Security Camera Wiring Color Code

security camera wiring color code

Installing security cameras as a DIY project is super tough without the proper knowledge.

Moreover, the wiring technique and effectiveness determines a lot about the surveillance quality.

However, finding the right technique online is super tough.

There are 5 types if wires and you won’t find any clear instructions for these online.

No worries, we’re here to save your back. We have covered everything about security camera wiring color code technique.

So, you won’t get all confused with those yellow, black and white wires.

Now, let’s get to the details without wasting anymore time.

Disclaimer Before Details

We’d like to clear things out before going all in about this topic. Here we will talk about Siamese cables. In other words, here we will go through the wiring color code of 3+1 Cables and power cables.

However, most of the color codes are same for all types of wires. So, in most of the cases, the color code won’t differ for different types of cables. So, if you’re using a Video power cable or twisted pair cable, you won’t have to worry.

What is a CCTV Camera Wiring Color Code?

In general, your CCTV camera uses wires to transfer its data to a central hub. To do this the cameras use different colored wires. Now each of these wires have different functionalities. And based on those functionalities you have to set up everything.

Or else your security camera system won’t work.

So, let’s look at the color code-

The Color Codes

There are in total 5 wires that run a CCTV camera. 1 yellow, 2 reds and 2 blacks. In some cases, you’ll find a white wire with the whole package.

So, let’s start with 5 wire security camera wiring color code

Yellow Wire

At first comes the security camera yellow wire. This wire is related with video data transferring. But this is only the positive wire for video. In technical terms that one is the video positive wire.

Red Wire

Next let’s go through the 2 red wires. Both of these wires are electrical wires. These are made specially for a DC 12 volt positive current. In technical terms we call it DC 12V + wire. You can hook up these two together with a 12 Volt DC power source. However, you must remember that red wire goes to positive only.

Black Wire

The Black wires are the negative wires. But there’s a catch in here-

One of the black wires here is for video transmission and another is for power supply.  One will hook up with the power supply negative end. And the other will hook with the RCA video plug (Negative).

However, there’s a simple test to determine which one is which.

Wire Determining Test

At first take your camera to a low light area. Now take both of the wires in your hand. Now plug one of those wires with the DC 12 volt power source negative end.

Connect the wire with the RCA video plug negative. So, you need to know the rca plug positive negative before doing this. 

Now, see if the LED lights of the camera start glowing. If the lights start glowing then congratulations, you have found your Negative power supply wire.

The other wire will be the Negative video transmission wire. Sometimes, it’s also used as the negative ground wire for that video plug.

To be honest, it’s a versatile wire. Some of these wires can also hook up with the other Negative 12 volt black wire.

White Wire

This is optional in many cases. But this one is widely used for audio transmission. Hook it up with the audio port in both the camera and the hub.

However, you might get an audio enabled camera and a white wire while buying. But that doesn’t mean that your hub will support audio. If this is the case, then you won’t have to use the white wire.

Pro Tip

It’s better to find out the wires through trial and error. In this way, you’ll understand how the connection works.

Moreover, it’ll be easy for you to re-install the whole setup in a new house.

But if you things easily then we suggest you do a security camera wire color diagram 2 red 2 black 1 yellow.

Bottom Line

Once someone gets hold of this color code, it becomes super easy to wire other cameras too.

However, always maintain safety measures while wiring the camera. And if you’re confused about anything, always reach out an expert. Even slight mistakes can ruin your system.

Now take another look at the whole security camera wiring color code and get to work.

Good Luck.

Alex Dantas

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