Best Wi-Fi security camera under $100

1:SV3C 960P HD and wireless security camera



This camera is supreme if you are looking for the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100. It provides 1280X960P better resolution than other cameras showing you good quality live recordings but on the similar cost as 720P. The 3.6 mm glass lens it provides makes the angle wide of 90 degrees. This much camera resolution is enough for the protection of your home and property. You can also visit the official website of SV3C in order to gain detailed instructions on the setting and installation of the camera. If you still have any problem with the company’s customer service will always be there to help you.


  • SV3C have the motion detection smart app which sends alerts to your mobile app & the SD card of motion detection can maximum save up to 64G.
  • When motion is detected with the real-time alert you can receive messages, snapshots, and alerts to your cell phone / email. You can also schedule the motion detection area and time manually.
  • The SD card for playback allows you to record footages on your phone app anytime, anywhere and can also directly download it. Please make sure you are using the Micro Secure Digital card or for the security camera so the other phone tablet and other device’s SD card can be recognized from SV3C Camera.
  • The wireless Wi-Fi system makes it about 1 to 3-minute easy setup for installation. The updated performance of Wi-Fi has made the connection more stable and easier. In case you aren’t that tech-savvy you are still able to install this camera yourself within minutes.
  • It provides an outer case of aluminum with waterproof IP66 and for outdoor use, it provides solid construction. This Wireless camera is suitable for any type of weather outdoor either it is rough or smooth. Also, from the cameras made out of plastic, this camera is much more durable. The pro-look it provides makes it worth spending your money on.
  • It comes with a 3m cable, 24/7 hours Service for customers, Power Adapter and Warranty of 1 year. You no more need to buy extension cables since the packaging includes a 3M cable.


2:Wireless Wans view 1080P Camera for Home Security


This camera is Full HD with the resolution of 1920*1080P at the speed of 25fps, the live streams are accessed by your Android Phones, IOS, Apple Mac, HTTP browsers and Windows PC, you are allowed to view your baby by using them as baby monitors in case you are not at home. The super reliable 4G connection of Wi-Fi which is super easy to set up by your ‘WANs view’ app on your iPhone or any Android phone making it the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100


  • The wireless system allows it to remote support access from anytime and anywhere via the Mobile app. There is Micro card slot that supports 128GB maximum data to be saved as well as playback on your Mac laptop or Windows without erasing is of the camera. It supports 24/7 hours recording time, in case someone steals your camera and you are able to check it right away from your computer.
  • This camera allows viewing angle of 76 degrees vertical and 350 degrees horizontal along with the 4x zoom option which is wide enough to take coverage of your entire home. 8 presets are there that are adjusted to different places so you can zoom in and see bigger results.
  • This camera provides audio of two way which is very clear along with night vision. You can talk remotely as well as listen through your mobile app regardless of day and night due to the IR Led lights for night vision which is around 20 feet.
  • In case you miss you, baby, you can watch him from afar and talk to him even if its pitch black with its fantastic night vision. It provides full room view even at night without leaving any blind spots.

3:Spy Star Hidden Nanny Camera for Surveillance



Due to the nanny size, Spy Star is perfect for spying because it will be impossible to notice it. It also comes under the category of the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100which makes it even remarkable. This camera is hidden inside a normal USB charger which can also be used to charge the device which it is recording, in the absence of anyone’s attention this hidden camera is completely unnoticeable.


  • You can easily watch the live streaming of the recordings remotely. All you have to do is connect this security camera to your Wi-Fi network, then observe all the activities going on behind you through the App. You can keep on checking the real-time property on your tablet or phone to capture every major to minor moment.
  • The perfect high definition resolution is provided by this camera that is around 1920X1080P. The video and picture quality matters a lot while you are away and unable to keep track of the live stream. But rest assured because Spy Star provides crystal clear recordings in detail with its HD resolution.
  • In case you are not alone in keeping the property safe, in case of any missing moment, you can share the footage and details with your partner, colleague or wife. This hidden camera allows multiple users to watch the live streaming online all together simultaneously.
  • The notification alarm and motion detection is probably the best feature of this device as you are allowed to leave the device on the motion detection process or leave the camera on 24/7 hours recording. It will automatically send you an alarm when any motion gets detected and closes off if no motion is observed.

4:Ouvis Wireless Motion Detection Security System


The best Wi-Fi security camera under $100is now available easily to you with the best qualities you would need in a product. This upgraded 2018 version provides the best picture and video quality you will ever come through in a Wireless Security system. Ouvis provides you with High picture capture by good quality optics. The white auto balance, as well as the exposure, internet remote access, 2-way audio, alarm of motion detection, IR switch that is auto, contrast and sharp night vision, SD card of 128GB, video recording, the vision pan, covers around 90 and 355 degrees.


  • The setup is extremely easy to process since it taken a few minutes to connect the app and camera to the Wi-Fi of your home. You are allowed to record footages, control the app’s tilt and pan angles and take snapshots. You are also able to talk and listen through the App.
  • The motion detection is that you rest the camera is a place and whenever a motion is observed within its radius, the camera immediately turns to record mode and capture the recording. Sometimes it can be due to strong winds as well.
  • The siren alarm is activated when a motion is detected and the camera wants to inform you about it.
  • The night vision of 30ft is provided by this camera and even in the low light conditions, the camera works perfectly without providing a bad image or blurry video quality.
  • This camera is very well suited for factories, home usage, and small business. You can also monitor rooms of a toddler, elder person, babies, pets and more with HD sharp quality.
  • This camera is protected with the major protection of passwords free from hacking and other crimes.
  • We provide a warranty of 1 year and hassle-free customer service. Because our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers.


5:Amcrest Indoor WI-FI Wireless Security Camera


You can rest assured with this camera because of its HD quality and latest Sony picture sensor, 1080P superior quality, Ambarella chipset, 90-degree wide angle lets you observe more details and take coverage of the whole ground and with its easy wireless setup this is indeed the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100.


  • It was safer and smarter security as it sends alert notifications in case of any motion is detected around the radius of the camera. You can receive the alerts on your PC as well as smartphone whichever is connected to the App.
  • This camera has a good digital zoom feature which makes it easier to get a cleaner, closer and clear look of the items such as license plates etc.
  • The 32ft IR Led night vision makes it highly efficient for both day and night use.
  • The Amcrest cloud feature was made to make sure that you are able to view everything in detail without missing out anything regardless of where you are. You are freely allowed to watch the live streaming from anywhere at any time and are able to playback the moments you not able to get a hold of.
  • You are now able to secure your family and business with this camera which also provides a full warranty of 1 year and direct life support given by Amcrest.

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