Best Baby Spy Cameras in 2018

Parents of any age are concerned about the welfare of their child so companies designed and created the baby monitor. Today most parents own a baby spy camera to keep them updated on the well-being of their newborns. Now you can see what your child is up to when they are alone. This is a good cause as it can prevent from your child from having any serious mishap. Also, you can never miss beautiful moments that will be cherished for a lifetime with the help these baby spy cameras. Parents can even keep watch of their kids when their sleeping as well.

The biggest development in the baby monitor is the integration of video and computer which means you can actually see your baby from around the house. Some even let you see your babies even when you are not in the vicinity of your house. Many parents are now opting for baby spy cameras in order to have a complete visual picture of the baby and their surroundings. The market has also included features like night vision, smartphone integration, HD camera, talk back feature, melodies and relaxing sounds, tilt and zoom capabilities, LCD monitor and much more. These baby cams do not need installation of any kind and it has to be only situated on a shelf or close to the crib so your little one is visible to you.

There is such a huge collection of video monitors to choose from as they have been greatly improved through the years. So, if you are looking for a baby spy camera, then this will be the ultimate guide for you as it will help you immensely. Following are some of the best baby cameras for your baby.

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

Having a newborn in the house can be stressful but more so as you cannot be with their baby at all times. Do not worry as the Philips Video Monitor may be the one for you. It makes sure you a have a connection which is reliable, secure and private with your baby. Now you can hear or see him/her as much you like.


  • Private and a secure connection with the adaptive FHSS technology.
  • It has a high resolution, 3.5” screen, and automatic night vision.
  • The range is up to 300 meters.
  • Monitors the temperature of the room to make sure if it is neither too hot nor too cold. A customized temperature sensor immediately alerts the parent unit if there is some change in the climate of the baby’s room.
  • It gives a vibration alert.
  • Wall mountable that means you can either keep fix it on the wall or place it on a shelf.
  • Voice activation
  • The talkback feature enables to talk your infant. Also, it comes with a night light or lullabies that sing your child to sleep.
  • It gives three sound level lights and a link indication light.
  • It has an excellent operating time that monitors the baby overnight as well.


  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • There is a backup battery function in case of power failure.
  • The battery is rechargeable.


  • Voice is choppy in the talkback function.
  • Lullaby session is not that great.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Having an infant in the house can be a little difficult. You never want to leave their side and can barely get any work done. This baby spy camera comes with an interchangeable lens. This means total vision control of your child’s room that is it allows you to switch between the different lenses on the camera in a matter of seconds. You just have to choose a focal length and suitable viewing angle for the environment just like in a professional camera. The close-up lens provides an intimate vision and then the panoramic lens when your child starts to walk or crawl to get a full view.


  • Video streaming is done live with a sharp and clear image.
  • Alarm function and Remote temperature display
  • It can be expanded to four cameras
  • There is an invisible IR night vision.
  • Baby cam secures 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless transmission.


  • It has a sleek compact design which is portable.
  • There is 100% digital privacy with videos without delay and audio playback.
  • The long-lasting battery that provides a reliable charge.
  • No setup is required before using.


  • If the screen is turned off, then the audio mode turns on and the video is switched off.
  • The scan mode requires add-on cameras.

Cocoon Cam Plus

This is two in one device. This baby spy camera comes with a mesmerizing technology. It shows a graph of the baby’s breathing patterns which will help you to know the infant is breathing properly while they are asleep. It notifies parents by instant alerts to know when the baby is awake and crying or its breathing changes. You can now rest while the baby is sleeping and have a peaceful mind.


  • It provides a non-invasive way to keep track of the infant’s breathing and mobility.
  • It brings forth a clear crystal image of HD live streaming which can be seen in night vision and zooming capabilities.
  • Parents can hear as well as talk directly to the baby wherever they are.
  • Notifications are immediately displayed on the mobile the baby cam is connected with to know when the baby has slept, crying or beginning to wake up from their slumber.


  • You are always connected to your baby whether you are somewhere in the house or across the world.
  • It helps you understand your child’s sleeping habits.
  • It has been approved by top pediatricians from the world including NICU at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, and IRB studies which were approved at UC San Diego.


  • If the phone is active and playing sounds from the camera and something else play like an alarm or any other video, then it will not regain focus and not let you hear the sound again until you turn it off.

Arlo Technology NETGEAR Baby Camera

Arlo baby has a set of a variety of features that every new parent needs for a nursery. All of the features can be remotely managed using the Arlo app.


  • High definition (1080p).
  • Lullabies, white sound and nature sounds are available which can be downloaded for free. You can even record and add your voice. A music player which plays bedtime melodies.
  • A multi-colored night light is also available.
  • Temperature, humidity, and air quality (VOCs level) air sensors are available which alert you if the nursery conditions are out of the desired range.
  • Instant push notifications are sent to your mobile phones or email.
  • It is smart home enabled that works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFFTT, Stringy and much more.
  • Precious moments of your baby’s life are saved with bank-grade-encryption techniques which are accessible and can be downloaded any time from your phones.


  • Cloud storage is available so video recording and images are kept for 7 days for free.
  • Wire-free camera with a rechargeable battery that enables to monitor temporary location.


  • Recent application updates have made it a little unreliable.
  • The camera gets stuck and gets an error message.

Video Baby Monitor

Now you can relax a little, free to rest or get some chores done in your busy schedule with this baby cam. Just place the camera in the baby’s vicinity and your good to go. You do not have to linger around your baby anymore and actually get some work done. The baby cam provides the maximum convenience for you.


  • The screen size is 2.4-inch LCD screen with a battery capacity of 950mAh.
  • The parent unit remotely controls only four lullabies which help to lull your baby to sleep.
  • This baby spy camera has a wireless transmission technology of 2.4 GHz which provides a clear video footage of the baby’s activities.
  • High definition will keep you updated on the live performance of your loved one and covers a wide range of transmission.
  • The two-way talk system allows you to communicate and soothe your baby in a lifelike sound.
  • The temperature sensor keeps track of the temperature of the room.
  • The sound-activated baby monitor switches on or off when no sound or sound is detected by it.
  • You can either mount it on a wall or place it on a table and the portable size is easy to carry around.
  • The frequency is 2.4 GHz FHS and the transmission power is 18dBm Max.


  • Night vision images are clear in black and white.
  • It can be used everywhere and is simple to set up and carry around.
  • It can be paired up to four cameras kept in different rooms.
  • No battery is required.
  • ECO features save battery life without being plugged in all day or night.


  • The brightness to set to auto so it automatically brightens or dims the video footage.
  • The audio is a little set back as you can hear the static noises as well.

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