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Security is one of the major concerns of the present time where people want the safety and security of their homes and their offices as a priority for them. The people like to find the simple, easy, effective yet economical solutions for their home and office security. With so many emerging technologies and the brilliant minds, we see a new mode of security and safety being introduced every other day to make things easier for the people. The best light bulb camera are one popular and very effective mean for providing safety and surveillance to a specific area or place. Today you can see these cameras being installed in the homes, offices, airports, markets and every public place just to make sure that any criminal activity going on in the area is being well recorded.

No one could ever imagine just a decade back that the light bulb cameras are going to provide such good solutions for the problem of security. Although initially these cameras were introduced just to use them as hidden cameras for spying purposes but with the passage of time these cameras got so popular that they began to sell like hot cakes in the camera shops. Today many of the homes and offices are making used of these best light bulb camera to provide security solutions.

The reason behind the popularity of these cameras is the mainly because they are dual purpose, they can provide you with the light as well as keep on recording the scene. Plus, every home has a place for the light bulb in every room so it is not hard to install this camera at all. All you have to do is to find a socket for the bulb and put it in it. The light bulb camera will start working silently without anyone noticing what’s going on.

Once you have installed this camera and you have got the steady connection for it with the Wi-Fi, you can easily view whatever it is recording from any remote location. These cameras are usually 360 degree rotational so you can get the video output from any part and use these cameras as nanny camera or the security camera for general purposes at home.

The light bulb cameras have proved very useful at the places where the people have to be kept unaware of the recording being done. For this purpose the best light bulb camera is usually placed right above the room or on the wall from where the whole scene could be captured so that no details is lost or missed.
Thanks to the world of technological advancement that today there are so many different kind of cameras available even in the disguise that it becomes hard for you to decide which one you want the most but of course there is no alternative to the usability and functionality of the light bulb camera for both commercial and residential purposes.

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Upgrade Wireless Bulb Hidden Camera -LiyaHa 360 Degree Panoramic...
IP Camera 360 WIFI 1080P Outdoor Indoor Dome Camera Panoramic with...
SpotCam Solo AA Battery Powered Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Security...
Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light - Craftsman Black -...
LOHAS Smart LED Bulb, Wi-Fi Light, Multicolored LED Bulbs(UL Listed),...
Upgrade Wireless Bulb Hidden Camera -LiyaHa 360 Degree Panoramic...
Upgrade Wireless Bulb Hidden Camera -LiyaHa 360 Degree Panoramic...
IP Camera 360 WIFI 1080P Outdoor Indoor Dome Camera Panoramic with...
IP Camera 360 WIFI 1080P Outdoor Indoor Dome Camera Panoramic with...
SpotCam Solo AA Battery Powered Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Security...
SpotCam Solo AA Battery Powered Indoor & Outdoor Wireless Security...
Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light - Craftsman Black -...
Maximus Video Security Camera and Outdoor Light - Craftsman Black -...
LOHAS Smart LED Bulb, Wi-Fi Light, Multicolored LED Bulbs(UL Listed),...
LOHAS Smart LED Bulb, Wi-Fi Light, Multicolored LED Bulbs(UL Listed),...

1: Liyahha-Home Hidden Light Camera

1080P Hidden Camera Wireless LED Bulb


360 degrees wide angle view

This light bulb camera is in the form of a light bulb that has a fish eye lens that helps capture the view fully so that you get to know what it is all about. So it’s one of the good quality light bulb fisheye camera in the market.

Also this light bulb camera 360 is 360 degree wide so it provides a wide angle that can provide you with all the detail of the room where it has been installed, making sure that no part of the room is kept unseen and you do not miss a single event going on. The camera also provides different monitoring scenarios as well so that you get the results according to the way you want to see them and you can have a look at the different scenes all at the same time too.

Night vision

If you want a security camera, you sure do not want it to go blank as the night sets in, rather the chances for some unfavorable activity are more pronounced in the night hours. Therefore you would be glad to know that this best light bulb camera is equipped with the night vision function as well. The night vision of the camera provides you with the facility to look at the scene with the use of the infrared light and look up to 16 feet longer views.

Motion detection

When you are not around the house and you wish to keep an eye on all the happenings over there, you need this amazing light bulb camera. But what about monitoring? You just can’t hold your device to see the results from the camera and keep thinking what is going to happen next. Well the problem in this case is solved as well since the camera is equipped with the motion detection feature as well so that whenever there is slight motion around the camera, it sends an alert to you and you can easily monitor the activity.

This way the camera can function as follows.

  • -As a nanny camera
  • -For business monitoring
  • -For vacation monitoring of house and pets
  • -For remote video streaming
  • -For general security and safety monitoring of the house

Easy to set up

This camera is a very versatile camera but you will find that its installation in not a very difficult job since the camera is very easy to set up and to play. Once you have settled the camera where you wish it to work, all you got to do next is to connect it to some Wi-Fi system. This will connect the camera to the home network and further you can install the app for the iOS or android device and start its functioning this soon. So you see, this light bulb light bulb camera simply is the best light bulb security camera review around. This camera is a simple plug and play camera that does not require any setting up of the ip and the router, just a few clicks and touches and the camera is online to work.

Multi operational camera

The most amazing thing about these light bulb cameras is that they are multi operational which means that the use of these cameras is not limited to a single purpose, rather they can be used both ways. First it can serve as a good light bulb camera for sale, on the other hand the bulb gives light just like an ordinary bulb does. This makes it least suspicious too as no one would ever wonder if the light bulb hanging on their heads is recording their motion and their actions. So there is no need to worry about anything with this light bulb camera serving as a security parameter for your home.

High resolution output video

When we look at the specs of the camera, we find that this camera has the ability to record and playback the recorded videos in high resolution that is 1080p. So if there is something suspicious about the activity at your home, you can see that the camera will display the recorded video in a very high quality picture that won’t let you miss anything at all. The advantage of these high resolution images is that they give you benefit of use as well. Also if there had been some memorable events and moments recorded in the video of this best buy light bulb camera of our kids or pets that you had missed otherwise, you can save them by retrieving the videos from the TF memory card of the camera. this way your moments are saved in the best high quality images and if there is nothing worth saving for you in the recordings, then you can simple delete the files and free the space up for the new videos.


  • The camera is highly efficient and provides high definition videos
  • Rich in features such as motion detection and night vision etc.


  • The camera does not have any camera battery with it.

2:AX Security Camera Bulb

AX Security Camera Bulb


Scotopic Vision:

There is the easiest way to monitor your surroundings at any time 24/7 you’re allowed to monitor your place. The automated IR-LED that is automatically fitted with the camera

Detection of Motion:

The immediate encounter of any kind of motion around the place detected, Camera notifies the shots taken directly to the connected phone or computer through an email or notification. At night as well detection services keep on working.

Quality Images With High-resolution:

These bulbs provide you high definition features which are the purpose of this smart camera with light bulb, providing hassle-free monitoring. It also allows you to adjust viewing modes-those are 5 according to the user preference. It also rotates the maximally Rotation view and a very crystal clear picture, where it’s installed.

Communication Channel:

Giving commands at your place is no way a problem using the connecting feature. Watch live and communicate with children, pet, nanny through this camera.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Detection of motion
  • Communication
  • A wider range of viewing


  • Micro SD card is excluded from his package.
  • Wi-Fi with GHz cannot be supported by the camera.

3:Graneywell Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera

Graneywell Wi-Fi Light Bulb Camera


Two-way communication:

Security of your home is always with you no matter where you might be. It makes monitoring the pets, guiding the babysitters and children conveniently. The two-way communication makes it easier to communicate.

Motion detection:

Any movement at the place is immediately detected within the surrounding of the light bulb camera, and it is notified to your phone. This light bulb supports up to 128 GB of-of external storage.

Installation Procedure:

A device with a complicated setup procedure is disliked by the customers requiring the expert. The installation of Graneywelll is easy and it requires only plugging into your spiral bulb socket. The camera app is needed to be downloaded then known as VR Cam. All you have to do is register your account and then link the light bulb camera and follow the instructions directed by the Application and you are ready to monitor your place.


  • Easily installed
  • Notifies detection of movement
  • Two-way communication feature


  • It requires external storage.




Wide Optical Axis:

Fish-eye lens of MeisortVR13E Camera Bulb is a built-in lens of 1.3 Megapixels that gives the crystal clear view of all the area around 360 degrees of the place where it has been placed.

Resolution Feature:

Ordinary bulbs with cheaper prices offer low-pictures that make it hard for you to use it as evidence when using the pictures for evidence. The concept of bad-quality images is forever gone with Meisort VR13E as it uses 960p resolution lens giving perfect high-quality pictures for the desired expectations of yours.

Set-up Procedure:

The set-up process, as mentioned already above does not require any expertise, like normal bulbs, these are plugged into the bulb socket and you are done. Lastly, you should make sure that you downloaded an application on your phone; the app is there on Google play store and App Store for both Android and Apple users.

Night Vision potentiality:

When security is concerned, it does not matter when it is day or night. These light bulb camera models have an automatic sensor that determines when it is dark. The LED technology enables the feature of night vision mode when there is no light. The feature of turning off or on the light is connected to the Application.


  • 360 degrees of view
  • Detection of motion
  • Potentiality of night vision mode
  • Easily installing process


  • It does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi





You can also set time for your bedtime which can automatically get dim. Other than this you can also set up your wake up time.

Multi-Purpose Use:

This can be very useful to every user, its design as a customized bulb which lights brightness and colors chosen by you.


It is only compatible with 2.4 GHz WLAN. Also, keep that in mind before installing it that distance between two led bulbs could be 9.8 inches it may cause signal issues. It’s only compatible with Android 4.1 and iOS 8 above.


  • Energy Saver
  • Durable and reliable
  • Uniquely Designed
  • Lifespan 30000 hours
  • More than 16 million colors
  • Voice controlled


  • Bit expensive
  • Voice commands are needed to be fixed.




Detection of Movement:

Sdeter light bulb detects motion around the place where it had been installed and directly sends notification on your connected phone through Smart App. This feature ensures security at its best. More than one viewer can be linked to the camera. Wi-Fi connection is a must for getting alerts on your phone.

360 Degrees Angle of View:

The SDETER IP light camera captures 360 degrees angles of view where it is placed. Everything is recorded and your phone gets alerts for every moment. High-quality images are captured and recorded with no spots in its images and videos. This feature gives you full access to the culprit for finding accurate shreds of evidence. The light bulb camera is installed at a height and corner of the place that allows it to capture every single thing occurring at the place of its installation. There is no way to blurred images and videos taken by the camera. If you are busy and not able to look at your place, more than one viewer can be added to look after your property or home.

Two-way Interaction:

This best security camera with light bulb gives you full access to communicate, as long as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi. Two-way interaction can help you, for instance, to talk or listen to your children, guide your workers or pets at your place and much more for communicating with people at your place.

Night Mode View:

Security is never a compromise when it comes to your property or home. The SDETER IP camera is built with detection of light sensors. At night time, the IR technology senses the darkness at your place and the night vision feature is turned on automatically, allowing it to record and take pictures effectively. This feature of night mode is controlled by the Smart App and if the light camera is placed in your bedroom, the light can be turned off.

Storage Feature:

The Sdeter IP supports up to 132GB micro SD card. Customer service is also provided if the problems regarding with installation or performance of the light bulb camera.


  • Movement detection
  • High resolution of the camera
  • Excellent customer care service


  • It does not support 5GH Wi-Fi.

7:Sengled Outdoor Snap Light Bulb Camera with LED floodlight

Sengled Outdoor Snap Security Camera with LED floodlight


  • With Snap, an attachment or any socket can be wisely turned into a security camera which makes it very easy for you to protect your business and home.
  • It has the capability of night vision that allows you to keep track of every minor second.
  • It has weatherproof making it the most ideal for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. So, it’s one of the best outdoor camera with light bulb. 
  • The set-up does not need any rocket science involving extra wiring and cords but it is as simple as attaching a normal light bulb.
  • For you to get easily updated about every moment live on your phone or personal computers can be possible with Wi-Fi connections with HD vision. Irrelevant of the time.
  • By downloading free 24-hour cloud storage app, you are able to record the 24-hour footage you viewed. This allows you to playback the recorded video anytime regardless of any cost.
  • You also need to make sure that you have customized the app settings to ‘human alert’ option so that you do not get notified by the pass of wind or any animal (in case you have pets) coming within the field vision of 140-degree.

8:HijunmiHD Light Bulb Camera

No products found.


  • This is the best light bulb camera for indoor use as it provides 360-degree surveillance with night vision.
  • It has one of the best resolutions of 1080 pixels with no blind spot.
  • You will not have to go through the trouble of installing different cameras because this security camera offers you 5 unique viewing modes.
  • An automatic message update will be sent on your mobile device if any motion is caught on the screen.
  • You are also provided with the luxury to playback any video clip that you might have missed while you are busy.
  • The storage of the micro SD card the camera supports is 128G.
  • This product does not cage you with the high price, unlike other cameras that are overpriced.

9:Oltec 24 Hour Surveillance Camera

Oltec 24 Hour Surveillance Camera


  • One of the best light bulb surveillance camera is provided by Oltec which is specially designed to keep your house in check all day.
  • The panoramic view of the light bulb camera allows you to have a complete look at every corner of your house with no blind spots left out.
  • If the wireless WI-FI connection is connected it allows you to have even the tiny details which can also be replayed later that you might miss by the ordinary eye.

The provided SD card which is up to 64 GB that stores all your recordings so you can watch them later or let you have a live stream on your mobile device.


No products found.


  • The best thing about this light bulb camera is as you can conduct by its name is its wide vision that allows us to get a hold of each and every corner of the surrounding like a pro.
  • It gives the most HD view regardless of where it is placed inside or outside the house. You will be surprised by the pixels of the camera as you notice it yourself after using it.
  • Just like intercoms that allows you to talk to the one who presses your doorbell, the same way you can talk to the person passing by your camera with the speaker available.
  • Like the other cameras, this cameras also provides us with the facility to save clips and replay them later if we are busy with any work.
  • By installing the SD card you will not be less in space. It gets a hold of a lot of clips without stopping or any other inconvenience.
  • Message alerts will immediately be sent on your connected device if any human, animal or even heavy wind passes by the range of the camera. It is better if you change the settings to the human only system so it alerts you only when a human passes by.
  • No matter what weather summer, winter, a rainy, or windy season is going on outside the house you should not be worried about the camera because of its volubility and weatherproof luxury.

11:LED Light Bulb Camera: Best Light Bulb Bluetooth camera

LED Light Bulb Camera, IP Camera 360 Bulb Camera


Super Wide View Angle

The light bulb camera comes with a full view of 360 degrees and there is no chance for any blind spot in its vision as well. This helps you get maximum protection and the 1080P high resolution of the video provide crisp clear imaging. It provides recording and live video streaming both.

Easy To Install

The light bulb camera is easy and simple to install so no hustle with the fixation.

Motion Detection And Video Recording

The camera sends you an alert on your phone with slightest of motion in the house and provides video recording as well to watch the footages later.

Advanced Video Recording:

The advanced video recording option allows the user to control the camera via their mobile phones and get live footage as well.


  • Very efficient and easy to use and install


  • Incompatible with the 5g technology

12:Light Bulb Camera 360 Degree Fish Eye Security Panoramic Camera For IOS/Android

Light Bulb Camera 360 Degree Fish Eye Security Panoramic Camera For IOS/Android


Super Wide View Angle

To provide you the image of the whole room, the camera records in panoramic as well. The camera comes with a full view of 360 degrees and there is no chance for any blind spot in its vision. This helps you get maximum protection and the 1080P high resolution of the video provide crisp clear imaging.

Wi-Fi connectivity feature

The camera comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity feature so that the person who has purchased it can easily control the camera and get the footage from the house just by operating their mobile phone.

Other features

The most amazing feature of this camera is the panoramic shooting, however, other than this is the feature of motion detection and email alerts that keep the owner up to date with the activity at the installation point of the light bulb camera.


  • New security account is provided by the company at the time of installation of camera


  • Sometimes the light troubles in turning on

13:Weatherproof Outdoor Camera Light Bulb Security Surveillance Recorder

Weatherproof Outdoor Camera Light Bulb


High quality, built in motion detector

This camera has a very high quality for the video output so that you do not miss any detail from the footage you are looking at. Also there is a motion detector in the camera as well that alerts you with every slight motion in the vicinity.

Ultimate affordable and low maintenance.

Since it is an outdoor light bulb camera, you can expect it to require a lot of maintenance regularly but this is not the fact. It is a low maintenance and very affordable camera which is completely weatherproof.

IR and day and night video capturing


  • Best for weatherproof outdoor camera


  • None found yet

14:2018 Upgraded LED Light Bulb Hidden Cam NuCam 360 1080P 360° View WiFi Camera

2018 Upgraded LED Light Bulb Hidden Cam NuCam


Panoramic view and Full HD

The high quality panoramic view enables the user to have a look at the whole scene without missing a single corner. All parts of the room are covered and with the full HD feature, the video recorder in high resolution i.e. 1080P provides extremely efficient and crisp clear images.

Night view and motion detection

This best light bulb hidden camera also provides the night viewing feature so you get the detailed videos recording for day and night equally. The motion detection alerts you with slightest motion so you know what is going on in the area.

LED light

The camera also serves the purpose of LED light bulb so you can light up the space where the camera is installed.


  • All perfect features in one camera


  • Does not come with the cloud storage

15:Nucam 720p Light Bulb IP HD Wifi IR Night Vision Camera Class10 32gb MicroSD Card including Cellphone Recorder Motion Detection App Controlled


Easy installation and application

The camera is easy to install and apply as there are no drilling and wiring involved in it so anyone can easily install it. All you have to do is to screw the bulb in some random light bulb socket and it will start functioning.

Motion detection

The motion detection feature is very helpful as it sends the alert at your phone app with every change in the vicinity. Even if it is a cat moving, you will know it.

No monthly fee

Unlike other light bulb camera manufacturers, who ask for a monthly fee for providing privileges to save your videos on cloud, this camera does not ask so.


  • Excellent customer care and support from the company, working 24 hours to respond to your queries


  • Attempts to make a secure connection with company are troublesome
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