Best Wi-Fi Security Camera Under $100 in 2018


Keeping an eye on the home for the purpose of security is not an easy task at all. It has always challenged humans to protect their homes from the threats lurking outside the walls of the house. The more you feel safer in the house, the better livelihood you get to have. All the time, there have been many ways introduced to take care of the security of the house and it always has been the most important concern of a family. By the passage of time, several methods have been introduced that have given safety and security to the people.

So here we are in this new world, where the use of the security cameras are the most common thing going on in here. The security cameras are being used abundantly all through the world to make things easier for the people living inside it. The security cameras find their uses in the commercial and residential sector easily and there are a big number of options to select from. Before we get you to the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100, let us first tell you what options you have here for the security cameras both for the indoor and outdoor.

No matter what type of the security camera you are considering, the purpose that they all serve is the same. They record the video, get the photos of the target area, and send them via a wireless network to your smart phone or other smart devices, share videos with you provide you live video feeds anytime when you ask them. These are the most common features that almost all the security cameras do have, while there are other things as well that can vary from camera to camera and from company to company. They can include the two way audio option, night vision feature, motion detection feature and many other depending upon the make of the camera. So no matter which camera you want to buy, you will be getting one of these types of the security cameras as given below.

Here are the three common types of Security Cameras available to you:

  • Fixed camera
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera
  • Virtual PTZ or 360-Degree camera

After these three types, the cameras are further classified according to the type of Security Camera housing in which they are fixed. Based on housing these are the types of the cameras used for security purposes.

  • Outdoor
  • Bullet
  • Dome
  • Discreet


Once you have decided from the three common types of the cameras and have decided what kind of housing you want to have, you will have to consider the extra features that are included in each of these cameras. These features most of the times include, some, all or a few of these. Here is the list of added features that a camera can offer you for providing better security to your property.

  • Resolution
  • Infrared
  • Varifocal
  • Day/Night
  • Auto-focus
  • Remote Zoom
  • Wireless
  • Thermal Imaging


Now that you have seen that there are so many options for you from the world of camera, you can easily take things in your own hands and decide which one you want to have. But the decision might not be as simple as you think of as things get complicated to decide when you have a lot of options. So we have decided to tell you about the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100, which you can decide very easily for what to have and what to check in the features of the camera while you are purchasing it.

REOLINK Argus ProRechargeable Battery/Solar-Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 1080p HD Wire-Free 2-Way Audio Night Vision Alarm Alert & PIR Motion Sensor w/Built-in SD Slot

To help you with your search for the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100, here we present to you the most amazing camera known to us available on the, a camera that has so many good features that it is hard to ignore it and above all is the fact that the price of this camera is under $100. You can search this camera with the name as REOLINK Argus Pro Rechargeable Battery/Solar-Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 1080p HD Wire-Free 2-Way Audio Night Vision Alarm Alert & PIR Motion Sensor w/Built-in SD Slot on the


You can have a look at the features of this camera being discussed briefly on this site but here in this post, we are going to share the features in detail with you so you know what you really are buying.

  • Low price
    Really, yes, this is the first and the most amazing feature of this camera, elsewhere you expect to get super cool features, reliability and other amazing things other than in this camera. All this in just $99, your best Wi-Fi security camera under $100. With such a low price and with such good functionality, this camera is actually winning the hearts of the people who are using it for the sake of security in residential as well as commercial purposes.


  • No wiring and cord connecting is required
    Another very friendly feature of this camera is that it does not require you to bring new wires and cords to the house and put them in new places and fix this camera. it is just a simple one which operates on the battery that is installed in it so you do not have to go through the lengthy process of camera installation and fixation.


  • Rechargeable battery and solar powered charging
    Not only is the camera equipped with battery but the battery is rechargeable as well so you can easily connect it to the charger and get it charged whenever you want. Even the camera will keep working while the battery gets to charge itself. On the other hand the camera can get charged with the help of the solar panel as well so if you are ready to put in some more money, you can get the setup fixed with the help of the solar panel charging especially if you have to use this camera for the outdoor use.


  • Day and night capturing
    This camera comes with so many amazing features that it does not fail to amaze us with them even in such a low price. Here we are about to introduce to you the night vision feature of the camera that enables it to view in the darkness as well. the camera is capable to record the images and videos for up to 36 meters in the pitch dark, yet it is there to deliver the flawless and fully equipped images and videos whether it is the day time or night. This best Wi-Fi security camera under $100 captures crisp clear images and sharp videos easily.


  • Provides SD card recording and Playback videos
    The camera comes with a built in SD camera that is there to record the videos in it easily while the camera is recording. The SD cardcan be installed as a new too from the outside source so you need not to worry about it at all. The next amazing feature is the playback video option that you get when you mount the SD card into some device or even in the camera and play back the formerly recorded videos to find what kept happening in your absence.


  • Weatherproof
    What else could you wish to have in your best Wi-Fi security camera under $100, if it was weatherproof as well, apart from all the other amazing features? Yes this amazing camera is weatherproof as well so you can easily and safely use it both in the indoor and outdoor places. If you place it outdoor, you can easily set up the system for solar charging as well and get you property secured without any further spending. Just the initial cost of the purchase of camera and installation of the solar power recharging system would be there.


  • Motion detection
    The camera is also provided with the motion detection feature as well and you can get the best Wi-Fi security camera under $100 only, so if you are powering it directly from the source, you can save your energy cost on it as well since the camera is going to record only when there is some motion observed around in the focus area, else the battery will not be consumed at all. This way you help you get the alerts from the app only when some motion is detected and you get alerts only for the remarkable events.



  • Simplest and sleekest design which is easiest to install and setup
  • The smart phone app is wonderful unlike for other mobile apps



  • No negative reviews found yet



To conclude, I would like to suggest that wherever you go, you are not going to find such a fully featured and perfectly functioning camera under just $100. So invest in this super awesome best Wi-Fi security camera under $100 and get a worry free surveillance for years to come.


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