How to Access Blue Iris Remotely Using a Web Browser

How to access blue iris remotely


Manually accessing the blue iris and taking out videos one by one can be a hassle. It costs time and you have to pay for fuel to actually drive up to the camera. But you can save all these troubles by accessing the camera remotely.

So, how to access blue iris remotely like a pro?

To access blue iris remotely you have to type the IP address of your camera. Then log in using your admin id. After that reboot the camera. Lastly, log in to the camera again and this time you’ll be able to see using the camera.

That’s not all. There’s more to it than that. And we’ll definitely discuss it. So, do stick about to get access to the handy details.

How to access blue iris remotely in 5 steps?

The awesome thing about technology is that it can give you superpowers that you never imagined having. Like you can sit at your office and monitor your house.

Yes, we mean accessing the IP camera remotely by using the blue iris software. How to do this magic trick? Well, let us show it to you.




Step 1- Write down the IP address on a browser

To start the work, you need to know the IP address of your camera. Without this, you won’t be able to control your camera at all. So, it is a super handy item to remember.

However, the IP address is quite long and it is common to forget it. Who has time to remember such a long number, right? Well, if you forgot or didn’t know it to begin with you can always find it out.

To check the IP address of your IP camera simply visit the network page on the CCTV camera. This amazing network page contains all the info on your camera. Even the IP address.

Anyway, once you find the IP address of the camera you need to type it on a web browser. You can use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or whichever one you prefer. There is no restriction on this.

Step 2- Login using your ID and password

Once you enter the IP address you’ll find that the website is asking for your ID and password. Well, we hope you remember your admin ID and your password.

This is unique for each camera. You see when you first purchase the camera they already have a default id and password set in for the camera.

Hence, if this is your first time simply use the ID and password to sign in. However, there’s an option to change this valuable information. If you did, then do enter your new ID and password.

Step 3- Change the port number

For this step, you need to change the port number. You see, for IP cameras the port number is set to 80 as a default option.

The problem with this is that some ISPs block this particular port. Hence it’s always a good idea to change it beforehand. Now, the question is how to change the port number.

Easy! You need to go to settings. Then head over to basics. Later on, move to the network. And lastly, go-to information. There you’ll find that the default port number is set to 80.

But now you can easily change it to any number you want. We recommend going with 3333.

Step 4- Reboot the camera

You might not know this but changing the port number doesn’t end that quickly. You have to reboot the camera and until you do that your work isn’t over.

And for that, you need to go to settings first. Then make your way to the basic option. After that go to the system. You’ll find initialize there. Go to that.

Lastly, click on reboot to seal the deal. After that, your entire system will reboot and save changes. But hold up your work isn’t done yet. There is one more step.

Step 5- Log in to the camera again

For the last step, you need to log in to the camera again. For this, you need to type HTTP://(IP address):(Camera port number) on your browser.

This time you’ll be able to see what your camera can see. Isn’t that great?


Question: Does blue iris have a mobile app?

Answer: The blue iris also has a mobile app. This means you can have access to your camera from your phone as well. However, you’ll still need an internet connection for that.

Question: How much does blue iris cost?

Answer: Blue iris can cost about 65 dollars. Don’t worry you will get the full version with that money. However, this will support up to 64 IP cameras. You’ll have to pay more if you want access to a higher number of cameras.

Question: Does blue iris work with ring?

Answer: Iris smart Hub 2.0 does not support the ring. However, ONVIF does support blue iris. This means you can use doorbells with software such as NVR and NAS.

Question: Does Reolink work with blue iris?

Answer: After several tests, it was found that Reolink can communicate with the blue iris. This means that Reolink can use a lot of functions of blue iris.

Question: Can you mix and match IP cameras?

Answer: You can go for different brands of IP cameras for your security system. However, you need to see if they are compatible or not. By this, we mean that you need to check the compatibility of cameras with the security system.

In short

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to access blue iris remotely. Sounds super easy, right? Well, it really is!

And the best part is you can do this yourself. Once you’re done you can have access to the camera right from the comfort of your own house. Isn’t that wonderful?

Alex Dantas

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