How to Program Gate Opener – The Universal Guide

How to Program Gate Opener

Nowadays it’s super hard to find someone without a gate opener. Most of the people don’t touch the gate opener controls after installing it once. 

But what if you lose the remote control of the gate opener? Or what if the previous shut down speed of the gate is too fast or too slow for you? Or what if you’re about to set up a gate opener on your own? 

In these situations, you must know how to program gate opener.

But it’s hard to find the exact method that’ll work for your gate opener. It’s because several companies produce gate openers. And several more produce gate opener remotes. So, probably your gate opener and remote-control duo are not matched. 

So, here we have provided the programming method for Homelink gate opener, Wayne Dalton garage door openers, and universal gate opener. 

So, let’s open the garage and park ourselves right into the details-

How does the Gate Opener Programming work? 

Well, at first let’s clear out some language barriers here. If you’re thinking that you’ll need to become some ‘Hackerman’ for this job, then hold off.

You’re programming a garage door opener. It’s not rocket science. But for that you must know how a remote works at first. 

Here’s how the programming works. 

In short, it’s all copy-paste. Your new device will catch up with the gate opener frequency and will simply use that frequency for a certain button. 

It’s the same in the case of your wireless keypad. The keypad copies the frequency that your automated door opener works on. It catches that frequency. Then it starts transmitting that specific frequency. 

Be it programming remote garage door keypad or regular remote programming, the process is the same everywhere. 

However, the gate opener performance depends highly upon how good the gate opener battery is.

Now that you know the basic process, let’s go through the steps-

How to Program HomeLink Gate Opener?

This is one of the popular gate openers out there. So, we decided to shed some extra light in here.

So, here are the steps on how to program gate opener to car

  1. Access your vehicle’s Homelink device. Press and hold the two outer buttons. 
  2. Release the buttons once the light starts flashing. 
  3. Take up your transmitter once you see the light. Hold that transmitter within 3 inches of the Homelink control buttons. 
  4. Press one of the buttons from the transmitter and one Homelink button simultaneously to pair up. 
  5. Keep on holding the buttons till you see the indicator light flashing. The flashing will be slow at first. With time it’ll grow rapid. Once it goes rapid, release the buttons. 
  6. Now press and hold the this used button and keep an eye on the indicator light. 
  7. See if the light is solid or not. If yes, then you’re done here. If not, then you’ve some more work to do.
  8. Now locate your receiver/ motorhead unit. 
  9. Find and press the ‘smart’ or ‘Learn’ button. 
  10. Return to your vehicle within 30 seconds and hold that Homelink Button. 
  11. Release the button after holding for 2 seconds. 
  12. To finish up the programming, press, hold and release the button in a sequence of three. 

If you want to do a gate opener reset, then follow these steps exactly as described. 

How to Program Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener

Wayne Dalton Garage doors are also super popular out there. But the method here isn’t that different from the previous method. But we’re especially covering this because in here, you’ll be able to program your garage door opener keypad. 

So, let’s get through the steps-

Garage Door Opener Keypad Programming

  1. Access the garage door motor and press the program button once. 
  2. Find the ‘On/Off/Reset’ button on your keypad and press it. 
  3. Enter your new 4-digit code that’ll open the gate. 
  4. Press the ‘0’ button. If there’s an ‘okay’ button, then press that instead. 

In this way, you’ll have your passcode enabled keypad synced with the gate opener. So, you’ll be able to open or close your gate with that passcode anytime you want. However, in this process, you have to complete steps 2-4 within 30 seconds after finishing step 1. 

Remote with Keypad

For better convenience, people love using a remote-control device. Like who loves to stop the car while entering the house. So, here’s the gate opener remote programming

  1. Press one button on your remote and keep on holding it. 
  2. Hold the button till your remote’s indicator light turns on and then off. 
  3. Press the Power/Reset button on your keypad and hold it. 
  4. Once the indicator light turns on, put in your 4-digit passcode. 
  5. See if the indicator light of your remote starts flashing. 
  6. If yes, then press the programmed button on the remote. 

After going through all the steps, you’ll have a remote that opens and closes your garage gate. 

How to Program a Garage Door Remote from Another Remote

Basically, in this way, you have to program a remote control duplicator

So, to do this you’ll need the existing gate opener remote and the universal one. Now let’s go through the steps-

  1. At first, hold the universal opener in your hands. 
  2. Press and hold the upper two buttons till those start blinking. 
  3. Now hold your door opener remote at hand. 
  4. Pick up a button on each of your controllers. 
  5. Press those buttons simultaneously and 
  6. Hold those buttons till the new controller starts blinking rapidly. 

Here, after step 2, your universal controller forgets all the previous setup. So, during the next steps, the new controller learns the specific frequency for each of the buttons and finishes the universal garage door opener programming.

Bottom Line

We believe that at this point, you got your answer to ‘how to program gate opener?’

Here we have tried to cover methods for different brands and all. But if you face any problem during this programming, don’t forget to get to an expert. A bad programming might reduce your gate opener battery life.

On another note, if you have pets in your house, keep those away from the gate during this programming. You might end up hurting them unintentionally. 

Lastly good luck with your gate opener programming. Take Care. 

Alex Dantas

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