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Install Surveillance Cameras To Increase The Security Of Your Property

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Is a home security system really necessary? Is it worth it? What are the advantages of installing security cameras in your home? Well, the security cameras in your home can be a great addition to your security system. However, you have to make sure that you have placed them in a way they could capture imagery when you need it the most. A few years back people could not afford to install the security cameras in addition to the security of their home.

With the passage of time, people realized how advantageous it is to install the home surveillance cameras in homes. Thanks to the advances in technology that has made the security cameras affordable for households. Now you see the different types of hidden cameras in many homes. The security cameras let you see inside and outside the house whenever you want. The crime is always on the rise, and no one wants to be going out of any possible protection. People decide to install the security cameras for various reasons here are a few of them:


  • Discourage the burglars:

The surveillance cameras installed outside the home prevents the burglars from attempting to enter the house. When a burglar comes and sees a security camera installed outside your home or office, he does not take a risk at all and look for the other targets. In fact, the security cameras give you the peace of mind.

However, some people instead of installing the original cameras use dummy cameras. The dummy cameras give a very close resemblance to the original cameras. Remember that the dummy cameras are non-functioning cameras with beeping red light. They look like the real cameras so only the experts can tell the difference. Though these cameras may prevent criminals from burglary, it is better to install the original cameras.




Nanny Cameras



The cameras are not only for the external security of the house. The parents can install a nanny camera inside their homes to keep an eye on their kid. Thanks to the advancement and technology now you can view the activities of your kid even if you are not in the house. Install the nanny camera and watch your baby on a mobile phone or tablet even while sitting in the office.

The parents who both works have to hire a nanny to look after their kids. You may have seen many videos on the internet in which the nannies abuse kids or beat them. You will be in the office and can’t see what is happening to your kid. You do not know whether the nanny is taking care of your baby or she is just eating fruits and watching TV in your home. The best answer to this question is to install the nanny camera in your home.

The best nanny cam enables you to monitor your kid on laptop or mobile phone even if you are miles away from home. There are various types of nanny cameras available, and you can pick one according to your needs. Guess what the best part is? These cameras make you feel calm that your baby is right in front of your eyes on the mobile or laptop screen.


  • Feel safe all the time:

You want to sleep well at night after working hard all the day long. But when you wake up in the middle of the night due to a sudden noise, then you can’t sleep until you make sure that no one has entered the house. It can be risky to go outside to check what is happening. So the best solution to this problem is to install the security cameras at the various entry points.

You have a suspicion that someone has entered the house then just check it on your computer or mobile even without going outside. People who remain afraid of being robbed will be relaxed after installing the security cameras. If you want to extra security, then you can pay the fee and hire a security firm who will monitor the security cameras of your house all the day long. It gives you the peace of mind, but it is a bit costly.


  • The court evidence:

The robbers come to rob and leave without leaving any trace behind. How would the police find that who entered the house? Well, the security cameras record the video which can be used as evidence later. The cops take the footage from your surveillance cameras and present it in front of the court as evidence. A remote system records the videos from a distant location providing no chance to the robbers to destroy the evidence. Besides, the recorded videos can be helpful in the murder cases as well. There are many cases in which the police found the murderer with the help of videos recorded in the surveillance cameras.


  • Checking up your pets:

Having a pet is always fun, but there are specific responsibilities as well associated with having a pet. With the help of a security camera, one can monitor his pet when he is not at home? It will be interesting to know what mischief your pet is getting into when you are in the office. The security cameras are helpful especially when your older pet needs particular attention. But you need the best spy cams for this purpose.


  • Stay informed all the time:

Some people do not install the security cameras for being afraid of robbery etc. In fact, they want to stay updated on what is happening in their home. They want to know who is standing at their doorstep. Who is coming and who is standing around the house? To keep an eye on all this, they install the security cameras.


  • Watch the elderly family members:

Another reason people install the security cameras is to watch the elderly family members. You want to look after them, but you have to go to the work as well. The solution is to install the cameras inside the house so that you could see if there is a medical emergency etc.


  • Reduce the energy consumption:

Home automation is relatively a new concept which is becoming increasingly popular. Though not all the security companies are providing, this service allows the users to control and access the lights and thermostat, etc. The benefit of home automation is that you can turn off the heating or cooling system using your mobile or tablet when no one is in the home. You can turn on the cooling or heating system before heading back to the house. It saves energy and cuts your cost as well.


The Security Cameras

Security Cameras


The security must be the priority of any business or home. The surveillance plays a huge part in today’s society. With the cameras everywhere our daily lives are experiencing the higher level of security now. To increase the security of any place you simply install a hidden camera. But what most people do not know is that the security cameras have various types, and each type is for different purpose or premise. In simple words, you cannot benefit from the surveillance camera until you install a right camera for a particular situation.

Now it is the time to know about the types of security cameras:


Dome camera:

The most common type of indoor security cameras is the dome camera. It has the shape like a dome that makes it difficult to determine which way the camera is facing. It is a strong design that creates an air of uncertainty for the criminals. It is the camera with the combination of lens, camera, and the ceiling amount that is packaged in a dome shape.


  • Available in indoor, outdoor housing
  • Well-suited for the environments that tend to get dirty
  • Have a dome shape but functions just like any other security camera


Other benefits:


  • Available in vandal resistant houses
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact in design
  • Infrared capability
  • Ease of installation


PTZ camera:

PTZ camera is one of the best-hidden cameras for home use. PTZ stands for what? Well, the PTZ camera can pan, tilt and zoom that is why is it is called the PTZ camera.

  • By Panning means, the camera can move left or right
  • By tilting means, the camera can move up and down
  • the lens can be zoomed farther or closer

The PTZ camera is used when a live guard is operating the security system.



    • PTZ camera can automatically run patterns
    • Pan, tilt and zoom features
    • It controls movements through software or joystick


Other benefits:

  • Auto track movement
  • Focuses on areas of internet
  • Powerful zoom and autofocus
  • Smart tracking features


 Bullet camera:

The bullet cameras are ideal for outdoor use. It is a combination of lens, camera, and housing packaged in a bullet style shaped body. The specification of the bullet camera is that it is the best for hidden home surveillance for the long-distance viewing. Do not worry it is installed in a protective casing so the dirt and dust cannot damage it.



  • Small footprints
  • Includes IR illuminators
  • No need for servicing due to the sealed enclosure


Other benefits:

  • Adaptability
  • High-quality image resolution
  • Compact size aid installation
  • Better system management


Day/Night Camera:

The day/night cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance application. The IR cameras are not able to work properly in outdoor surveillance application so the day/night cameras are the best for this purpose. These cameras are capable of functioning in both poorly and normal lit. Due to the extra sensitive imaging chips, the day/night camera can capture the clear video images in the dark.



  • IR filter
  • Handles both day and night lighting situation


Other Benefits:

  • Infrared capability
  • Record in both black/white and color
  • Available in different sizes


C-Mount camera:

You may know that fact that the standard CCTV camera lenses can cover the distance of 35 to 40 ft while as the C-mount cameras cover the distance beyond 40ft. The interesting part is that you can use special lenses as well with these cameras. In simple words, the detachable lenses in C-mount cameras allow changes to fit different applications.



  • Effective for indoor use
  • Due to bulky size, these cameras are noticeable


Other benefits:

  • Can support changes in technology



Hidden Cameras


  • Why you need a spy camera? You may be in need because:
  • Do you have children in the home?
  • Do you have precious items at home?
  • Do you want to know who is knocking at the door?
  • Do you have a babysitter or nanny?


With the increasing rate of crime, it falls upon the homeowners to take control of their own security. Installing the security cameras that are visible is not that beneficial. Instead, you should install the hidden security cameras in your building. The burglar will be thinking that there is no camera watching them so they may leave the traces.

A few years ago the security cameras were affordable for the businesses only. But with the advancement in technology the prices dropped. Now even the homeowners can install the hidden cameras for various reasons. They can watch over the cleaner or caretaker by installing the hidden cameras in the home. It will help them see what they do when they are alone at your home so you can check their honesty. A question arises that whether it is legal to use the spy cams or not.

Well, it depends on the State where you are living. The spy cameras or the hidden cameras give the peace of mind. But you should first know if the use of hidden cameras is allowed in your State or not. What type of wireless security camera should I buy? You should read the Best Hidden Camera Reviews before purchasing a camera for your home or workplace. After reading the review, you can decide what features you want in your camera.

The good news is that you do not need professional coaching to set up the security camera. Factors One should consider while buying a camera: There are various types of security cameras available out there as stated above. But not every camera is for your use. You should be careful while buying a camera for your home or business as there is no point in investing dollars if the camera is not serving the purpose for which you installed it. Below are the things you should consider while selecting a security camera: The correct sensor: There are two things to be kept in mind when finding the right sensor.


  • Type of the sensor
  • Size of the sensor


The resolution:

What if you install a camera and you are unable even to recognize the person in the video? The purpose of installing a camera is to recognize the burglar if they try to break into your property. But a camera with low resolution fails to do so. The highest resolution you get in security cameras is 700 TVL. Just keep one point in mind while buying a security camera that the more pixels mean, the better picture.


The lens:

If you have a camera with the correct lens, then it will bring enough light to the sensor and your camera better focuses. It helps you to read the registration plates and recognize the faces. Due to the clear images, you will be able to see better what is happening. What type of camera one should buy? The simple answer to the question is to buy a camera that meets your requirements. You should not waste money recklessly on purchasing a wrong camera.

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