Is a 6 Cell Maglite Illegal?- Everything You Need to Know

6 cell maglite illegal


Flashlights are a Godsend. Depending on your needs, you could go for a simple one which needs replacement every Friday. Or, you could choose the best, Maglites.

If you know anything about flashlights, you must’ve heard about this champ. However, carrying one may come with a few issues.

In Case you’ve wondered, is a 6 cell Maglite illegal or not, you’ve come to the right spot.

6 cell Maglite torches can be used as a weapon, since they’re about 2 feet long, and weigh almost a pound. Moreover, their aluminum body makes it a sturdy baton, which can be easily used as a self-defense weapon or to strike someone. Thus, some states or countries make it illegal to carry a Maglite larger than 3 cell capacity. 

That was just the icing on the cake. Let’s dive into the depths of this matter, and unravel this mystery, once and for all!

History Of Maglite torches

When you’re wondering why Maglite flashlights got all the hype, having a little knowledge about its history takes you a long way.

Maglites were founded by Anthony Maglica, who revolutionized what a flashlight meant. 

When Maglites came into the market, it was basically the next level thing. Back in 1979, they were the first flashlight to be made out of anodized 6061 aluminum. 

Known for their durability and strength, they quickly took over people’s hearts. Initially, it was targeted towards security and law enforcement. 

But slowly as time grew, it started becoming a household staple. No wonder, you can still hear our grandparents raving about them.

Coming to the present day, Maglites have made it huge. They come in various models, including rechargeable batteries. What more so, every flashlight is a hallmark of trust.

That’s why they come with a lifetime warranty!

Can a 6 cell Maglite be used as a weapon?

Now coming to the real questions. Since doubts about its legality is popping in your mind, you might wonder how a flashlight can be illegal.

There are a few things you need to know here. Let’s take another history check. Last one, we promise. 

Remember how we told you Maglites were first targeted towards law enforcement? That was a small clue. 

Basically, these flashlights were used as a 2-in-1 baton cum flashlight. Owing to their heavy aluminum body, you could seriously hurt a person if you tried hard enough.

The thing is, Maglites are sturdy enough to begin with. Bring a 6 cell Maglite? You’ve got yourself a mini baseball bat!

That’s because these bad boys were designed to actually hit someone. They’re about 2 feet long, weigh a ton, and have the classic aluminum body.

Now you know, what the fuss around it is about.

Is a 6 cell Maglite illegal?

The moment of truth you’ve been waiting for; Are 6 cell Maglites illegal? 

Sadly, there’s no “one size fits all” solution to this. It all depends on the state and the country you live in. 

If your state has strict gun laws and carrying anything which could transform into a weapon, you may get into trouble for a Maglight. 

Imagine carrying around a big steel rod. If that sounds offendable, a Maglite is not far too different!

Our suggestion here is to contact your local authorities if there’s no clear statement regarding Maglites. Remember, if you do get into trouble, not knowing the law is not a legitimate excuse.

A good example is the law in California. Over there, you may get into trouble for carrying around such a heavy torchlight. Anything above a 5 cell flashlight, could get you into trouble. 

But all hope isn’t lost, that doesn’t mean all flashlights are banned. Anything under 3 cells is pretty safe!


Question: Are Baton torches illegal UK?

Answer: Baton torches are not illegal in the UK. This is because they mainly used a flashlight, and that is their prime purpose. However, you may get into trouble if you use it to injure someone. Just like any normal item can be used as a weapon, the same goes for baton torches.

Question: Why do cops use red flashlights?

Answer: You may have always wondered, why police cars have red interior lighting. This is because it’s easy for the policemen’s eyes to adjust to the darkness. If white light was used here, it would take time for their eyes to adjust, in a low light situation. This could be potentially dangerous, leaving an opening for any criminal.

Question: Does Maglite have lifetime warranty?

Answer: This depends on the area or the part of the world that you live in. Usually, a limited lifetime warranty is offered in the western hemisphere, whereas you may get only a 10 years warranty in other parts of the world. Moreover, you may not get a warranty at all, if you buy your Maglite from an unauthorized seller. Also, your manufacturer’s warranty may be revoked if you misuse the product.

Question: Can you blind a bear with a flashlight?

Answer: If you’re ever in a situation where you’ve encountered a bear, your best bet is to stand your ground. Don’t be afraid, and decide to run away from the bear. This will kick in the bear’s predatory instinct, and the bear will chase you down. Instead of flashing the bear’s eyes, try making yourself look bigger.

Bottom Line

That is all from us on this topic, ladies and gentlemen. We hope that you enjoyed our post and learned something new.

If you have any residual doubts on the topic, ‘6 cell Maglite illegal’ don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

We’d also be thrilled to hear your personal feedback, which may help somebody else. Until then, stay happy and healthy, and never forget to always ask the right questions.

Alex Dantas

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