Top Security Cams For Your House


Home is a good place to stay in a comfortable zone and enjoy a good life with your housemates. The place which makes your life in form of a really cool dream, as a housemate, one is concerned regarding the matters belonging to the house.


When there is good in this world there is bad too, and in the category of bad criminal type, activities took place which id course is a threat to human security. From a very long time, the issue of security is present; it depends on human being, on how they tackle the issue.


The issue of security could be solved by simply selecting the best products or devices, those products, and devices which are being made and modernized from time to time. If the product is known to be of best quality it means that it is reliable and efficient. The reason why security products are important can be explained by the example: Suppose you are not at home and taking advantage of that some robbers came into your house and robbed it, then after that, they went away. However, this type of crime can be examined if you have things like security cameras, as though it, the face (if exposed) of the robber can be seen through the footage.


Best security devices or equipment can be bought through good home security stores. Home security stores which are among the trusted stores, these types of stores could offer you the security equipment you are looking forward to your home, etc.



1.    Wyze cam



Wyze is the company which makes products for the vigilant purposes like security. The product which is going to be discussed is Wyze cams. Following are the features and things the product:


  • The product has 1080p HD live stream. The live streaming can be seen on your smartphone. Now you can aware of yourself in high quality.
  • Has night vision which has 4 infrared of 850nm, can also illuminate for you to 29.6 feet distance. So stay comfortable regarding the dark time of the day or place where light is very low.
  • If you are the person who wants to aware him or herself, in terms of motion. The Product has sound and motion detection for you.
  • Use the app of Wyze for regarding purpose, the app can be installed from iOS and Android stores.
  • The magnetic base of the product and metal plate can allow you to place the cam on the place you want. Well, it is recommended to place, in not poor manner.



  •  The pros of the product or device can be equal to its features, including the technology motion tagging technology.



  • The thing that it doesn’t support 5 GHz WI-Fi, could be considered in cons.


Following is one of some of the reviews:


  • Towards some, the picture quality is very good and its setup was easy, further added that the price is well too.


2.    Wyze cam pan


There another product from the brand of Wyze, the product is called Wyze cam pan, it can be purchased from home security stores, where they are supplied. Following are elements of the camera:


  • It’s nice to have a personal assistance; however, a computer-based software name Alexa is used by people for the job. The Alexa is personal type assistance and the Wyze cams can also work with them, for example, you can ask to show your room and in response, you could see the live streaming of the room.
  • Concerned about rotation speed, the product has the rotation speed up to 110 degrees/sec. It has the pan scan feature.
  • The security camera has motion tracking features, which detects and follows motion until it is in movement and in view, it will work if a thief or robber runs to your place.
  • Has motion and sound detection including with the alert or notifications, which can be sent for you to your phone.



  • The advantages are that, what the product has to offer.



  • No major cons are present, but in one review the camera sometimes doesn’t reconnect to the wi-fi or LTE. The only option then left is to do manually, the customer further adds, “but what happens when you are 1000 miles away?”.


3.    Amazon cloud cam



Many people of the world used the interconnected network, which is also known as the Internet. If you are the Internet user then you might know what Amazon is, people are dealing with the company for a long time till now. This company has some of its own products such as batteries, security cameras, etc. Following are the specifications or features of the camera device.


  • If you have any issue with the bad or poor quality of picture then doesn’t worry your issue is solved, as Amazon cloud cam has the quality of 1080p HD.
  • You can stay connected to regarding thing, 24/7.
  • It has the night vision so that you have visual in low light type situations.
  • The product also works with Alexa. So you can see live streaming just by saying.



  • The features of the camera could be known as pros of the device like it also includes micro USB port for power.



  • As the product has many positive reviews as compared to low ones, so the product might not have major cons.


4.    YI dome camera pan/tilt/zoom, wireless security system



The good company is defined by its products and the approval of people. YI is a company which offers security cameras. These types of products which are known could result in the desired security setting. You can also check out their website for details too. However, the features of the security camera, purchased from places like home security store, etc, are as follow:


  • Has the high definition of 720p, so that a person can have a resolution of not poor quality.
  • If you want to have visual in low light situations, stay relaxed, as the product has advanced night vision of 8, 940nm infrared LED beads, with no light pollution.
  • If you are away you could also use an app installed on your devices. YI home app can be downloaded on your phone and if you want it can also be on your pc, it depends on what you want, you can have both too.
  • If you are afraid regarding loosing of data, don’t worry YI supports cloud to avoid losing data such as footage.



  • Want to see the pros, you can also check out the specifications which are also discussed above.



  • The product has 720 instead of 1080p, so this could be one of the disadvantages, for some.


5.    Ring floodlight camera motion-activated



Floodlights are used for the purpose of illuminating the object at night and in low light conditions and the combination of it and the cam is something that some people might need. Following are the specification of the product:


  • It also works with Alexa, for example. If you want to check on your kid’s room, you can ask Alexa for that and you will be directed to the live streaming of the room.
  • It gives or sends notifications or alert if the motion is detected.
  • Has high definition display of 1080p, so poor quality of the picture is what you won’t get.
  • A tragedy happens and your camera gets stolen be the thief and you think that your money is lost, be aware if the camera gets stolen, the company will replace it for you for free of cost.
  • You can interact with people who are visitors of your house by hearing, seeing and speaking to them. This can be done from your PC, tablet, and phone.
  • The product has floodlights too.



  • Specifications are advantages too if you see it in a way.



  • According to a person in the review section, the motion cannot be detected at night.


Things for awareness:

If the awareness is right then it is good to aware yourself regarding it, as it can provide you with some new information. Following are the things for you and for your awareness:

  • Kindly first aware yourself about the product you need to buy before going to the home security store.
  • Don’t rush and kindly don’t straightforward go to the products which physically look good, as it could be a trap and once bought, you can suffer with poor or less efficient performance.
  • Choose the place for the security products such as cams, in right and effective location, you can also talk to experts about the regarding the matter.
  • Take care of the products.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the products or devices, such as batteries.
  • If you have any confusion regarding the devices checks out the manual.
  • In case of any problem in the product, you can also contact to regarding authority.
  • Choose the right home security store or site for the purpose of purchasing products.
  • Keep the devices out of reach of children.

Lastly, if you selected the right product for the job, you can be comfortable with the issue of security.

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