Select Best Pet Cameras for your Cat in 2019

A cute, lovely and seemingly impeccable cat is owned by you. You giggle hard on its weird and adorable poses and habits but she gets super grumpy if you leave her alone at home and one day you come home to find your furniture badly ruined. Cats are adorable yes, only until you find out what a mess they can create while you were away. Your room wallpaper is horribly scratched and your furniture is demanding an urgent repair or replacement. What to do?

To prevent you from getting in this kind of situation here is a list of five best pet cameras for your cat which will help you in not just keeping an eye on your cat but also to interact and communicate with your cat while you are away. As pets require love and affection from us, they get bored and irritated when we leave them at home.

Pet cameras and security cameras are not the same as generally, people assume them to be. Surveillance cameras are meant only to keep a watch whereas pet cameras enable you to talk through your voice and streaming video to your cat. Also, the treat machine feature is super cool to treat your cat during a long way travel away from home. How cool is that?

Now you don’t even have to miss out the sweet faces your cat makes, or the way she cuddles up in her cozy small bed because these pet cameras for your cat can also click pictures of your cat just the way you like.

These pet cameras for your cat buddies will turn out to be the most useful tool for people like you. So you don’t have to leave your house in a stressful mood concerning what you might encounter on your return. You can also keep an eye to watch out for any kind of trouble for your cat friend. May that be anything; these pet cameras for your cats will come handy to you.

Also, you don’t need to worry about checking and visiting stores and demanding your personal favorite pet camera for your cat because these are available to be ordered online. All the listed pet cameras are available at Norco Alarms for you to get. All you have to do is stop procrastinating and order your desired pet camera for your cat right away.

This list has all the best cameras for your cat along with its pros and cons, so you don’t have to bother searching and Google reviews on the internet. We got you covered. Choose your suitable pet camera and order now to discover the amazing features coming your way designed for your cat.

1: Pawbo life wireless camera for pets + pawbo laser combination set

This pet camera is specifically designed to solve all your worrisome problems about leaving your pet cat at home and to reciprocate in the best possible way even when you are traveling a long way. PAWBO pet camera has all the features to communicate to your pet cat through two-way audio and video streaming and is wireless resulting in vanished wire hassle. Also, the laser game allows you to play with your cat and have fun even from afar. The laser toy keeps your cat buddy occupied and active and wouldn’t let it get irritated by your absence at all.

The LED lights are designed to allow you to capture snaps and to record soliloquies of your cat and helps you share it to any social site through the PAWBO app. Not to forget the mini treat vending machine that will help you feed your cat. Exactly what you need to take care of your cat even in your absence, all this concludes in your cat being comfy and in bliss.

So if you need your cat buddy to be happy and cheery then PAWBO is your right choice.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Laser play and treat machine.
  • Video streaming is two way.


  • Scotopic vision is not available.
  • Size of the food tray is small.
  • Video quality is not very high.

2: TOOGE Pet Camera with high-quality two-way talk, Scotopic vision and motion SENSOR

Having a pet camera for your little cat friend seems like the best idea to you but you are reluctant because the apparatus is way too expensive and out of the budget. Pets already are an investment and an increment in your expenses is visible when you get a pet, so an expensive pet camera is not fitting in the picture even when you want it to be. With your hopes getting low, we want to exhilarate you by telling you about this low cost, affordable pet camera for your adorable cat.

Cheer up because, with the lost cost, TOOGE pet camera, you can not only keep a watch but also can interact with your cat via the two-way talk enabled the audio system. It also provides night vision footage and sends motion alerts to you, in order to keep you updated about your cat. Your cat may move a lot so this 360-degree cameras pin to make your watch easier and to provide you with a stress-free watches to your cat. Another interesting feature of this super cool pet camera is the live stream available to multiple people. So you can leave even a friend to watch your cat during your busy and hectic schedules. Also, the amazing app is at your service.


  • Night vision.
  • Motion alerts.
  • Low cost.
  • Two-way talk.


  • No cat “meow” notifications.
  • Mac computers not supported.
  • App performance not satisfactory.
  • Difficult setup.

3: Petcube smart camera for your cat with interactive laser play, remote cat supervision, and surveillance

PETCUBE smart camera comes with so many features for your pet that you will be awestruck by the kinds of functions it can perform. Full security and control of your cat is ensured through the super smart PETCUBE camera. It provides 1080p HD video on your smartphone via the app. The easy set-up is really convenient, also the motion-sensitive software comes handy while use. With a night vision enable software you can keep an eye on your cat even in pitch black darkness.

The video and two-way live audio allows you to witness all the cat adventures that took place in your absence, all this without the bothering of a subscription because free cloud storage is an unequivocal feature. The smart design and color of the camera make it less irritating and unusual to the cat friends out there, so goodbye to cat claws and hello to smartness. Last but not the least, the laser game thing can allow you and your catty to have fun without any boundaries of the distance between.


  • Smart design
  • Easy set-up
  • Motion detection


  • App issues
  • Inconsistent laser pointer
  • Poor connectivity
  • Free cloud storage.

4: Petzi treat pet cam, wifi enabled with treat dispenser

If you are a cat person then you certainly know that leaving your cat at home without a watch is a huge risk nobody would like to take. But a creature giving you immense pleasure is certainly not to be ignored by you. All you need is the PETZI treat camera for your cat and to stop worrying about feeding and watching your remote cat at home. The elegantly designed camera for is specifically designed for your cat. The amazing camera with its suitable features is here for you which provides you with the ability to capture snaps of your beloved cat and to talk to it. So don’t waste your energy worrying about which friend to pet sit your cat and grab this box of smartness for your cute little cat buddy.


  • Easy to set up
  • Audio quality is nice.
  • Allow capturing snaps.


  • Cannot hear cat’s “meow”
  • Does not record videos
  • The power cord is very short.

5: Logitech circle camera, wireless security, and pet cam

No more pet sitters, because Logitech has brought to you a pet camera to watch over the adorable cats at home while you are away. Set up your new pet camera with ease and take advantage of the streaming HD videos of your baby cats or kittens at home. Also, the 30-seconds time lapse providing you with the briefing of the whole day behind you is so useful. It does not bother you with senseless motion detection instead it has the ability to filter the important motions, like the opening of a door and send alerts about it. The free cloud storage is a plus point which makes it superior to other cameras requiring a subscription. Also, the rechargeable battery is something you won’t get elsewhere. What’re you waiting for? Order your pet sitting treasure right away.


  • 30 seconds day briefing.
  • Filtered motion sensor.
  • Two way talk and listen.
  • A perk of a rechargeable battery.


  • Connection issues.
  • Bugged software.
  • Server issues.
  • Recording time is short.

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