Best Solar Power Security Cameras


A solar power Security camera is highly recommended in those areas where electricity issue. Solar panel cameras use the solar panel system to get the power and its require no electric source. With many good features, solar power camera is used is increase day by day.

It is used to monitor the off-grid places and remote areas where cables would be expensive. Also, those areas where running cables would be impossible such as construction sites, farms, rural houses barns etc. Here is some best Solar Power security camera list.


1:Ring spotlight cam battery with Solar Power


Ring Spot Light camera is outdoor security camera with spot Light feature. It is a less expensive solar power security cam with the excellent set of features. This cam is simple and low maintenance way to monitor around our homes.

Ring solar panel is specially designed for charging the camera battery with the help of sunlight of a few hours our ring spotlight camera is always charged.

In the pack of spotlight solar panel, USB cord and free toolkit is available so we can set up by using these accessories in just a few minutes,

Micro USB cord is used to connect the solar panel to our spotlight cam battery.

It has a longer power connection up to 13 ft. The only problem is finding the place to adjust our solar panel where sunlight is available when we mounted this Solar panel easily then we can easily connect to our cam. Mini-USB charging port is work to charge the batteries of a camera. One battery works for 6 months on fully charged. The pack of two batteries in the cam is helpful to switch other battery when one is working off.


  • Camera video quality features offer a very good quality of video with a Bright spotlight.
  • Quality if a video is 1080P and has the 140-degree field of view feature besom more attractive to buy this wireless security camera


  • The motion sensor is also a much-enhanced detection range,


  • 30 feet of night vision is only possible with four infrared lights


  • Speaker and audio is used for two way audio


  • We can use Alexa voice command to watch our videos on any compatible device.


  • Ring spotlight camera is using the ting app which can use on any Android, iOS, and window mobile devices.


  • Easy to install by connecting the camera to WIFI


  • An additional feature is that free trial of the ring’s cloud storage for 30 days.




  • It works in a rechargeable battery with space of 2 batteries.
  • Motion activated spotlight
  • After connected to Wi-Fi we can see live view.
  • Its design is weather resistant
  • Cloud storage plans are affordable



  • Random connection issues arise even with the solid connection of WIFI
  • It does not connect to 5GGz Wi-Fi


2:Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera

Arlo Pro 2 is the best solar camera it is the combination of software, video quality, and versatility. Solar power can be powered with the rechargeable battery or we can plug into solar power. The batteries of the camera are fully charged only in 5 to 6 hours of direct charge. It’s easy to install and easy to adjustable. We only need to mount the solar panel and plug into the camera then every function works instantly.6 feet long power cable is helpful to place our solar panel to anywhere.


  • Arlo Pro 2 comes with a resolution of 1080 HD, which means the video Quality is very clear.
  • It comes with GPS technology.


  • Arlo pro2 Camera can be powered by batteries, solar or AC adapter.


  • Arlo pro2 have great Night vision capabilities with 8 infrared lights. But the camera needs also some background light because the camera sensor needs photons to capture any image. This camera is better in taking images in night vision.


  • When Arlo pro 2 detect any motion it record 8 minutes of video. If a camera does not detect any activity its goes in sleep mood to save this battery.


  • By supply, the power with Ac Adopter the video is recorded continuously.


  • Battery life of Arlo pro 2 is just 3 months. But motion activity zone is winning feature of Arlo pro 2 Camera.


  • This camera can work in rain, shine, snow, and wind because of the quality of waterproof and weatherproof. A camera can work well in 14f to 122 F temperatures.


  • Arlo pro2 have the field of view is 130 degree.


  • Arlo pro 2 is the compatible device with the automation system.


  • Working with Amazon Alexa and Amazon’s Echo.


  • A mobile app is helpful to control our devices without physical touch because devices are connected to this app. The simple and easy interface makes it easy to use for all type of users.




  • 1080p HD clear resolution
  • It can be plugged into Ac power so that it is easily rechargeable.
  • Two-way audio so that we can talk and listen.
  • Night vision is too good.
  • It is trigger at the minor motion.’
  • Video recorded continuously with little extra pay and they stored in Cloud.



  • It’s expensive, it would more expensive if we want continues video recording.
  • Arlo pro 2 is not compatible with Samsung’s smart system.
  • Battery life is only 3 months.


3:Lynx Solar Panel

Lynx Solar power camera is packaged with two solar panels without any extra cost.
The large surface of the solar panel needs only one sunny day to charge the camera for up to seven days. This solar panel is mounting and we can take this running camera anywhere. Easy setup through the mobile app and easily setup around our home, we can place the camera on that point where a camera is a cover is the maximum area. It is best to place the solar panel in an area where solar panel captures the best daylight.


  • This camera utilizes intelligent facial recognition algorithm which helpful to automatically recognize the familiar faces, eliminates false alarm and maximize security.


  • It Offers lifetime free cloud storage, a user of lynx camera has the ability to review and backup the videos with the service of free lifetime cloud storage.


  • Another winning feature is that if lynx camera loses its Wi-Fi connection, its internal data system stores the video for 3 days.


  • Lynx camera is built to resist tough weather condition.


  • Voice commands via the mobile app use to control our camera operation.


  • Two-year manufacturing guarantee.




  • Free seven days of video cloud storage.
  • The camera produces the good image in the day and also in night vision
  • A camera is integrated with Google assistant.
  • Camera built-in memory holds three days video without a Wi-Fi connection.



  • Lynx camera has a limited smart home integration.
  • Lynx camera only records 10 seconds at the time and not configure.
  • This camera sometimes is very slow to wake up.
  • Facial recognition system sometimes had a problem to recognize faces.


4:Reolink Solar panel:

Reo Link 2 is a perfect choice in Best Solar power camera when we need the small security camera that can be mounted anywhere easily and it takes few minutes to adjust. This camera comes with rechargeable batteries which help to recharge directly or via real link solar panel. This solar is design for real link products ranges only. It comes with two years warranty and also the money back guarantee for 30 days.


  • It captures 1080p video at 15fps and 130-degree field of view.


  • It uses seven infrared LEDs to capture good black and white night vision video out to 33 feet.


  • Reo link Argus 2 setting is easy to install


  • It is the first camera that works with Reo link cloud.


  • This camera stores video locally to SD card.


  • High video quality


  • Color night vision




  • Battery operated
  • Separate PIR sensor
  • Two years guarantee
  • Money back guarantee for 30 days
  • Good night vision



  • Only 1080P
  • Limited storage option
  • Not weatherproof.


5:Swan camera



Swan camera is a wireless battery power outdoor camera with great options and performance. It is also the Best Solar power camera.

A camera can record 1080p full HD and it has the 120-degree field of view. Many features of this camera make it different like it has passive infrared works with the distance of 25 feet and night vision with good quality up to32 feet.


  • Swan camera is Full HD resolution


  • Good night vision


  • Clear image capture in 1080p full HD resolution


  • IP65 waterproof help to survive the camera in sunshine rain show and dust also


  • Cloud storage allows us to enjoy 2 days of free storage to secure cloud.


  • Alerts and playback




  • Night vision is excellent
  • Good battery life
  • Swan camera overall images are crisp. option
  • The camera gave the option to use 5 GHz wireless router
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa



  • No web interface
  • No window app is available
  • Swan app has some bugs



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