Top Three Best Cameras for Smart thing for a secured life


When coming to the security one always need to have to have the best ever product or service with them to keep them secure. We all need a liable source of security and when there is a threat, we are ready to pay a large amount of our wealth to keep ourselves secure. Security can be increased in a number of ways such as by locking the door by installing heavy locks, hiring guards which secure your house surrounding or even some people hire a personal bodyguard. These all are really expensive and you have to bear a huge payback while having these services in your life and whatever is cheap have no guarantee of potential security.


Nowadays a very popular brand is providing a very unique way of security by installing a hub at your house which can be connected to multiple security cameras or even normal cameras that have a built-in smart system. In this way, you can easily keep an eye on each and everything that is being happened in your home. Although there are many devices that work with the smartthing we need to overlook the potential of different cameras so we can determine the best camera for smartthing. Before getting into details we first need to know why there is a need to have a camera at your home or workplace and then only we can decide the best camera for smartthings.  Security cameras are installed outside the house and it is operated by the owner and even it can be installed within the household to keep an eye on the different tasks being performed around you.



Below some of the brands and its analysis is mentioned from which you can decide which is the best camera for smartthings. And the feature will be focused with each of the brands will be its connectivity such as whether it is connected with the wifi or ethernet cable. If both of the options are not available it will have a D card slot so the video can be recorded and view later on. The pixels will be mentioned so you can know the quality of the video that will be recorded. All of the cameras are wired and not battery operated. Battery operated cameras can be used in the security purpose as it might get down when being operated.


Netgear Arlo Q plus HD




The first thing that will come into your mind after checking this camera will be why to buy this. To know that we have to know its features. If it suits your requirements it is one of the best cameras for smart thing. The main this is to know its pixel quality and for this, it is 1080p, this camera also facilitates night vision so you easily view the happening in the deep dark. It also has different ports in it which are SD card port and an Ethernet port with the help of which it can be connected to the internet. The camera lens can be rotated up to 130-degrees and you can easily check out your surrounding from top to bottom and left to right.


Some of its benefits are:

  • Good pixels up to 1080p
  • Rotation up to 130 degree
  • You can look even at the night time with the night vision
  • Ethernet cable can be used which will connect it with the internet
  • Two-way voice sensors are included for the motion sensor and the audio sensor.


Some disadvantages of this model are:

  • It can only be connected to one mobile device at one time
  • You cannot check out the customs areas for surveillance.



Samsung SmartCam HD pro

This is another camera that can be known as the best camera for smartthings.  When looking at this we have found out some of the points that make it a good selection. It is a small sized device so it will not take up much space. Next, it does not lag at all which means it doesn’t stop in between which making a video so you will have very continuous motion recorded. For saving the videos an SD card port is available in it and its video recording quality is 1080 p. The resolution is not very high so you might feel a light blurred vision from it. It doesn’t support a night vision which means you cannot observe the happening activity at the night time.


This camera has many options for customization so you can adjust it up to your own requirement. The rotation of the camera is 130 degree in this camera as well so you can rotate it and observe the location. It is unable to be connected to the internet but only the recorded videos can be check from the SD card.


Noticeable advantages include:

  • 1080 pixels of the camera recording
  • SD card port so videos can be saved
  • You can customize many options in it.
  • Cheap as in the price of the product


The disadvantages of it are:

  • Its quality is comparatively low than other cameras used for this service for it might get damaged sooner.
  • The quality of the video is blurred.
  • Cannot be connected to the internet.






Foscam FI9831P HD


Another model that is used for the surveillance and security of the surrounding, this is a very potential model that can play a very noticeable part. This camera has low pixels as compared to other models and it is 960P. The good feature in this camera is its connectivity to the internet. This one can be directly connected to the internet with the help of its wifi feature. This one is easily compatible with the IOS and Android operating system.


The view can easily zoom in and zoom out with the with the good quality sound system which receives the sound in two way. It also has the night vision in it which mean the area the be observed in the deep dark and you can clearly view the locality with the night vision feature. The length up to which the area can be observed in the night vision is 26ft which is the best compared to the other models.


By using this camera you can keep your eye on every movement and moment that is happening in your area. You will feel more secure because its night vision is also enabled. This is the only one of the cameras that is the best camera for smartthing which can be connected to the internet with the use of WIFI. The Foscam has the rotation of 70 degrees so a wide area can be observed.


Advantages of these devices are:

  • This is more than a security camera because the wifi feature will help to stream the video.
  • It also provides a local storage facility and it is free of charge you can use it easily.
  • The material used in this is very good and it is very reliable and known as an intelligence feature of the product.
  • The distance of night vision is 26ft which is very high and they guarantee the view to be cleared and lag free even when it recorded in the dark.
  • The video will be high definition video and all the colors will be vibrant and illuminated.
  • It can be controlled and operated with different smartphones at the same time.
  • It also has a built-in microphone which helps to record the sound in two ways



Disadvantages of the foscam:

  • It is comparatively expensive than the rest of the option available on the market.
  • If the wifi system is disabled it might interrupt it’s working.
  • You have to pay additional charges for buying up an SD card with it because they do not send a card with the product itself.


Three best cameras for smart thing have been mentioned above and all of them can are compatible with the system of smart thing. Smart thing itself is a hub so if your devices run out of memory the video will start to upload of this hub system. Camera and smart thing are connected to each other so security can be enhanced.


Security of a surrounding is very important and one has to keep its home secure and sound from the outsiders. Nowadays everyone has smartphones so whether you are at home or outside your home you can easily survey your home from a distance. We have listed three models Netgear Arlo Q plus HD, Samsung SmartCam HD pro and Foscam FI9831P HD and all of them are different from each other so you can evaluate which one suit you best. The pixels of the camera are 1080p, 1080p and 960p respectively. The Netgear Arlo Q plus HD is an Ethernet-enabled device whereas the Samsung SmartCam HD pro can only record with the help of SD card and the most effective one is the Foscam FI9831P HD because it is wifi enabled. All of these are available with different vendors in the market but the features can be observed beforehand making any decision.

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