Smart Home Essentials for Living

Smart Home essentials for living

In this age of science, everything is becoming smart and all. Everything is becoming A.I. enabled. And it’s time that you make your house smart. 

Even a few years back only a few devices were home assistant enabled. And now, we have tons of products that are automated and are ready to make our lives easier. 

Now, if you’re planning on making your home smart then you’ll need some smart devices. We call these smart home essentials for living.  

The scenario is the same if you’re already living in a smart home. There is a possibility that you’re missing out on one item. And it’s possible that this one item can make your smart home experience super easy. 

And to keep you all checked up, we’re here with a list of smart devices. We have divided the whole thing into two parts; indoor devices and outdoor devices. Go through this piece and see if you’re missing out on any. See what benefits it might add to your life and consider if you need it. 

Now, let’s stop wasting any more time and jump right into the details-

Essential Smart Home Devices Indoor

Here we will discuss smart home devices for apartments or indoors. These devices will think about how to control your house to give you the ultimate comfort. Basically these devices make smart homes worth it. 

So, let’s look at the list-

Smart Home Hubs

If you’re already living in a smart home, then this part isn’t for you. 

Now for those who are new- if you want to build a smart home, then at first you must get a smart home hub. Now, what is that? 

When you connect a smart assistant (e.g. Alexa or Google Home) to a multi-protocol controller, then it becomes a smart home hub. Basically, the hub has to contain Bluetooth, Z-wave, WIFI, and Zigbee radios. 

This hub will control all your smart devices. Here’s the thing- all your smart devices can act on their own but to synchronize everything in one place, you’ll need smart home hubs. 

So, long story short, you must have a home assistant and a smart hub for making a smart home. 

Smart Home Cameras

In some cases, these devices also fall under the outdoor smart home device criteria. 

You’ll get three types of smart cameras in the market. The first one is the outdoor surveillance camera, up next is the doorbell camera and lastly the indoor monitoring camera. 

Outdoor cameras can protect your home from unwanted visitors. Most of these come with night vision. And some of these have once click 911 features along with motion tracking and auto zooming. 

The indoor monitoring cameras are the best smart home gadgets for seniors and children. You can keep track of the inside activities even from your home with these. 

With the doorbell camera, you can see who’s outside and talk to that person without opening up that door. 

Smart Security Locks

These are basically the major portion of smart home security gadgets. To be honest these are one of the must-have smart home devices

Think of a situation, you went to work, and you don’t remember whether you locked your door or not. You can simply lock your door from your smartphone using google home assistant.  With these devices, you can even lock your doors from your bed by voice command. 

Smart Temperature Control Devices

In our list of smart devices, these are the comfort king. When these are enabled with smart assistance, you’ll get some amazing benefits. 

Smart assistants can make your home warm just before you reach home. Some can even learn your temperature patterns. So, you’ll have just the perfect temperature all the time. 

Smart Lighting

If you don’t have these already then trust us- smart lightings will be a great addition to your smart home appliances

Obviously smart bulbs are going to be a bit heavy on the pocket, but you’ll get the best experience. You’ll be able to control the light intensity and light color with some of these devices. 

The best thing is that you can control these over voice commands or through your smartphone or tablet. 

Smart Kitchen Appliances

In this part, we have smart cooker, smart grills, smart microwave ovens, etc. devices. And just like all other smart devices, these come with the benefit of WiFi control or home assistant compatibility. 

With these, you can cook at the perfect temperature without being near to it. As a result, you can get warm food upon arriving from work. 

And the smart grills alleviate the uneven cooking temperature problem, flare-up tensions, etc. 

Smart Cleaners

Smart cleaners are actually smart vacuums. 

Long gone are those days when neighbors woke up at the sound of your vacuum cleaning. Nowadays, your floor can get all cleaned up without making a noise. 

Think of a situation like this. You came home from work, all tired. You go directly to your bed and voice command your home assistant to clean up the house. And your smart cleaner cleans up your house. Some smart vacuums can also mop the floor. 

Essential Smart Home Gadgets Outdoor

Here we have listed up some smart home technology gadgets that ease up the outdoor home choirs. 

So, let’s look at the list-

Smart Pool Cleaner

What’s the difference between auto pool cleaners and smart pool cleaners? Well, smart pool cleaners are WiFi enabled. So, you can control these from outside. 

Let’s say that you forgot to cover your pool and a storm passed by. Now you want to swim in the pool after getting home from work. You can tell your smart home assistant to clean up the pool. 

In automated cleaners, your pool either gets cleaned all the time or on a scheduled time. 

Smart Garden Helpers

To be honest, this is not an actual criterion. Here we will discuss smart sprinkler controllers and smart lawnmowers. 

You can relate the advantages of these two with our previous entry. In case of emergencies, you can control these with your smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to be near these devices. 

Bottom Line

So, we are at the end of our journey through the list of smart devices. These devices are super important to enjoy the benefits of a smart home. So, think of these devices. Decide what you need and order up. Good luck. 

Alex Dantas

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