How to Protect Your Camera From Lasers: 5 Great Solutions

How to Protect Your Camera From Lasers


When a camera comes in contact with a laser they tend to blur out. Furthermore, some lasers even have the power to make the cameras go blind or make them drop their quality.

So, how to protect your camera from lasers to make sure your valuable item doesn’t get stolen?

You can take safety precautions before taking a hit. For this, you can install moving cameras or a blinding notification software. Or simply place the camera high enough to be out of reach. Another solution is to place lots of cameras to capture the culprit. Or install an infrared filter.

Are you not sure how they will help you? Well, we have an entire article to tell you why this will work. Come join us as we show you why these solutions are effective.

How exactly do lasers damage the cameras?

Well, hold on, before we jump into the solution let’s take a bit of a detour. First, let’s focus on how the lasers damage the cameras.

This might shock you but lasers don’t always damage the cameras. Yes, the ones that kids use to play with are usually very low powered. This means that they don’t have the strength to mess with the camera.

However, there are some powerful lasers out there that can destroy your camera. In fact, the most powerful ones will make your camera completely incapacitated.

This mainly happens because lasers produce a lot of heat. When it’s concentrated and pointed towards a camera the lens of the camera cannot absorb the heat.

Since the lens is very sensitive, they tend to get damaged. This way, the longer the exposure the more the damage.

And even if that doesn’t happen the lasers might end up blurring the camera. As a result, the pixel level will drop and the camera won’t be able to form an image.

Nevertheless, when there is a problem there is always room for a solution. And it’s time to look at the remedies.

How to protect your camera from lasers effectively?

The ones that try to blur your camera or destroy it usually has a bad motive. Thus, to beat them you need to take a few precautions.

Hence, take a look at what we have in store for you. We are sure that one of them will be of great use to you.

Solution 1- Install the moving cameras

To start up, you can install moving cameras. This way, the lasers won’t be able to focus on the camera for a long time. And you see, the cameras need a long exposure to be affected by the lasers.

Now, if you don’t give the lasers enough time to communicate with the camera it’ll be safe. So, you can give it a try.




Solution 2- Place the cameras at a higher area

Next up, you can install the cameras in a high place. This will ensure that the cameras stay away from the intruder’s reach.

Hence, even if they want to aim and destroy your cameras, they won’t be able to reach the height. Thus, your camera will be safe from the beam of lights.

Solution 3- Install infrared filters

Another thing you can do is to install infrared filters. These amazing filters can block the harmful lasers and stop your camera from being blurred out.

Moreover, they are super affordable. In fact, they cost around 5 dollars. We say it’s a great investment. Plus after this, your camera will be totally safe from all kinds of harm from a laser.




Solution 4- Fix more than one camera in the location

One more thing you can try is installing different cameras in various locations. Now, this solution might be a bit expensive but it’ll definitely help you catch the burglars.

How? Well, if there is more than one camera involved you can catch the person in action with another one. That’s because they can’t blur all the cameras at a time using lasers now, can they?




Solution 5- Install a blinding notification software

Lastly, you can always take help from software. There is software available that notifies you whenever your camera gets blurred. Yes, they are called blinding notification software.

You simply connect the cameras with your phone. Later, you’ll be able to get notified when someone is up to no good. Then you can rush over or send someone in your place to take some legal actions.

But most importantly, your valuables will be safe and sound.


Question: How can I protect my CCTV camera from rain?

Answer: The best way to protect CCTV cameras from rain is by placing them under a shelter. This way water can’t reach the cables. However, if that’s not possible wrap your camera using rain gear.

Question: Can a laser damage a TV?

Answer: There may be some cases where lasers can damage the pixels on the TV. However, the laser has to be strong to be able to do that. To be precise, if the power of lasers is more than 5 mW then it’s considered harmful for TV.

Question: How do you keep cobwebs off CCTV?

Answer: To keep the cobwebs off the CCTV you can apply lubricants on the outwards part of the camera. You can also try to disable the LED lights. But the most effective one is to clean the camera once a week.

Question: Do green laser pointers work on TV screens?

Answer: The green laser pointers will work on TV screens. However, you need to use the ones with good brightness levels. Otherwise, you won’t be able to spot the laser at all.

Parting words

How to protect your camera from lasers? Well, you know the answer now. So, pick out your most favorite solution and apply it to see the magic.

But wait, there is no need to choose one. You can take all the precautions you want. This way your camera will be extra safe from the flashy lights. Sounds great, right?

Alex Dantas

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