What are the mini spy cameras and how they can benefit our lives

According a survey report, there are over 35 million homes in the United States of America that are currently using the security cameras. These cameras are typically being used for the purpose of security and surveillance. But you would be amazed to learn that there are several other uses of these cameras other than deterring the criminals. These uses of the cameras are not very much unknown to those who are already using them, but they can be exciting for those who are willing to buy the new one for their homes or offices.

We will shortly be describing these uses of these cameras to you and along that we are going to provide you a complete review of a camera that is used for the security and surveillance purposes, the one that can be found easily at amazon.com and the one that has got top ranking due to its amazing features.

But first let us talk about the typical uses of the cameras. Since there is a huge range of the cameras available in the market, ranging from highly sophisticated expensive cameras to the cheap mini spy cameras, you need to understand their basic uses in order to avoid any misunderstanding with these cameras.

The more knowledge you will have about the cameras before you set on to purchase them, the better are your chances to go for the super best option in the market. Once you will get to know the cameras well, the purchase will become easier for you. Now we are going to throw light on the several things that you can do, using the cheap mini spy cameras and get the peace of mind as well that everything is working fine while you are away from home.

  • Spy cameras as nanny cameras

The cheap mini spy cameras find their application as the nanny cameras as well where they can be used to keep a check on the activities of the caretaker of the kids and also to check the kids themselves. Although, there are specifically used nanny cameras available in the market as well, that have separate monitor screens to look after a child while the parents are away, but if your mini spy camera is giving you the required results than why you should buy two separate cameras when one is helping you with both the things. All you have to do is to put the mini spy camera in the living area or in the kid’s bedroom, hide it from the nanny but remember to abide by the laws set by the state government to do so, and your job is done. You get to see your kid all day as well as get the peace of mind that the child is protected.

  • Neighborhood safety

So are you worried about the neighborhood safety? Are you looking forward to the ways in which you can keep a check on the activity of the people who are using it? Of course you can’t hire a watchman with a flashlight to do so. So what could be done? You would be glad to know that your cheap mini spy cameras are capable of doing so as well. All you have to do is to place the camera on the front door, download the app that helps you with the sight of the street with the neighborhood, add the members participating in this whole program and there you are. All the members of the app can view the combined view of the videos from each of the camera or you can edit the view and choose only those screens that you want to see on your phone. There is also a message board where the participating members of the app can communicate with each other, can have chats and hold conversations as well.

  • Natural disaster documentation

Another great feature of these spy cameras that are installed in the house also provide evidence for the natural disasters as well. When such a calamity hits some area, there becomes great chaos that makes everything fall apart. In that time of trouble, the video that is recorded from these cheap mini spy cameras can provide evidence for the authorities and insurance companies. Once the insurance company sees the video they have proof that the calamity has effected the family claiming the insurance. Therefore it becomes easier for them to document the disaster and make an estimation accordingly.

No matter how effective these spy cameras are in case of calamities, one should make sure that they get prepared for these calamities in time before any of these things happen. This can save their families and their loved ones from any further trouble.

  • Vacation monitoring

Who is there in the world who does not like to go for a vacation to say good bye to all the hectic routine and to bring freshness to themselves? Honestly hardly someone. But there are so many who get frustrated at the idea of leaving the house unattended behind them for which they have either to cancel the plan for vacation or have to leave some member behind to take care of the house. When the cheap mini spy cameras can do this job for you, it becomes easier for you to keep a check on the house and the happenings in it. So that in case something bad happens, you can make a couple of calls back at home and get things in hand before you reach. You can also keep a check on your pets while you are away with the help of these cameras as there are security cameras that can provide the pets with food too on command form the owner.

  • Home automation facilities

There is just no end to the number of things that you can do with the help of these cheap mini spy cameras. When you are not at home and you have got a good smart phone integrated with your devices at home, the smart devices can interact with each other and do the intelligent tasks for you themselves such as turning the lights off or spraying the water in the garden for the plants. These systems are called the home automation systems and they are successfully helping a big number of population as well.

Now let us have a look at one of the best of these mini spy cameras and learn what features it has to offer to the user.

Mini Spy Hidden Camera, NIYPS 1080P Portable Small HD Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Motion Detective, Perfect Indoor Covert Security Camera for Home and Office

This is a small in size, really small in size camera that is being used for the spying purposes and is highly efficient as well. Let us have a look at the salient features of this camera.

  • Highly portable

Being small in size and wireless, this camera is highly portable and it can be taken anywhere along you while you are on the go. Owing to its small size, the camera can be kept anywhere and it can provide the other person with a lot of comfort and peace of mind.

  • Motion detection

The camera has a motion detection feature as well that helps it record the footages when there is some motion in the area, for the rest of the time the camera stays in the standby mode that helps save the battery life as well. As soon as there is some motion recorded by the camera, it sends a message alert via the app to the owner on their smart phone where they get the alert about the event that has taken place and with the remote viewing option, they can see what the camera has recorded in the due course.

  • Night vision

The feature of night vision also helps the camera a lot in recording the videos that are worth watching. For this the camera makes use of the infrared lights that are fixed into its body they through light on the distant objects, illuminate them in the pitch dark and then record their video. This feature is highly helpful and makes a camera powerful as seeing in the dark is something that is highly anticipated by the cameras and if it is offering it in such a low price, the camera should not be missed from buying.

  • High quality video

The camera records the video in 1080P that is a very high quality video recording so that everything it captures is clear and crisp and you do not get to miss a single detail from the scene that it has captured.


  • Super mini body of the camera makes it highly useful
  • Provides full HD videos, images and loop recording options


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A perfect choice to have when you have a little money to spend and you want to buy the most amazing and highly featured camera. One of the best cheap mini spy cameras.

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