Insteon Hub vs ISY: The Superior Smart Home Security Device


Smart home security systems are expensive and often tricky to figure out by yourself. Every day, there seems to be a new model out in the market. We get how confusing it can be. 

That’s why we’ll help you decide which smart home security device is for you. Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll break it down for you.

In this article, we’re doing a comparison between two smart home security devices: Insteon Hub vs ISY

For a quick glance, we’ve put together a comparison table. We’ve also explained the key features of both devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Just keep on reading.

Quick Comparison Between Insteon Hub vs Isy

When comparing between two devices, it’s always helpful to look over their features and specs. Let’s have a quick look at this comparison table. So that we can get a birds-eye view of the two devices and what they can offer-

FeaturesInsteon HubISY System
Third-Party Integration-Only Insteon Devices -Amazon Echo -Google Assistant -Sonos -Tesla-Yonomi.-Z-Wave+– INSTEON | X10– Zigbee PRO– Amazon Echo– Google Home Assistant– OpenADR 2.0a | 2.0b– Zigbee Smart Energy Profile
Logic ConditioningN/AYes
InstallationEasy, Beginner-friendlyExpensive, Advanced
Network Topology Dual-Mesh Dual-Mesh
Plug-insN/A Yes
OpenADR certification N/AOpenADR2.0a & OpenADR2.0b

Those were the quick differences between the Insteon and the ISY. 

Before that, if you were wondering about their dependence on cloud storage. You’ll be surprised to find none of these require assistance when you don’t have connectivity.

However, it is completely optional. You can absolutely take advantage of cloud services. You have full freedom of calling the shots.

The cloud independent service makes them both much more desirable.

But, now let’s take a deeper look at what makes them different.

Differences Between Insteon and ISY- In-Depth Explanation

Every home security device is designed to fit someone’s needs. But, to understand which system is meant for you, look through the features. 

The Insteon and ISY have some basic features that are similar. But, there’s also a lot that distinguishes them from each other. Let’s get into it-

Design and Simplicity

At a glance, it’s clear that the Insteon Hub is a much more simplified design meant for beginners. It is a more affordable and less integrated model. 

There’s definitely a scarcity of that in the market. Most smart home security networks go overboard with features. It’s harder to find simpler ones.

Whereas, ISY provides complete functionality and all-around control. If you want extensive home automation, the ISY will not disappoint you. 

Although the ISY is a more expensive solution. But, the superior performance makes it worth the hassle.


Insteon Hub is a smart home controlling network system that is easy and simple. Most beginner-level users find a lot of use and accessibility with Insteon’s starter kits.

The Isy hub is often dubbed as the most convenient and smart home security system of today. It gives you the full functionality of all the devices in your home. It is a true automation experience. 

However, it can be bothersome for beginners.


You can go through the whole process of setting up the ISY by yourself. There are lots of helpful tutorials out there about the ISY installation process. The instructions are easy enough to handle with a little understanding and experience. 

The process for the Insteon hub is more advanced. It’s manageable, but it might take you a bit more time and effort.

The Insteon package includes only the hub, cables, and a quick start guide. In order to make your home truly automated, you’ll need to add some additional tidbits like smart dimmers bulbs, etc. Here are some recommendations for you- 

Insteon Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, 600 Watt, 2477D (White) - Insteon...
Insteon Smart On/Off 6-Button Keypad, KeypadLinc In-Wall Controller,...
Insteon Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, 600 Watt, 2477D (White) - Insteon...
Insteon Smart On/Off 6-Button Keypad, KeypadLinc In-Wall Controller,...
600 watts
600 wats
Insteon Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, 600 Watt, 2477D (White) - Insteon...
Insteon Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, 600 Watt, 2477D (White) - Insteon...
600 watts
Insteon Smart On/Off 6-Button Keypad, KeypadLinc In-Wall Controller,...
Insteon Smart On/Off 6-Button Keypad, KeypadLinc In-Wall Controller,...
600 wats

That should be enough to get you started with automation. Now, let’s look into some more features.

Logical Conditioning

The Isy hub uses a conditional logic system to customize and execute commands.

You can set instructions like “If there’s movement in the kitchen after 10 pm, turn on the lights”. The conditional logic system is a great addition that you won’t find in many other smart home security devices.

This is a feature that is clearly absent in the Insteon hub.


The Insteon hub lets you create scenes. A scene is essentially a pre-configured set of instructions. It is almost like a preset. You can activate scenes easily to make things easier for you.

With that, the Isy hub also comes with a bunch of added sensors, alerts, and scenes designed for you. You can create your own scenes and reuse them as many times as you want.


The Insteon hub is a compatible choice for almost all products of the Insteon line. They control sensors and alert you of any leaks in the house.

The ISY gives you the option of accessing plugins like the ISY module and climate module to get the best bang for your buck. You can easily use additional services to raise your quality of life.


Insteon has smart timers, remote control ability, and great scope for expansion. It’s a standard system to just get started with smart home controls. 

If you want to expand further in the future, that’s also possible. You can extend the network with new modules and devices.

The Insteon also supports a bunch of third-party techs like Amazon echo, google assistant, and Logitech.

The ISY is more on the advanced level where you have full control. It works perfectly with Z-Wave+, Amazon Echo, Google Home Assistant, Zigbee PRO, and Zigbee Smart Energy Profile.


The ISY is also a more green and conscious way of living. They are the only low-cost smart home security devices that are OpenADR2.0a and OpenADR2.0b certified.

This feature is missing in most other home security systems. So if you are environmentally conscious, you have a clear winner here.

Which One Do you Need: Insteon vs ISY

So, the bottom line is, both of these systems are pretty great in their own ways. Of course, you can’t buy both. Our suggestion would be to look at the features and specs carefully before making a buying decision.

If you’re looking for something simple to get started on automation, go for the Insteon hub.

But, for more functionality and features, choose the ISY.


Question: Can smart home devices function without the internet?

Answer: A lot of them can. The Insteon Hub and ISY are both functional without the internet. They will continue to perform the scheduled tasks even if you have no connectivity. 

However, you will lose cloud connection and third-party integrations.

Question: Does Insteon save electricity?

Answer: Like most other smart home solutions the Insteon Hub also helps you use energy efficiently.

Question: Can I connect my Insteon to Google Home Assistant?

Answer: Yes, you can connect your Insteon Hub to the third-party integrated smart assistants such as Google Home, and Alexa.

Final Verdict

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for your time here. We’ve done in-depth research to make the buying decision clearer for you.

As a final word, we’d advise that you pick the model that aligns the best with your needs. People often tend to buy the one with the most features or fancy designs. But, if you don’t have the use for them, there’s no point in spending more.

With that, we’ll leave you to go buy the superior smart home device from Insteon Hub vs Isy. Good luck!

Alex Dantas

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