Best solar powered security cameras


In the world full of wrongdoings such as theft, robbery, murders, and much more minor to severe crimes, one needs to stay safe and protect their loved ones. Which is possible with surveillance, many criminals are being caught and normal people can stay safe at home peacefully with these best solar powered security cameras in action.


1:Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Wireless Rechargeable Battery Camera


No wiring used and is supportive to a cordless system when installed. A rechargeable battery is used to power the system. You will not have to drill holes in the wall to install the camera but rather neat and clean installments are made without the need of professionals.If you are willing to purchase the best solar powered security camera, then rest assured and buy Reolink Argus Camera.


  • Now you may wonder how can solar powered and battery both be used. There is a micro USB that is connected to the battery and the wireless system allows you to be charged by 5V 2A phone adaptor and also using the solar panel. This way you can save money instead of buying new once again and again. But the adaptor and the solar panel is no packed in.
  • The resolution of 1920*1080, the security camera records every image with details, sharp and clear. It can look up to the distance of 36 feet at night in night vision. It does not miss any minor detail irrelevant of time whether day or night.
  • The built-in system of micro SD card lets you record as well as store files accordingly in the SD card. It can hold up to 64GB and you can watch the recorded videos and view images anytime, anywhere, without any subscription fee.
  • No base station is needed and the WIFI camera can operate with 2.4G with router directly.


2:SpyCrushers Security Outdoor Solar Powered Camera System




SpyCrushers provide you with the best solar powered security camera, as this camera imitate itself as a high end and real security camera. Thief and criminals might think twice before crossing paths with this camera and would want to find blind spots and move away from this fake camera as soon as possible. It will provide you with the safety and comfort that you expect from a high-quality surveillance camera.


  • You might want to consider buying a high-quality camera instead of this fake camera but this camera is no different from the expensive security cameras out there. Spending $1000’s on those expensive cameras can be very unhelpful if you are getting the same quality camera with our fake camera.
  • This camera outsmarts all those crooks and dumb criminals as it is affordable as well as safety efficient and protected.
  • This fake camera is extremely effortless to install, it does not require much wiring which makes it super perfect for both outdoor and indoor. Customers find it perfect for them since it has LED Light and is also powered by two solar rechargeable batteries.
  • It has a visible cable that not just fool criminals but also your neighbour’s since it is so real. The company provides a lifetime warranty, replacement guarantee And money back along with First class service for Customers.
  • In case you are not completely satisfied with the camera quality or your purchase then you can visit our website or directly contact us about the resolution. We will also answer all your questions through phone or emails.


3:WhoaCow Solar Powered Security Camera

A wireless system dependent on solar power. The batteries are not needed to be taken out to recharge them but are charged by the sunlight on its own. With internally large capacities are absolutely high efficient. The lithium battery used can words up to 30 days of time and record every bit and by the charging of 5 days under direct sunlight. This security camera is truly one of the best solar powered security cameras.


  • The lithium battery used can words up to 30 days of time and record every bit and by the charging of 5 days under direct sunlight. The camera is capable to withstand rain and storm because of the water-resistant IP55 technology used. Can be mounted easily, no professionals needed. It can be installed outdoor, indoor or in any place that can offer direct sunlight.
  • The night vision and the camera that has a built-in hidden motion detector that detects up to a distance of 16 feet. It offers you a service of 24/7 security around the area.
  • The motion detector (PIR) sensors the automatic recording system whenever triggers a movement within the area of the monitor and then sends an alarm to the respective device. You can also adjust the motion detecting sensitivity of the camera.
  • It has a one-way audio, holding a wide angle of view and a high resolution of HD 720P. You can hear or even record the sounds and voices using the app as it has a built-in microphone.
  • Wide angle view of 110 degrees allows you to have your large area under surveillance. This WIFI camera comes in with a memory of 16GB storage which can also be added up to the 32GB card in case of need. Easy setting used in the system allows you to view the recording and images at anytime and anywhere you desire.
  • If you want the camera to work longer and fully use the battery without solar power, for that the camera should be charged for 6 hours straight. You have to keep in mind that the camera is ‘not’ made for 24/7 recordings rather it only start recordings when a motion is detected.
  • A one year warranty is provided. A refund of your money is guaranteed if returned in 30 days after the purchase. Free online installing guides are also available.


4:Lynx Weatherproof Solar Panel Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Along with the solar panel this camera has, it also provides us with the night vision that not many cameras have which makes it the best solar powered security camera. Under reasonable price, this camera is solar powered and run by the sun which means all you need to charge this camera is a sunny day and it keeps the camera charged for 7 days in occasion of internet or power outage.


  • The best quality of this camera is that it has the facial recognition feature. In case you have any close friends and family or colleagues entering your place the intelligent camera is able to recognize their face and let them check-in. This is very convenient for most of the customers as receiving alerts for every other person can be annoying.
  • With the HD quality, Lynx provides you crystal quality footages and live to the stream of videos easily on your mobile phone as you use the app to tend secure from anywhere you are.
  • The backup, as well as review videos, is extremely free by the cloud storage. You are able to view the footages of past 7 days completely free.
  • The motion detection sends instant alerts on your phone device as soon as any motion is detected or an event is triggered.

5:Freecam Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera


The 16GB SD storage that is built-in, makes this camera different from other cameras. It is 100% wireless excluding any kind of wiring or cording. So it is the best solar powered security camera, you are looking for. Freecam is extremely convenient to install anywhere as it is a wireless camera. You can monitor this solar-powered camera from anywhere and at any time. The SD card only records when it is triggered.


  • This camera has extremely low consumption of power and standby of a long time. All you need to make sure is that the camera has sufficient amount of sunlight and the connection of your router is stable. Freecam security camera is able to standby work for a very long time. It triggers around 10-20 times per day. It needs 20 hours of solar charge every month.
  • This camera has around two modes of charging. Besides the battery charging, it is also equipped with the solar panel which is charged efficiently; this mode will keep on working if sufficient sunlight is enough for around 30 minutes every day or for 4-5 days every month.
  • In case you are worried about the motion detection sensor as other cameras have ugly sensors that does not catch motions much quickly and takes much time to activate, but don’t worry because now this camera provides you Highly wide-angle and sensitive sensor of 5 meters range that detects the movements of humans and accurate and real-time alerts.
  • This camera pushes notifications on your phone device or email right away as soon as any motion is detected so that you can watch the live footage being recorded by the camera.
  • The freecam camera gives you support and warranty of one-year. In case any problem or issue is detected in the meantime, your money will be safely returned or the problem will be solved without any extra money.

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