Best Dog Tracking Chip Under Skin- [Nov-Dec’20 Update]

dog tracker under skin

Pet is a $75.38 billion industry along in the USA. And new to new technologies are being invented to make sure that your pet dog can be secured enough. And the dog tracking chips under skin– is the latest inclusion to the list.

So, how does it come in use while it’s about finding your lost or stolen pet dog? Or is it a safe thing to go either? 

Throughout today’s post, we’ll go through every detail that you need to know to find the answer to this question. Stay stick to the article for the next few minutes, and we promise you’ll be thankful to us. 

Hope on the wagon and let’s go- 

What is Dog Tracking Microchip?

There is a common misconception among many of us that, a dog tracking microchip is just another automatic GPS device that will help to locate the pet dog once it’s lost. 

That’s almost a wrong idea if you look at it from a technical aspect. 

Dog tracking chip under the skin has a number of differences than typical GPS tracking devices. They are about the size of a rice grain that can be implanted beneath the skin of a dog. And they spread radio frequency waves. 

A common myth about these devices is- they have their own power supply or they collect power from the organic energy of dogs. Both of these concepts are quite misleading and false, actually. These micro-plants don’t have any autonomous power supply, and they don’t transmit constant signals as well. 

What information these microchips contain is- the unique ID of the chip, the breed, vaccinations, chip, vaccination schedule, contact details of the owners, etc. 

2 Best Dog Tracking Chip Under Skin

Pro-ID Microchip Pet Microchip

Dog Supplies Pro-ID Microchip Pet Microchip Mini CHIP 134KHZ, ISO

The first pick of the list is a bio-safe rubberized collar tag, which is injectable beneath the pet dog’s skin with a subcutaneous injection. It comes with the injection itself, and all you need to do is to pinch the skin behind the per’s neck and insert it right away. 

This chip is certified by ISO, and it works just as a bar code works. If your dog runs away, anyone could recognize it with a microchip scanner. It is readable under frequencies like 134 kHz, 134.2 kHz, which is standard. 

A good thing about this mini chip is, it works for all sizes of dogs. For all sort of breeds and dog sizes, it’s easy to place under the skin. 

Highlighted Feature

  • Bio-safe and easily putable. 
  • Fits any size of dogs. 
  • Comes with the injection itself. 
  • Pretty compact and micro-level in size. 
  • Readable under 134 kHz or similar frequencies. 

20-Pack Transponder RFID Microchip Tag

20-Pack Transponder RFID Microchip Tag

In case you are with a bunch of pet animals including dogs, cats, deer and so, this one would be the right microchip tag set for you. It’s called the 20-Pack Transponder RFID Microchip Tag and the name quite expressed itself. 

These are 12*12 sized microchip tags that come with the syringe to inject the tags into the animal body. As they are pretty compact in size, it would not come up with any difficulties to get done. These tags are readable under the frequency range of 134.2 kHz or RFID type

It’s compatible with any size and breed of pet dogs, cats and whatever that you want to track. Comparing to the 20 units of the pack, the price is also within budget. So, you don’t have to wonder about how much is a dog tracking chip anymore!

Highlighted Feature

  • 20 pieces of animal microchip tags. 
  • Sizes only 12*12mm, pretty tiny. 
  • ISO certified and standard compliances. 
  • Comes with the syringe itself. 
  • Readable under 134.2 kHz. 

Do You Need One of Those Devices Actually?

How do dog tracking chips work? And do you need one indeed?

To answer this important question, let’s recall one of the recent stats sourced by ASPCA(Americal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). It says that about 93% of the pets around America are reported to be lost or stolen. Among them, about 15% of them are happily reunited. 

But what happened to the rest? Well, my friend, they stayed lost forever.

As an owner of a beloved pet puppy, you don’t even want to happen it to your dog, right? In case you agree, that’s the importance of having a dog tracking device we are talking about. 

What they will serve you with is, it provides a permanent identification of the dog to anyone who is able to find and scan the chip. These persons can be from a veterinarian clinic, pet shelter house or any authority who is responsible for the stray animals in your state. 

Once your pet with this microchip will be lost and found, it will help the regarding person to contact you directly. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If you talk about the direct demerits of these micro-implants, there are hardly any. But there are certain limitations that you can not expect from these best dog tracking devices. Here are some of such difficulties and limitations- 

  • They don’t provide with information like whereabouts, locations, movements, location tracks, etc. 
  • Not all vet centers of animal shelters have devices to track these implants. 
  • There are no internal standards of the patient and kinds of information that should be embedded in these devices, had not been set yet. Systems like home security kits are quite up to the mark on that sense.
  • They are constantly evolving. So, there is a chance that the device you’ve implemented under your dog skin, won’t be the standard one in a few years. 

All that being said, using dog tracking microchips under skin still something that you can’t deny. 

Bottom Line

Thanks for being there till the very bottom of the content. Throughout the post, we’ve explained the details of what you need to know about these dog gps tracking chip under the skin. There are two of the best picks of the market that we have explained in brief. In case you are in need of one good microchip tag, these two are something that you can look up for. 

Alex Dantas

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