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NVR for Home

Network Video Recorders (NVR) is responsible for the recording of videos from right from your security cameras. This is quite different from the concept of the cloud storage where you are expected to pay an agreed subscription fee for your services. It can easily be configured for advanced motion control. Now, there are many concepts of the NVR online, are they of the same quality? Never, each of the models carries the signature features of their manufacturers and these features go all the way to determine what you will get from each of the vendors that you see online.

Getting the best among the available options is not an easy task. You cannot achieve the best that you are rightly entitled to by mere reading what the vendors have on their web pages because you will read only what they want you to see which will push you to click on their order now button. If you want the best that you are entitled to, the very concept that will give you the best security cover in your home, then you have to read through the blueprint of our buyers’ guide. This is all you need to get yourself adequately prepared to hit the market for the NVR that is most ideal for your home use.

More Value For Your Money

We are not here to promote any model in particular, but the model that will give you full value for your money should be the right pick. Seven of the best features should be taken into consideration before you choose any model ahead of the others competing with it. The 7 features will be elaborated on shortly below. The best NVR is the one that can work in advance motion detection and can directly connect to your alarm system. The best that you have to trust in the market should be to have the ability to support 4K videos as well as up to 8MP cameras. It should have an excellent storage capacity. Every factor should combine together to give more value to your investment in it.

What Is NVR System?

It is important that we answer this question before we delve into the features that should come with the best among the options that are readily available online. If you want more from your camera, then you should include the NVR into it. This inclusion will help you store and record videos wherever your interests’ lie, you will never miss the least of the actions that happened behind you. It has the ability to keep months of history in its storage free of charge.

There is advanced motion technology to talk on as well as other flexible features that come with it.

The NVR Hardware/Software

It is majorly a black colored devise that has control ports; the major ports at the rear include:

Audio in/out: to have an audio feed in and output to speakers

USB ports: The purpose of this is to connect your mouse /HDD for the purpose of effective backup.

PoE ports: The port designated as the PoE will serve the purpose of connecting to cameras which will go on to provide the much needed power supply.

HDM Port: There is the need to connect your monitor or the external TV as the case may to the security camera. The HDM Port will serve the purpose of preparing the interface that you need to connect with your NVR.

LAN Port: The last port at the rear which we want to bring your attention to is the LAN Port. This serves the purpose of connecting the NVR to your router.

When we take a look at the technology inside the NVR, it is discovered that there are lots of slots for hard drives that will be used for the storage of data

Why NVR Over Cloud?

The NVR will not work for some security cameras because they will charge you for cloud storage which NVR provides for free. Taking it further, they will want to take custody of your data but with NVR, you are totally in control of your data. The importance of data to the survival of the business is known to any entrepreneur; a situation that allows you to control your data is best when compared to the scenario where you are expected to commit your data to a company outside your control. In the light of that, it can be seen that NVR is by far the best option for those that seek the best in their security options.

Having gone this far, we are now going to look at the 7 most important features that you must consider if you are to get the best NVR that you are entitled to in 2018. Here we go straight away into the details:

The Number Of Channels

The first point of consideration is the number of channels that the NVR has. If the channels are more; you stand the chance of getting more usefulness from the NVR. You have t be futuristic in your approach here. If for instance, you will need five channels for now, going for a five channeled NVR is not a wise decision. Go for something higher than what you need so that you will not spend more in the long run when you will need more channels. If you need 4 channels, go for something that has 8 channels. That way, you will get the best from your investment. The more the channel, the more the unit price; but in the long run if you will need more channels in the future, you will succeed in using the price of one to get two.

Amount Of Storage

The amount of storage is another factor that you must consider before you click the order now button on any model online.  There are two key factors that you have to put together here before you decide on any of the available models. You have to put the following into consideration which is personal to individual buyers:

  • For how long do you want the videos to remain in storage?
  • How far do you intend to go with the security of your videos?

The first point will be determined by the number of cameras that you are using and the frequency of the recordings that you intend to make. You will need some amount of terabytes which can conveniently check out on the network video recorder calculations. The ideal shows that you will need around 16GB of storage capacity if you want to go on a 24 hrs recording all through the day.

The second factor is related to the technical term called redundancy. You will get multiple video copies of the same recordings on different HDDs. You will have to pay more for doing this but it is mandatory if you do not want to lose your recordings to the corruption of the files; if one file gets corrupted, you will get something to fall back to.

Advanced Motion Detection

It is true that all the NVR are capable of motion detection; you will however need a concept that can do better because there are false alarms which you will want to avoid. If you place the NVR outside or in a crowded place, the alarms that you will get in most cases are false alarms; you will definitely do better without this form of distraction. You have to look for the model that has the technology of advanced motion detection included in the model. The best NVR in the market uses this technology to deliver something more credible to the customers.

This technology gives the best results in terms of line crossing, intrusion as well as dwell detection methods. This feature is ideal for the following purposes:

–    Line crossing will allow you to add lines that will trigger the alarm

–    Ideal for monitoring parking areas and fences that you do not want people to enter.

The best of the NVR online should boast of this functionality.

Supper HD Or HD

This is another feature that must be included in any model that will serve your best purposes. Again, the choice between an HD or supper HD will be determined by how you want to make use of use of the NVR. For instance, if you want to connect it to your massive TV in your living room so that you will be able to monitor everything that goes on through the screen, then you will need something strong that will give you clear pictures of what is going on. In that case, your choice should be the NVR with supper HD technology. Anything less than that, you will not get the sharp image that you are supposed to get on your screen.

Eternal Alarms

This is yet another feature that you should watch out for in that model before you place your order. The external alarm is responsible for triggering the recording of the video feed. This feature is included only in top models; since you want the best on offer for now, you must insist on this particular feature to get the best out of your NVR.

The Quality Of The Application

There is an interface that comes with every NVR that you can use in conjunction with the attached monitor as well  as with mobile applications. The quality of the bands varies from one model to the other. So there are two things to be done here; make sure this band is included and ensure that what you see in the model is top notch before you click the order now button. You can include smart hubs in your home to carry out extra intelligent integration of the security camera into your home.


This is another feature that you should consider before you order for the best NVR in the market. The Power over Ethernet will allow you to use a single cable for your network connections as well as the power supply. This is a perfect way to simply the setup connections. Included in the package to make this a reality is the PoE compliant switch, injector or IP camera NVR system. They are needed to inject electricity into Ethernet cables. This technology is a must if you want to get the best from the NVR. This does vary either by protocols supported or by or by voltage. You can check out on any independent guide on the best PoE Cameras.

Is Built-In Wi-fi

Do you actually need a built in Wi-fi to connect your NVR to the wireless camera? The answer to that is a crystal no. You can get things done easily with your router because it works just fine. You are expected to have a strong Wi-fi signal in your home to have the effectiveness that really mattered with your NVR.


The above represents all that you are supposed to be on the lookout for in your desire to get the best out of the NVR that are available in the market today. If you are able to ensure that all the seven features that we have mentioned above are present in addition to the issue of a strong Wi-fi, then you will get the best among the available models online. This is a smart way to getting the best that you are entitled to in the NVR.

It is important to add this that you will get the best from a vendor that is established in the notch. So if you have more than one model that meets all the features above, then you can separate the best from the others by looking at the credibility of the vendors. The service provider that scores highest should be your choice.

If more than one model is still showing strong potentials and you are not sure of what to do; then simply do a price comparison. The one that has the most competitive unit price will have to give way for the rest. That way, you will get the best NVR in the market.

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