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Talk about cameras for home and shops, surveillance comes to mind, however, there do have a much more wide approach to what they can help you out with. You can actually keep a check on your Younger ones and elders plus from a security point of view it actually does really provide a peace of mind. You can stay relaxed not having to check on them continuously. Keeping a check on your pets or for break INS you can keep a check. Wouldn’t it be a level up better if your surveillance cameras had smoke detectors as well plus they are disguised too?

We worked out a list of the top smoke detector camera shorted down to the top five so that you can pick out your favorite easily!

How do they work?

You might be thinking how do the smoke detector style disguised cameras actually work? Well, the smoke detecting shape disguised cameras can observe and keep a record of the activity in a specific area range for a list of purpose such as keeping a check on how their grandfather behaves with the kids when parents are out somewhere, the list is inevitably endless.

Most basic need as to my understanding might just be for surveillance purposes keeping your home safe from theft and crime, criminals usually avoid breaking into places especially homes which are secure with cameras and other motions detectors because there might be a chance alarms may have been connected to the cameras which could go off if they break in. The smoke detector shaped cameras also are better in such a way that they are basically spy cameras so if someone breaks into your house and cuts off connection to normal cameras most probably he won’t even recognize the smoke-detector camera. The camera uses a central unit which is connected with an LCD where it sends the feedback footage of what the camera sees.

Things you have to keep in mind before purchasing a smoke-detector shaped camera

There are some specific things you need to keep a check off before you go in buying a smoke-detector shaped camera. First things you have to look for is what you really want to record, is it just one single room that is to be kept under the camera, if so then you don’t need more than one camera. However, if you are considering capturing the footage of one room from multiple angles or in multiple rooms then you’ll obviously need a bigger system overall with more than one camera and a central system to look out for everything. These aspects can help you select the best smoke-detector shaped camera.

Making it easy for you as always here are 2 of the pointers you should surely check out before buying smoke detector camera:

Legality of smoke detector cameras

So the purpose of smoke detector cameras at least its biggest purpose to my understanding is being a disguised camera with which you can keep a look out on things you want. A drawback to this though in the majority of the states keeping it in the simplest words it is illegal to record someone without them knowing they are being captured and recorded in a footage. So putting up disguised cameras can actually lead you to jail time, it’s best to know your state policies before doing anything.

Wired or wireless system

At first wireless cameras might seem the better choice to have in your home however if you look at it with sense and give it a deeper thought both of them have their upsides and downsides.

Talk about wireless ones which run on batteries mostly and have a wireless signal footage delivering system while it’s easier to install and run since most of the batteries have a durable long time running and it delivers a wireless video no wires have to be connected. But at the same time, you have the problem relating to signal interruption. If you have phone signals, WIFI signals in your home there will be a signal interruption and the footage might not be very clear either. Plus people can hack into your system and use your surveillance cameras against you to check if your home or out, personally in our opinion this really just ends the reason of putting up cameras altogether. You can check in with the camera company if they have encrypted their wireless signals or not, which kind of increases the safety by a lot.

Wired cameras at the same time have a lot better footage comparatively with fast delivery and no interruption also it’s not as easy to hack either unless the main system is connected to the internet or something it’s nearly impossible to hack. With all its upsides the problem is wired cameras need a power source and moreover they need a wired system to deliver the footage so it’s harder to install because you’ll have to wire it up in a way that it doesn’t lose its ability to be disguised. Also if the light goes out or power source does not deliver properly than you may not even have any footage at all.

Coming to the point here’s our pick of the top five best smoke detector shaped camera:


1:Little lead Hidden Camera Detector 1080P HD Spy Camera Motion Activated Video Recording



This is our first pick of the best smoke detector-style camera and it’s really a tough competitor. The camera runs on batteries which have a pretty decent continuous running time of around an approximate 20 hours after being fully charged however it lacks in video quality once the battery starts running low on power it’s best if you charge it a little before its completely dead. Whereas charging it fully takes around 5 hours of time which can vary a little but not by too much.

A little plus point to this smoke detecting camera is that it has multiple recording options. The camera comes with a remote with which you can use to select different recording options this helps you view the footage in your preferred way.

The cameras which use batteries its best for them to have standby mode so that battery can be saved and it can run for a longer time. The motion sensors on this camera help it run in standby mode unless there is movement or motion detected in the specific area camera is installed for. Then the camera records and keeps recording until there is no motion in the area. It keeps sending 3 min recorded footages at once.
However, it is to be kept clear that battery has an on the running time of 16 to 18 hours so if its installed in a place with frequent activity the battery probably won’t run for more than 48 hours.


  • It supports 32 GB storage Secure Digital Card
  • Great battery timing
  • Good footage capture
  • Remote control system



  • Lacks in low battery
  • Doesn’t allow watching in real time


2:Spy Camera HD 1080P Motion Activated Video Loop Recording Security



This spy camera is actually a very good one with its good disguised camera which you can use to record what is going on in the area. The camera provides a very good quality video footage. Also, the design of the device looks very solid for its purpose. Except for the SD card, this is the best smoke detector camera.
Adding to the plus points the device supports wall mount as well doesn’t specifically have to be mounted onto the ceiling. The design of the device is very good and camera is hidden really well. SD card support is only up to 8GB which is a little low but still better than many. The motion detection also works really well on the camera.

Even though it doesn’t have a very big memory but the loop feature helps keep it well and working when the storage becomes full it deletes the oldest videos.


  • Wall mount
  • Motion detection
  • Loop running



  • In order to keep a copy of the footage, you need to switch up the SD card.


3:WF-402HAC: Spy Camera with Wi-Fi Digital IP Signal


The camera supports wifi signals this gives us the option of watching real-time video sitting anywhere in the world as long as there are signals in the house. It fulfills its purpose really well. The camera is also of good quality; with a 1.3MP shooter, it captures a clear image and video footage. However, this camera doesn’t support audio support.


  • Motion detection
  • Loop support



  • Sometimes picture mode crashes
  • Need to change SD if you want to keep the footage.


4:SecureGuard 36-hours Battery Powered Smoke Detector WI-Fi Spy Camera


It has a 36-hour battery timing which is better than many others. However, you might want to keep an extra set in case it runs out of battery. The camera also has a 72p 25fps shooter which records video in decent quality. It also supports WIFI so on the plus side you can watch videos in real time. Also, just a mere second of movement can turn on the video camera for next one hour that can be counted both as a plus and minus.


  • WIFI
  • Motion detection
  • Long battery life



  • Low-quality picture capture
  • No wall mount


5:MEAUOTOU Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Detector HD 1080P Wireless IP Security Camera


The camera is really good, it has good motion sensing and the video plus sound quality is better than others. Also, the device storage allows you to keep up to 64 GB of data at once which is almost more than double of the previous ones. The drawback to this is its battery life is only around 2 hours and it fails to keep disguise. If it weren’t for the battery timing this would be the best smoke detector styled camera.


  • WIFI screen time running
  • High storage
  • LOOP



  • Low battery timing
  • No wall mount


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