Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

CCTV cameras

The usefulness of the security cameras cannot be overemphasized in the area of giving adequate security cover to our homes. The increasing rate at which crimes of unimaginable magnitudes are been carried out is giving a worrisome has become a worrisome development to governments and people all over the world.

It is interesting to note that the worst crimes are perpetrated under the cover of darkness. If are to go for a security camera that will give you real cover, then you have to go for one that will be effective 24 hrs in the day-the hours of darkness inclusive. When you go online to purchase the model that will serve you best, you will see many of them in differing shades and colors. Which one is the best bet for you?

In answer to the above question, we are not going to give a categorical answer, but rather, we are going to delve into the technology of how these cameras produce results in the hours of darkness and you will use that at the end of our interactions to get the particular model that best suits features that we have discussed. Let us go straight into business.

There are a couple of different Types of CCTV Cameras . We shall be taking a look at the technology and talk about which of the following cctv types would you use in areas with little or no light-:

Infrared Night Vision (IR)

27 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

This is the most common among the security cameras that are online. The technology here is based on infrared light which is manipulated to give a clear infra-red vision at night. Take a look at the external design of the security cameras around you, notice the handful of small LED bulbs; it represents the IR lights. When darkness comes, the lights are turned on and the technology is such that it acts as a flood type light. This will submerge the field of view of the camera with infrared light.

The infrared light is totally invisible to the naked eye. It will look as if a bright light is covering the area; but in actual fact, your naked eyes cannot see it. The eye can differentiate quickly between the colors of black and white than with other colors; therefore the night vision images of the security cameras are seen in black and white in other to get a sharp vision. The best of the night vision cameras use the technology of the monochrome filter so that it will be pretty easy to see the image clearly at night.

There are several types of light that can aid our vision at night. So, why the choice of the infrared light by the security cameras to aid night vision? The answer to that is not farfetched; it is only the infrared light that is visible to the naked eye. Take a look at the night camera, it does not have the technology of the infra cut filter, you cannot get desired maximum benefits from such. It will automatically detect the daylight and then apply the filter to block the incoming IR light during the day; it will, therefore, enable the colors looking for accuracy.

When it comes to the hours of darkness, the filter is removed and it will leave some amount of light which will add to the one gotten through the infrared light that is coming from the filter.

Where you strategically locate the camera close to your window, the reflection of the IR light will be indicated on the window.

We shall look at another concept of the night vision camera different from the concept that we have just considered above.

The Tube Intensifier

28 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

Aside from the security cameras that uses the technology of the IR, another concept that you can rely on in your such for the best features in a night camera that will give you expected results is the category that uses the Tube Intensifier technology. The use of sensitive camera sensors is heightened here in order to increase the intensity of the light.

In more advanced models of the night security camera, the available light is made to access the night vision goggles which will be transformed into electrons which in turn will finally transform it into electronic signals. A technology of photomultiplier is included which makes the light to pass through a phosphor screen to create flashes of light which will ultimately result in a brighter image.

All the colors of the light that enters the glasses are then transformed into a shade taking the color green and this will give an ionic view of the color green to the eye. The technology in the night vision camera is made possible because, at night, the color is black at night which is very dark. Blocking all the light at that dark moment in time is an impossibility unless you are making an attempt to actually block it.

The technology in the night vision goggle is such that it can take the little rays of light from the moon and the street lights and magnify such for greater vision. Normal cameras also have the technology to do something similar. If you are in doubt, then you can carry out an experiment which will establish the truth in the theory that we are proposing here.

Go to a dark corner in your room or go out at night with your camera and take a long exposure shot with it in the dark. Print out the image and you will be surprised at the brightness of the said image which will make a mockery of the shot you actually took in the dark. The result is so because the camera takes all the light around it and amplified such to get the results. This is the technology on which the security night camera is built on.

This type of night vision can only be found in night vision glasses. The majority of the security cameras that has night vision capabilities are based on Infrared technology. The vision is clearer with it and the price of the unit is cheaper. So on account of its performance and the pocket-friendly price on each unit, it will be ideal to go for security cameras that come with the technology of infrared.

How Do Security Cameras Capture Their Image Even In Pitch Darkness?

The night vision technology of most security cameras enables them to capture the image even when it is dark outside. The question is: how is this achieved? Taking a look at the night vision footage of the ghost hunting TV shows, how they capture the black and white or the black and green footages? It is through the night vision technology which the night vision security cameras now make use of to capture images under the cover of darkness.

The Technology Of The Infrared

29 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

It has been mentioned earlier that infrared technology is the most common and cheapest among the two so far discussed. It is therefore advised that when you go online, the search should be focused on the cameras that use IR technology. In other to establish this fact the more, let us go further to see how things actually work with this technology.

Have you ever looked at the front view of a security camera? If you have, notice that the front of the camera is surrounded by some small LED bulbs. Those are the IR bulbs. When it gets dark outside; the lights will turn on and their effects within their surroundings will be like flood light of some sorts.

The field of view of the camera will be doused with IR rays of light. The simple analogy above explains how the security camera uses infrared to produce illumination at night.

The Focus

You have been shown the technicalities that are involved in the workings of the security camera. You have also learned that it is best to rely on the models that make use of IR technology. We shall go back to the puzzle in the opening paragraphs of this article which borders on the choice of the particular service provider that will give you the best on offer. There are several models of security cameras online that uses infrared technology. But which one among them can you trust? Where is that model that is custom designed to serve your best purpose? The following tips will be of help.

Experienced Companies

30 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

There is nothing wrong in choosing a company that is a kid on the block. However, the risks are there because there is no template that you can fall to in terms of credibility. But if you can risk doing business with a brand that you did not know, then you can go ahead and place your order. However, for the best results, you must look in the direction of experienced service providers. When you come online; look for the service providers that are experienced in the notch. With them, you have a template that you can use to measure performance.

What Is In Their Years?

Do not believe all that you read on the portal of the companies. If actually they are experienced, what have they achieved in the sector over the years? Take a look at their portfolio to determine if they have awards of excellence to their credit. If they have gotten the recognition that separates them from other competitors in the notch, then you can rely on them to get something that will call for cheer.

Are They Registered And Certified?

If you are dealing with an illegal company, there is a high risk of not getting satisfaction from their product. Ask if the company is registered and certified. Do not be satisfied with just a flash of the document before your face but rather probe deeper by actually finding out the truth about their claims. Only registered and certified companies that have passed through the due process can stand a chance of getting your best results. With a registered and certified company, you are likely going to get the best results.

What Are The Customers Saying?

32 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

Security is not something that should be taken lightly. If you want to invest in the security camera, then you should ensure that the model you are investing in will give you the best results. Some of them will come with great features on paper but when reality actually dawns, it will be a big let down to the customers.

Go to the section where customers tell the story as it is. What are their frustrations about the product? How happy are they about the product. Check on the one-star reviews and know why it is so. What about the 5-star reviews? Where a company has more of 5-star reviews, then you can trust that to give you the best that you are entitled to.

Independent Reviews

31 300x169 - Types of CCTV Cameras and Their Functions on Light or No Light

No stone should be left unturned in your search for the best results that you are entitled to. Take a look at the review of the best models carried out by independent reviewers of the models. They pick the best among the rest and give a sincere review of the model. Take a look at their strengths and weaknesses and balance out the equation. It will be pretty easy to get the best that you are entitled to among the available options online.

The Unit Price

If you have taken the steps so far discussed above, you are going to get more than a model among the night security cameras that are available that has cut your fancy. In that scenario, make a price comparison among the list that you have before you. The most pocket-friendly option is best for you.


Go over what you have just read this article on Types of CCTV Cameras and their uses. When you understood the technology involved, it will create a better understanding when you go through the process of choosing the best among the night security cameras. You will be best equipped to get the best.

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