Best Pet Camera For Cats in 2018


Having a pet at home is like having a good friend for you, or even like having a child. The pets are such amazing creatures that once you get them, the love for each other starts growing every day. But keeping a pet asks for a lot of responsibilities as well. You have to take care of their needs and you have to teach them, tame them and treat them like little babies so that they keep on the track.

The most difficult part of having a pet at home is to leave it at it when you have to go out for work. Be it a cat or a dog, when you are away, they you are always thinking about them that they might get in some trouble, or they could be doing some mischief that would harm them. Hiring a person to take care of your pet can be something very inexpensive and un affordable as well, as the pets can take care of themselves to a good extent too so there is no need to spend this much on them. However, keeping an eye on the pet is essential in its own place so we cannot ignore it.

This is where having a pet cameracan play a very useful role for you. The pet camera has many benefits and it provides a peace of mind to the people who are always conscious for their pets. With the help of this camera you have an excess to the activities of your beloved kitty or dog so you are free of worries for this little one.

Let us have a look at the benefits of having best pet camera for cats and dogs at home so that you could make up your mind for it and enjoy its perks too.

  • The first benefit is of course the safety of your pet. The pet camera can prove very helpful in knowing what your dog is up to. Since your pet is an animal and it does not have a very strong sense of security especially if it is a young one, so they need all the care they can get. Even if the pet gets hurt due to some reason, having a check on your pet will prove fruitful as you can go for help sooner than you would in case there was no camera.


  • If you have multiple pets at home and you have to leave them there for work, then the camera used for pets will play helpful in solving the unsolved mysteries about which one is being naughty and which one is being dangerous.


  • Being a pet owner is just like being a parent, you get curious all the time with for your pet as to what it is up to, where is it lying, what is it eating etc. and the best pet camera for cats and dogs can help you with your curiosity as it shows you the video of your dog and tells you what it is up to.


  • May be the most important thing about your pet camera is that it helps you with the monitoring of the pets thus gives you a peace of mind that no other thing can give. Therefore you can keep it at home and enjoy a peaceful living with your pet.


  • Not only is this camera good for the pets, it can be used to keep an eye on the kids and elderly people at home plus it provides you with security.



Now you know all this about the pet cameras and their uses, let us have a look at one of the most successful and popular pet cameras available.


Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wi-Fi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa



This camera comes from the company named Furbo and it is best suited for the pets as it has many amazing features that the other competent in the market lack. Therefore having this camera for your pet cats and dogs can prove to be one of the best pet camera for cats and dogs.


This camera has been designed based on the feedback from more than 5000 vets and dog trainers. It works best for the dogs since it has been designed for them specifically but it works well for the cats too. Below we are going to discuss the salient features of this camera.

  • Fun treat tossing
    This could safely be termed as one of the best features of this camera and it is the fun feature as well. Not only is this camera capable of recording your pet and displays it on the screen of your monitor or mobile, but it also does help in letting your dog play around. All you have to do is to fill the container of the camera with around 100 dog food biscuits and it will toss them as a treat to the pet. The pet enjoys the game and at the same time gets his tummy filled so you need not to worry for feeding your pet.


  • Real time smart alerts
    Another amazing and cool feature of this best pet camera for cats and dogs is that it sends real time alerts to you regarding your pet so you can take of the happenings around the pet and be there to help it. For example, the camera sends an alert on your mobile at the time when the pet wakes up, when the pet starts movement, when it starts making noise so that you can check what is bothering it. The camera also have a selfie alert so that when the pet misses you, the camera takes a selfie of it and connects the pet to you. It also sends you an alert in case a person comes near the pet, it could be your partner or the per care taker.


  • Cloud recording
    Since the camera is equipped with motion detection and night vision feature, it provides you with the valuable videos that help you know what your pet is up to. The moment the pet starts making some movement, the video starts getting recorded and is sent to the cloud where it is stored and kept. You can retrieve the videos at any time from the cloud and have a look at them that what your pet had been doing all day long. You will find that there are a lot of moves from your pet that you have not seen yet. You can even understand the things that bother your pet and even learn about the requirements that he has.


  • Highlight reel
    Furbo is able to make a reel of the important events of the day so that you get to know what special was your pet up to all day long. It picks all the important events from the whole day and makes a reel of these events that you can see in the form of highlights and enjoy it at its best.


  • 2-ways chat with the owner
    If your pet is missing you or you are the one who is missing the pet, then there is no need to worry anymore as Furbo helps you talk to your pet in the two way manner. You can chat with the pet on the video so both of you can have a look at each other and soothe your eyes. There is a special feature in the camera as well that is for the dogs only. It is called the barking sensor and it sends an alert to the owner if the dog is barking unusually. The application on your phone allows you to calm your dog and know what the reason is behind too much barking.


  • Easiest to install and play
    This amazing pet camera is the easiest one to install and play. All you have to do is to plug in the camera and connect to the power supply and then connect it to the Wi-Fi. The best pet camera for cats will start working efficiently and you will not have to worry about a single thing.



  • There are color light indicators on the camera that help the user with a lot of things
  • The treat tossing feature makes it one of the most favorite camera for pets and their owners
  • Comes with a warranty so you can get it replaced if the pet damages it



  • Some features are specifically for the dogs that limits its use


To conclude, we would like to say that investing your money in something as good as this pet camera is not going to be a regretful thing at all. This camera is a very valuable thing to be kept by the pet owners as it keep them happy and gives them a piece of mind. The cost is not too big so you can afford it easily and you will find that investing in this best pet camera for cats and dogs today will prove fruitful in years to come


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