Can You Use Arlo Q Plus Outdoor?

Arlo Q Plus Outdoor

The state of insecurity all over the world is getting increasingly worrisome. When we hear of crimes of high magnitudes happening in the so-called developed nations of the world where we think lives and properties are safe, it keeps one thinking on how best to get security against the unwarranted surprise attacks from men of the underworld. One of the security measures which has worked overtime is through the use of security cameras. In this regard, the arlo q plus camera has been of great use towards securing lives and properties.

The big question which we are going to address here is the usefulness of this camera outside in the yard. Can it withstand the elements outside? Can this camera stand the effects of the worst weather of the summer or the harsh cold of the winter?

There are several discussions as to the usefulness of arlo q plus outdoor. Some believe the casing needs a waterproof device if it is to be useful outdoors. There have been calls on the manufacturers to include a waterproof technology in the camera so that it will be useful outdoors. The objective of this article is to show you a step by step guide on how best to use this camera outdoors. If the steps are followed, then you will get desired results and the lifetime of your security camera will by no means be altered.

Here are the simple steps to be followed while you make use of this security camera outdoors:

  • The first area of concern is the Power Adapter. This is the main issue because if the power is not supplied to the device through the adapter, there will be no way for the camera to give you expected results. The Power Adapter that comes with the arlo q plus is actually meant to be used indoors.

Keep the Power Adapter aside and go for a model that is meant for outside use. With the adapter that is adapted to outdoor use, you have made the all-important conversion that will guarantee steady power supplies to the camera while you have it outdoors. When this is resolved, you can step out with your camera and can be sure of getting great performance.

  • Talking about charging these cameras outdoors, there is a bias as to the type of Adapter that can go with charging the battery outdoors. If you do not get the ideal Adapter for outdoor use, then you will not get desired results outdoors; in that case, charging will be a futile attempt outdoors.

Where you are not sure of the ideal battery that will give you the desired results, then you can only achieve results by charging the camera indoors with the charger that came with the package. This will be a little cumbersome; therefore it is best that you get the ideal Adapter that will give you best results outdoors.

For the Arlo Pro 2, Pro, and Go cameras, you can only effectively charge them outdoors with the use of Arlo Solar Panel. So go for this category of the solar panel to effectively resolve the issue of charging outdoors.
  • Another effort that you have to make for the best results is to ensure that some compartment of the camera is completely sealed outdoors. It is when these so-called compartments are sealed against moisture that you can get expected results when you keep them outside permanently. One of the major challenges of this security camera is moisture when these parts are sealed, you will get expected results. Note all the parts mentioned below:

Power Adapter


Battery Compartment

If the above parts are kept dry 24/7, then you will not have power related issues on your arlo q plus outdoor.

  • Observe the charging port of the camera. There is a rubber USB cover that comes with it. The purpose of this rubber is to cover the charging point. If you are using the camera indoors, you are free to play around with the cover because there are adequate protections against humidity outdoors. But when the camera gets outdoors, the USB cover is a no go area because it serves as a protective cover against humidity.

Everything must be done to keep away moisture from the charging point. If you allow water to get in here, then the entire camera will pack up. Do not tamper with the USB Cover when you are using the camera outdoors.

  • When your camera is positioned outside 24/7 all through the year, you are strongly advised to go the extra mile in seeking protections that matter for the camera. There are some devices that matter that does not come with the camera and you need them if your arlo q plus outdoor camera is to last you through the distance.

The adverse effects of condensation of moisture when the heat is high in the worst of summer weather, the negative impacts of sun glare on the camera all sum up to give issues if they are not properly addressed.

You will need a UV resistant silicon skin to take care of all the two indices mentioned above. They are not sold with the camera; you have to invest in them if you want your camera to last you through the distance outdoors.


The above is all that you will need to get your camera ready for outside use. There are no arguments about it, this camera will work outside if you are able to commit to the steps mentioned above. The major issue is getting the right type of Adapter which is ideal for outdoor use.

Further, you must ensure that the sensitive parts mentioned above are protected from moisture; if the charging point is kept dry, there will be no issues on the power supply and by extension the performance of the camera. Do not forget to invest in the extra accessories mentioned above.

When you are able to put this in place, you can enjoy your arlo q plus outdoor for as long as you wanted.

Alex Dantas

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