memory that this best smoke detector hidden camera has to offer for recording the continuous video, then you need not to worry at all as this camera comes with a micro SD card that can support the recording of the real time videos the camera is capturing. In case you need more memory than the internal built in one, then you can use another kind of SD card as well that can go up to the size of 128 GB.

Now that we have seen the features of the smoke detector camera, then here we are to briefly tell you the best and the worst things about this camera in the form of pros and cons and later on we can make a decision based on this discussion.


  • Motion detection recording
  • Multiple Recording Modes are available such as Close, On Alarm, All Day, Timing based Recording
  • Continuously video recording


  • Does not provide real smoke detection, only camera


Seeing the features, the pros and the cons of this best smoke detector hidden camera, we see that this camera is a very efficient one, the one that works best in its way to provide security and surveillance to the property where it has been installed. The only drawback of this camera is that it does not provide any real smoke detection function at all, which is required by the detector. Other than that, the variable resolution modes, the multiple setting options and several other amazing features are what make it the most desirable smoke detector camera in the market. However, there are options in the market that have the real smoke detector and camera all in one place.

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