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Home security and safety is one of the major concerns when it comes to securing the house. Everyone tries to make their house look more secure and comfortable both when they are in the house and when they are away. There are a lot of techniques that one can use to keep check on the activities of the inmates of the house and also to stay alert with the happenings.

One of the most common methods used for securing the house is to put a camera and record the happenings. The latest cameras are so much advanced that they have a lot of features that keeping a check on the subjects is not difficult a lot. The use of these security cameras are based on security and surveillance, the use can vary from domestic to commercial purposes, these cameras are used in homes and in offices equally. The cameras used at homes are used for keeping an eye on the kids and their activities, they are also used to keep check on what the babysitters and nannies are doing in your absences, you can use these cameras to check the visitors coming to your house by putting this camera on the front door, you can fix these cameras in the office to check the activities of the workers in the office as well.

Here in this post we are going to talk about the nanny cameras specifically. These cameras are the ones designed specifically to keep an eye on the nannies and babysitters. These cameras can be hidden or visible depending upon the need of the customer. But remember with the use of the best nanny camera with audio, you need to take into consideration the special rules and regulations set by the state authorities, else you would be committing a crime of recording the other person with them knowing.

So what is a nanny camera?

A nanny camera is a tiny camera, mostly meant to hide in some object. These cameras are most of the times wireless so they easily get connected to the televisions and monitors. There is a huge range of the nanny cameras available in the market, in the visible form and in perfect disguises as well but they all have the same one feature to record the continuous video. Some offer recording of the audio as well, some allow you to take photos and others allow you to communicate two way with the subject. Depending on your need, you can choose the one that suits you the best and start enjoying the perks of keeping an eye on the person you want to check.

The nanny cameras are not limited only to record the nannies, rather they can be used easily for any purpose of recording. The best nanny camera with audio allows you to record and listen and talk all at the same time.

Below you are going to find the review of one of the best nanny cameras available in the market but before that we would like to tell you about the advantages of the nanny camera. Let us have a look at them and then move forward to the review.

  • You can keep a check on the activities your kids, no matter they are babies, toddlers or adults
  • If you have a caretaker for your child, you can check who she is communicating with while you are away
  • All the activities of the nannies and babysitters get recorded in this camera easily
  • The videos recorded in this camera can be further used as an evidence if something undesirable happens
  • If you are noticing some unwanted thing in your child’s attitude, then the videos can tell you the reason for his behavior
  • The kids getting older like to call their boyfriends and girlfriends to their homes when the parents are away, so the parents can control their activities
  • Child abuse is a big problem with the caretakers these days, the nanny cameras let you know if any such thing is taking place right under your nose.

Now let us get you to the review of the best nanny camera with audio so you can understand what features you need to check when you are out to purchase the nanny camera for your child’s caretaker.

1:Mini Spy Camera Hidden Cam, Waterproof 1080P Full HD Cameras with 155° Wide-Angle Lens, Nanny/Housekeeper Cam with Night Vision & Motion Detection, Sports Action Camera with Mounting Accessories Kit

This is the nanny camera that we have selected for you to provide its review. This camera is available on so you can order it easily and get it at your doorstep in just a couple of day (but that depends totally on the services provided by this website in your area).


This camera is a really tiny one that you can hold it in your two fingers easily as it is as big as a walnut in size. Coming from the company named VOUO, this amazing camera has very interesting features that are sure going to motivate you to purchase it first-handed.


The purpose behind the purchase of a hidden or a nanny camera is not to let the others know that they are being captured by the eye of some camera and this camera is expert in doing so. The main reason behind choosing this amazing camera for the review of the best nanny camera with audio is its phenomenal size. This nanny camera is safely said to be the smallest security camera available across the world which makes it highly portable and pocket sized so you can put it in your pocket and no one will notice if there is a hidden eye recording them. The small size of this camera is defined to be 0.92in, 0.6oz cube, which is small enough to conceal it from the rest of the world and it can sit comfortably in a corner and the person can record the subject easily without gathering any attraction from the onlookers.

    Not only does the phenomenally small size of the camera matters when you have to buy a nanny camera, but also the recordings it has been making matter. If the camera is considerably small but it does not provide high definition images, then the camera surely fails to provide worthy videos to be used for the purpose of security and investigation. This amazing camera can record the videos and take the pictures in high definition that is 1080P so that the crisp clear images are formed by the camera and every detail is visible to the viewers. The high precision optical lens provides 155-degrees Wide-Angle view, so that the whole image is captured and a large view is captured. Then there are infrared light based lenses in the camera that provide a high precision night vision so that some very clear images and videos could be made in the dark of the night.
    Another amazing feature of this best nanny camera with audio is the motion detection feature that helps record important events taking place in the area of vision. The lens of the camera detects some motion and the mini camera behind the lens start recording the scene. This feature is a very helpful one as it helps save the life of the battery too. All that time when there is no motion in the field of view, there is no recording going on, so the life of the battery is saved. As soon as some motion is detected, the camera starts making the video and stops when the motion stops. This helps get the important events get captured. On the other hand, the camera recording never tends to end as there is the option of loop recording as well that enables a user to continuously record the videos even if the memory becomes full. In case there is full memory, the loop recording feature allows the camera to record over the oldest recordings in its memory so that there is no loss of data at all. The Li-Ion battery in the camera is capable of recording for up to 60-80 minutes and once the battery goes low, you have the option to charge and record at the same time so you don’t have to worry about the battery life.
    Now we have talked enough about the nanny camera, let us talk what this camera offers other than being hidden and spying your nanny. This hidden camera has something more to offer than a normal nanny camera. That is it being fully action packed. This camera has a waterproof case so you can take it on the go on some adventure if you want to record yourself or someone else. If you are looking forward to some underwater action, then just tie this camera to your forehead and dive in the water and enjoy up to 80 minutes of continuous video recording under water without any worry of spoiling your camera and adventure. Not only does the camera work well in underwater action, being waterproof it is able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well so you can use it easily for outdoor mounting and recording.
    The most comfortable feeling that a technical gadget gives you can be the lifetime guarantee that it offers. When we talk about this best nanny camera with audio, we get to know that the company offers a warranty for technical support for the whole life of the camera. The package also includes a 12 months warranty that is worry free so you need not to worry about anything at all. You are also provided with the carefree warranty and the provides you with the opportunity to return the camera if there is some issue within 30 days to get your money back. With so many types of warranties, the customer does not remain in any kind of doubt about the perfection of the camera, so all you have to do is to purchase it and start using it without any trouble.
    Another amazing feature of this camera is the built in micro phone that is used to record audio and communicate with the subject as well. This gives an edge to the parents who want to purchase the camera for keeping an eye on the activities of their kids, so that if they find them stepping out of the line, they can order them to stop doing so with the help of the microphone in the camera. Also if there are some burglars’ in the house and you are seeing them through the wireless camera, then you can scare them off by talking into the micro phone.


  • Compact design, small in size easy to handle
  • Highly portable and easy to use
  • Waterproof feature makes it a diverse used camera
  • Many accessories added to the kit that comes with it


  • The only problem found so far by only a few customers is the problem with sync which too was later resolved


Having seen the salient features of this camera and the reason why one needs a nanny camera in first place, it becomes clear that this camera is a very effective one. When we look at the reviews posted by the customers of this camera, there is hardly any complaint and everyone is all praises about its perfection, functionality and amazing picture quality. Therefore if you wish to buy this small camera, we recommend to you that you should put some money in buying it and get the life time worry free perks of this nanny camera. The crystal clear images captured in day and night both make it highly useable and the waterproof case makes it perfect to be used in both in the indoor and outdoor easily.

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