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Home video security has taken great steps in recent years with the development of fun and functional new spy camera designs. The modern spy camera is the realization of decades of jokes and dreams about hiding a James Bond-style secret spy camera in your hat, your potted begonia, even your jacket button.

Want the chance to see what you have been missing? The miniature bullet hole camera is the perfect solution. Now you can install this real-life, high-tech spy camera devices almost anywhere you can imagine– and your visitors will be none the wiser. Catch them in the act!

The Modern Spy Camera: Not Just For Laughs

Though you may get a kick out of hiding a spy camera in your child’s teddy bear, we realize that there is a reason you have come to us with your spy camera surveillance needs. Be it a Nanny Cam, a Cheating’ Spouse Cam, or an addition to your home security system, we understand that your spy camera is of utmost importance to you. We enjoy selling these clever designs, but our spy camera designs are clever with a purpose: to increase the safety and security of your home and family.

Incorporate a Spy Camera into Your Home

Whether you have a spy camera in every room or just one, the technology is an excellent addition to your home security system. If you have suspicions that something is happening in your home without you knowledge, a spy camera can be your eyes for you when you are not around. Peace of mind comes from knowing you can always be aware of what is going on in your home, even when you aren’t there to see.

Versatile Design

We suggest a variety of spy camera designs that were created to fit every need. Spy camera technology is so versatile that we are able to suggest you a pinhole spy camera small enough to fit inside an old TV Guide on your bookshelf. With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find a spy camera that can be incorporated into your home’s own style. A wall clock spy camera sets up in a flash– and tells time. Or you can fit a buttonhole or pinhole spy camera into just about anything around your home, ensuring that your video monitoring will be completely covert.

Benefits of Spy Camera Technology

The benefits of installing spy camera technology in your home include:

  • Easy covert video surveillance
  • Home security that fits any home decor
  • Low maintenance
  • Preventive security as well as surveillance security — just hint that you are watching.

Spy Camera Surveillance Laws

By its very name and nature, a spy camera is covert. Covert video surveillance is subject to the laws regarding a person’s right to privacy. Therefore, when installing a spy camera in your home, it is important that you are certain of the legality of your system. Consult with a lawyer or your local law enforcement to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements of local, state, and federal spy camera laws.

Safety and Peace of Mind

A spy camera brings you both safety and peace of mind. It can also bring you a few good laughs. You always wanted to be Maxwell Smart, didn’t you?

Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Full HD Cameras with...
[New APP] AOBO Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home WiFi Security...
MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook Coat Hanger Mini Video...
Wireless Endoscope, WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera, WiFi Snake...
Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Full HD Cameras with...
[New APP] AOBO Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home WiFi Security...
MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook Coat Hanger Mini Video...
Wireless Endoscope, WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera, WiFi Snake...
Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Full HD Cameras with...
Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Full HD Cameras with...
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[New APP] AOBO Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home WiFi Security...
[New APP] AOBO Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Home WiFi Security...
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MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
Check Price
WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook Coat Hanger Mini Video...
WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook Coat Hanger Mini Video...
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Wireless Endoscope, WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera, WiFi Snake...
Wireless Endoscope, WiFi Borescope Inspection Camera, WiFi Snake...
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  • This mini hidden camera is just for $32.99, but extremely useful.
  • The size of this little camera is 0.92 inches and 0.6 oz cube is very useful in adjusting anywhere. Due to its small and concise measurements, it can be fixed anywhere even in the pocket or in the bathroom. That is why it is considered as a best bathroom spy camera 2019.
  • The most amazing thing is that it records stuff without even grabbing attention towards itself.
  • It has 2 IR LED lights for the clear night vision in dark settings.
  • 115 degrees wide-angle lens makes up the ultimate 1080 HD that can produce a picture which can be of 12 million pixels and the HD quality will be maintained at 30 frames per second. How cool is that!!
  • You can easily put in the mini SD card in the slot given that will have all the previous data stored in it. This can take in the minimum 4GB card to maximum 32GB card in the slot.
  • Motion detection technology is also one of the main features. It records the footages and saves it up in the SD card if any changes or movement is detected in the vicinity.
  • Loop recording can also be captured through this device.
  • This super camera has the built-in Li-Ion batteries that can recharge and work for 60-80 minutes without dying. The good news is that it can also be charged while it’s working so there is no need to worry about that.
  • This camera is designed to face the most extreme environments and have this specific waterproof coating to stand out in adverse surroundings. Indoors or outdoors, Bathroom, Swimming Pools, or anywhere you want to you can attach them anywhere you want to.

2: AOBO Mini Spy Wi-Fi Hidden Camera

AOBO Mini Spy Wi-Fi Hidden Camera


  • This mini little camera costs $54.99 which to be honest, worth the qualities of this amazing little cam posses.
  • This easy to carry, handle and easy to use camera can be allotted at any corner of your house, office, school, bedroom, garden or any other place you would like to. It can also be arranged anywhere in bathrooms or any indoor setting that you are expecting to keep an eye on because of its little size.
  • This camera is small and its hidden so many people cannot see it and it is perfect for spying and recording, considered as a best bathroom spy camera 2019.
  • It can be fixed or attached anywhere through magnet because it is adhesive on any type of iron.
  • The camera has 150° wide angle lens and despite its small size, it provides the clear and concrete images of the scene with the amazing details on your phone.
  • The HD video quality 1920 x 1080p 30 fps provide you the videos that can even is recorded by just attaching 128G SD card into it.
  • It has 6 minis non-lightening LEDs which are hidden but captures the 5m night vision very clearly.
  • The motion detection just not detect the motion and sends alerts to your phone but it also captures the snap and sends it on your phone so that you get a complete idea about the situation at the place that you are connected with.




  • This camera only costs $34.99 which is not that much but the qualities that this camera has been remarkable.
  • The manufacturers of this camera say that it is one of the world’s smallest cameras that can fit anywhere and everywhere in any portable device you would like to. It attaches everywhere.
  • A very small and light weighted camera is shaped like a button and can store up to the data of 128GB in its TF card.
  • Recording and charging at the same time, this camera is highly compatible with loop recording and the video file length can be around starting from 1 minute to 20 minutes. Isn’t that awesome
  • This camera works like a real cam giving you the quality images you would like to take, by giving you the HD results on 1080p.
  • The Wi-Fi camera makes it easy to use and one can easily connect to Wi-Fi from 30 meters of distance. Passwords are managed and the information that is in your device is not decodable through this device. Mobile phone internet connection also enables the camera so there are no worries if you don’t have any Wi-Fi available nearby.
  • Motion Detection sensor is amazing in this device; it activates crazily when it comes to detecting the movements. This feature is extremely useful to record the moves of the people who are not wanted.
  • The 200 mAh lithium battery makes it work and record up to 300 minutes and you won’t need any Wi-Fi or router to make the use of it.
  • This is a very good and wise investment that one can make by carrying their own personal security camera anywhere they want to on any desired device they wish to carry it with them. The best bathroom spy camera 2019 it is.

4: WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook Coat Hanger Mini Video Recorder with 2.5 Hours Recording Time (H200)

WISEUP 16GB Wall Mounted Hidden Camera Hook


  • This camera is in the form of a hook or a hanger that gets mounted to the wall of your bathroom. The hook looks like just an ordinary hanging hook that can as well be used for hanging the clothes.
  • The camera is placed above the hook so that if something heavy hangs on the hook it does not become an obstacle in the path of the camera. So the person who you are suspecting might come in the bathroom, hang their clothes and even look directly at the camera but does not understand that he is being recorded as this best camera in bathroom vent works silently without any sound or light.
  • When you are looking forward to have something that can provide you video surveillance and security at home at an affordable price and without having to make big connections for the installation and hardwiring.
  • You can use this at the front door, inside any room, bathrooms, kitchen or any other place where you want to focus, since it’s just a regular dull looking hook.
  • The battery life of this small camera however is not to long as it lasts only for 2.5 hours for constant recording when you are capturing the video in the full recording mode.
  • It takes around 2 hours for the camera to charge to its full capacity. This could be one of the drawbacks that this mini camera has about the battery life as it dies soon and you have to charge it time and again. 
  • The camera that comes with the hook also gives you the choice to choose from different color variations so that the hook does not look very odd in the area you are installing it. However, if you want it to be in some specific color that is not available in the company made colors, then you can live up some DIY spirit and call it a job for you. 
  • When we talk about the video quality that this camera provides, we come to know that the video output is not very extra ordinary high quality one, rather the output is only in 720*480 pixels in resolution that gives the video in avi format. Although this resolution is less but it is not this little that it won’t give the clear images.
  • The video is good enough to provide you with the details of the scene it has captured.
  • Since this hook camera has to serve as the best hidden mini spy camera for bathroom therefore it has to be waterproof too. So this feature of this super cool camera keeps you safe from getting in trouble of a damaged camera due to moisture.
  • When you have to keep an eye on your pet whom you have left at home, you surely do not need a very top notch piece of home security set up. In such a case this camera can be something very helpful for you as it won’t cost you a fortune.

 5:MonsterCam Endoscope/ Borescope Camera:

MonsterCam Endoscope/ Borescope Camera


  • This endoscope snake-like camera is just for $38.90.
  • The camera is the snake-shaped camera that is attached to the phone and can be used on the USB cable.
  • This is a camera that can be used as a perfect spy cam especially in the bathrooms as it can be fixed inside the pipes.
  • This can also be used for detecting the fault for welding purposes for the plumbers or technicians to search for the problem.
  • The camera can be connected anywhere you want it to be connected like one can attach it to the phone, since it is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • The LED lights in it help the inspection team to see and identify the problems that are inside the closed settings and surroundings.
  • One of the amazing things is that it has a mirror and a magnet attached to it to find out the metallic objects to deal with.
  • This camera manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty and 100% refund of the price, so it is a no risk taking deal to manage for.
  • A perfect gift for a man, or a father of a house to take care of his household jobs. This also makes it easier for any inspection and spying stuff so you can get it for maintaining the security in the house. This can also help the organizations and agencies who are looking up to find the minute details.

6: IOGO Pro Perfect Hidden Spy Cam:

IOGO Pro Perfect Hidden Spy Cam


  • This perfect little-hidden spy cam is just for $29.99 which is not that much and won’t destroy your budget but it will make you safe and secure being one of the best hidden spy camera with wifi.
  • This camera is just 1 inch of the size which can be held up in any hand and can be placed anywhere in the house or bathroom. The indoor settings are preferable for this camera.
  • The amazing recording time will blow your mind because this super little, teeniest tiny camera records up to 8 hours recordings so it’s best to be used, isn’t it?
  • Moreover, auto rewriting can also be done with this cam.
  • The additional thing that you would rarely find anywhere in any device is audio and visual recording, this records the best video with an amazing sound quality one would like to hear.
  • The recording is done only when the motion is detected so it is really cool that you don’t have to worry about the memory usage or the battery drainage when nothing is happening around. Motion detection recording will only enable itself if it sensors the movement.
  • Not just that this camera comes with so many other cool stuff, that is a manual you can read up on for it, the wall brace you will use to put on the camera on, USB wire to charge it up, memory card reader to store up the recordings to save you from fuss and reset pin for your ease, included in this pack for your daily life necessities.

What do you know about the bathroom spy cameras?

However when we talk about the best bathroom spy camera 2019, we wonder what use it would give to place a camera in the bathroom. Won’t it raise questions to the minds of the people who visit the washrooms that what is the purpose of the alarm clock or a picture frame in the washroom? So how could you possibly design a spy camera for the bathroom that would be least suspected?

To make things easier for you, we are here to tell you that there are such cameras available in the market that can provide the best disguise for the bathroom spy cameras, although they do not come with the name best bathroom spy camera 2019. But since these object are not to be suspected being in the bathroom, therefore they make the perfect spy cameras for the bathroom.

These top bathroom spy camera 2019 include the hooks to hang the clothes, the switch boards to plug in the switches, the shavers and trimmers, the light bulbs and the smoke detectors.


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