Best Home Security Cameras in 2019


Security is something that cannot be neglected at all whether we are talking about the security of the homes or of the commercial areas. Therefore it is important that we all pay special attention to the safety and security of the people in our surroundings. There is nothing more important than seeing your loved ones safe and secure around you and for this you need to take extra measure as well. Whichever the measures youtake, are all based upon the sincerity and the interest to see the other people safe.


The security cameras have be a latest trend in proving the security to the homes and offices and other commercial and public areas and their results have proved surprisingly successful and positive not only for the home owners but also for the law enforcement agencies and the insurance companies. These home security cameras provide such good results that you can easily get the evidence from them and enjoy the perks of getting a positive result each time.


Here we are going to present to you the ten different types of the security cameras that can be used both as the home security cameras and the cameras for the commercial uses. With each camera we are presenting the pros and cons as well so that you have a clear picture of the camera and know what it is offering and what not. This way you are going to get your hands laid on to one of the best possible cameras in the market and get yourself something good that you need.


The purpose of all the cameras is to provide safety, security and surveillance to the place where they have been installed, while the specs, the shapes, the features and function might differ, which is why this diversity can be a lot useful for you too. So let us get started with the brief details of the ten different types of the cameras.

1:PTZ/Speed Domes Camera



This camera is you ultimate solution when you are looking forward to purchase a camera that you will be using in a very wide space and only one camera is required. This cameras serves best where there are people at the back to monitor the video with this camera. Since this camera can rotate from left to right and right to left and it can zoom the specific areas as well, it is the most perfect solution when it comes to have a camera for the highest security areas.

This camera is one of the expensive ones as well but the price is worth it as its function is the best. The camera can be a little bit challenging with the low light options as it does not work very well when the light is dim. You will have to go through the setting for it and make sure that you place it high enough. The location of the camera for a wide space does not matter at all as it can pan and tilt to get the image or video for the required area.



  • Have the ability to cover a large and wide area
  • They can pan, tilt and rotate to provide full access to the whole area


  • The camera can be expensive
  • Could be troublesome with light


2: Bullet camera


This is another famous type of the camera that gets its name from the sleek shape and design that helps it point to a single targeted area. Unlike the dome cameras, these cameras are not capable of pan or tilt function so they need to be mounted with care at the place where they are needed. These home security cameras are best suited for the indoor purposes as they point to a single place but that does not prevent them to be used in the outdoors as well. So you can use them anywhere and mount them to any wall or ceiling easily.


  • They are highly waterproof and weather resistant
  • They can both be used in indoors and outdoors


  • Their field of view is not very wide


3: Dome camera



These are the cameras that are similar in shape to the cameras that we have discussed at the point 1. These cameras can be used both for the indoors and outdoors and they can provide you with the best results. These cameras are not meant to be used for the hidden or covert purposes, rather they are to be used for the retail. These cameras sit in a housing in which they are installed and they stay fixed to a point. They get their name due to the housing they sit in which is in the shape of a dome. These cameras do not provide pan or tilt function but are best for capturing a large area of view for you.


  • Best for both the indoor and outdoor usage
  • These cameras are highly waterproof ones


  • They cannot be used as the hidden cameras



4:Wireless security cameras



These are the very popular kind of the security cameras as they do not have any wires attached to them and hence these cameras are the hassle free cameras that are easier to install and are simple to manage as well. If you are looking for some camera that you can use for the security purposes which is simple to install and can give you the best possible results as well, then these type of the home security cameras can be of great interest for you.

These cameras are wireless so they are highly portable and give you flexible options as well. All they require is the battery charging and a Wi-Fi network to get along and to start transmitting the real time video.


  • These cameras are highly flexible and highly portable
  • These cameras can be IP based or can use different modes as well


  • They are mostly not weather resistant so are used indoors

5: Outdoor security cameras



Although the different types of the cameras that we have discussed previously, can be used as the outdoorones, these are the security cameras that are designed specifically to suit the outdoors and to sit there and record the coverage. Therefore the assembly of these cameras is made in such a way that they can easily be installed in the outdoors without any worries of the extreme weather conditions or other such issues. These cameras are hardcore and they can withstand the external pressure easily. You can install them anywhere without any worries of getting them damaged at all.



  • These cameras are weather resistant and are highly reliable for outdoors
  • These cameras are hardcore hence very durable


  • They cannot be used indoors as they are not designed so


6: Network/IP camera



These are another type of the cameras that are top notch and can be used for the security or surveillance of any given area. These home security cameras are liked a lot due to the ease of installation and their user friendly nature. These cameras do not require any wires to be installed, just a wireless network system over which these cameras can transmit the video they are recording, which is why these cameras are one of the simplest for installation and maintenance. These cameras can be used both for the indoor and outdoor usage and they provide best security options as well.


  • They are simple and easy to install
  • They can transmit videos and images over the internet
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor



  • If hardwired, then they will require a lot of more cables


7:Day/Night camera



The day and night cameras are a very amazing variation of the home security cameras as these cameras do not get effected by the variation in the light and they can adjust themselves to work in the complete darkness as well. Therefore these cameras provide for the perfect solution for those places where you need security and surveillance 24 hours of the day. Since these cameras are not effected by variation in the light, they can easily be used in the strong daylight, against high reflection light and several other variations in the light intensity. These cameras are suitable to be used for the indoor and outdoor purposes equally and they are the most amazing ones as well.


  • They are not the least effected by any variation in the intensity of light
  • They work very efficiently in the compete darkness as well


  • They are more suitable for outdoor usage compared to indoor.



Seeing the variety of the cameras available in the market, you can go choose the one that meets you demands the best and get it installed at home easily. Each one has a different function and each specification but the purpose of them is to make sure that you get safe. If you need multiple of these home securitycameras, you can mix the various types as well.

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