Spy cameras are one of the ways to watch for your security as well as to notice other people’s weird acts. You can easily buy these Wi-Fi mini spy cameras at different costs according to their features and beneficial elements present in it. You can find the motion detection sensor in these spy cameras that can only work in the presence of movement and instantly send you the message on your mobile phone.


These cameras also comprise of night vision sensor which makes them capture clear and vivid images at night. It has a remarkable rechargeable battery with 32GB, 64GB micro SD card that gets full and overwrites old data with the new one. Due to their high resolution, you can easily capture sharp, quality images that can make you understand the situation. Loop recording is also done for about 24 hours in 7 days.


Not only this, these best Wi-Fi mini spy cameras can be carried anywhere wherever you go. They are so small and portable in size that they can be placed it in your pocket, can be clipped on your shirt without anyone’s cunning eye. They are wireless. They require Wi-Fi network and some can instantly get connected by hotspot signals. These cameras help you target the whole view by it 170 degrees, 140 degrees, 360 degrees wide angle. Furthermore, some of these cameras are also magnetic, can easily stand on a table or a desk.


When the battery charging is low, these Wi-Fi spy cameras are connected with the power bank or any other charging lead. The battery can also be charged when recording is in process. Some of the best Wi-Fi spy cameras can help your data to get stored without giving an error of greater storage space as it can easily store the data up to four months. So, Get ready to avail the chance of buying them before it is too late.

Here is a list of some best spy cameras which will definitely grab your attention.


Mini-Spy-Cam WI-Fi Hidden Camera, Ocaatech Wireless HD 1080P Indoor Home Small Spy Cam Security Cameras/Nanny Cam Built-in Battery




This camera is very small and portable in size that can easily fit in your pocket, can be clipped on your shirt and placed in a corner of your house. This camera provides us with 150 degrees view angle and can easily rotate about 360 degrees to watch the aerial view of the area wherever it is taken. It has amazing video quality that is about 1920x1080p 30fps high-resolution, not only this but it can record and take clear pictures. It has night vision sensor for different gadgets that include iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, PC and so on. This camera comprises of about six concealed infrared LEDs that actually gives security as lightning is not produced. Moreover, the motion detection sensor can only work when there is movement in the area, it detects and instantly sends a text to the user’s mobile phone. It has remarkable charging capacity with a rechargeable battery and can also charge when recording is in process. It can also do loop recording & can easily record with the help of Secure Digital Card which is not included with this spy camera.


  • Remarkable rechargeable battery
  • It is wireless
  • It has a high resolution
  • Video quality is sharp and amazing
  • Motion detection sensor



  • Secure Digital Card is not present
  • Imagery is not as good as its video quality


PNZEO Mini Hidden Camera 1080P HD Tiny IP Camera Video-Recorder 140 degree Wide-View-Angle Wireless Wi-Fi Spy-Camera Security-Camera Remote View-Motion Detection



This spy camera is one of the small cameras which are easy to carry. It can easily be attached with your shirt and you can easily put it in your pocket without anyone noticing. It does not need to be connected or linked with a network but it has buttons which can start up the recording and can take clear pictures. It has a resolution of about 1080P HD which produces sharp quality images and videos. Moreover, it has a greater storage capacity as it can store video recordings and files up & around to four months. However, it has a 128GB micro SD card which can insert a lot of videos and images. Not only this but it has 140 degrees wide view angle and does not require any network to be connected with. It has a five-volts power supply through which can be charged and can comfortably work for a longer interval of time. It has remarkable motion detection sensor which can detect movements quickly and immediately send notifications and messages to the user’s mobile phone. It also sends pictures and videos so that the situation can easily be understood. Loop recording can also be done easily in this mini hidden camera. It provides security, can look up your house by using its wide angle. Power consumption requires 380MA/h.


  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Sharp quality images and videos
  • Greater storage capacity
  • 140 degrees wide view angle
  • Motion Detection sensor to detect movements



  • Heat dissipation is greater
  • It does not possess its own SD card
  • Emitting of infra-red radiations


Spy Camera, Ocaatech Mini Hidden Camera|1080P Full HD| Magnetic| 32GB SD Support|Motion Detection| Loop Recording| 24/7 Continuous Monitoring of Indoor Security& Outdoor Recording as a Sport Camera




This smallveiled camera is portable and very small in size that it can easily be placed anywhere you want. It provides clear indoor and outdoor security to the house and gives a clear and vivid view of the whole room. It is mainly used as a sports camera. Not only this, but this camera provides us with clear image video recording at 1920*1080 HD qualities. It also comprises of motion detection sensor which only works in the presence of movement and immediately stops when the motion stops. Moreover, it also can also do loop recording which can record a video the whole day that is 24 hours and 7 days. It has a micro SD card of 32GB which is the limited storage capacity that is when it gets full, it deletes the previous old data in order to settle the new one. There is no need of Wi-Fi network as it can easily record videos without its requirement.  It has amazing charging capacity battery which can last up to 100 minutes. Furthermore, it is magnetic which can easily be attached or placed anywhere.


  • Amazing charging capacity
  • Motion detection sensor to detect movements
  • It has Micro SD card of 32GB
  • It is magnetic
  • It acts as a security protocol



  • It does not have a fixed wide view angle
  • Night Vision sensor is not present



Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Digital HD Portable Mini Spy-Camera Motion Detection Mini-Spy-cam Wireless Hidden




This hidden spy camera is portable and easy to wear. It is shaped round and can easily stand anywhere due to the magnet present in it.  The charging battery is about 300mAh Li-ion as it can charge for about 90 to 120 minutes. It can easily be charged while recording is in process. If the battery is minimum, then connect it with the power bank or any other charging lead. It comprises of micro SD card of 64GB which stops when the storage capacity is full, it deletes the previous recordings and videos and adds the new ones in the list. It also has the motion detection sensor which detects the motion and immediately captures all the view. This camera provides the user with proper security. The picture quality is good due to 1080P resolution. It allows the USB cable to get connected to save the data from losing.


  • It has 300mAh Li-ion battery
  • It has 64GB SD-card
  • It has 1080P resolution which gives clear imagery
  • Portable and wearable
  • It is Magnetic



  • Night vision sensor is not present
  • It does not have a view angle



Mini Hidden Spy Camera, Ruidla Wireless Wifi Camera 1080P HD with Night Vision Motion Detection Nanny Cam Home Office Security Surveillance Camera




This spy camera is portable, easily be carried and can be connected with the hotspot signal as well with other Wi-Fi networks. Not only this but this camera has a night vision sensor which can view and capture clear images of the people. Moreover, it also has a motion detection sensor which when detects movement sends the message to the user’s mobile phone to alert him. The lens is about 1080P of resolution which can produce a sharp and vivid image. It has 170 degrees wide view angle which can sense the whole view. It can also do loop recording and sixty-four GB Micro Secure Digital Card can easily get full with storage that it can overwrite the old data which is replaced by the new data. Its weight size is 36g. The sellers provide this camera with the full guarantee.


  • It has a night vision sensor
  • It has a motion detection sensor
  • 170 degrees wide view angle
  • Full guarantee



  • It cannot be read by a computer
  • It does not consist of any system that can be linked with the computer


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