Best hidden Cameras of 2020 & Ways to Hide Them

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Long gone are those days when you have to hire a PI agent to catch a crime evidence or to keep a secret eye on someone. It’s 2020 my friend, and technology can literally empower you to become your own spy. 

Wondering how? Presenting the list of best hidden cameras of 2020 for you!

Without stretching much on what a hidden cam can actually do, let’s talk about how this round-up best hidden camera review is going to help you out to pick up the right shot. 

While hand-picking these 7 best hidden spy cameras, we’ve taken these few factors in account- 

  1. The recording and snapping quality. 
  2. The diversity of cover that they comes into(i.e. Pen, Charger etc)
  3. The overall longevity of the devices. 

Hence, after going through 200+ products in the market, we’ve picked up 7 of the best spy camera for every budget and every necessity.

Ready for the ride? Let’s jump-  

MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera 1080P Spy Camera Long Time Video Recording...
MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera 1080P Spy Camera Long Time Video Recording...
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MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
MAGENDARA Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera, Mini Wireless Camera 1080P...
Check Price
MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera 1080P Spy Camera Long Time Video Recording...
MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera 1080P Spy Camera Long Time Video Recording...
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DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger

Product Overview

The winner pick of the list is, hands down, the DIVINEEAGLE Spy Camera Charger. With a very pleasant price, this device offers 1080p video recording, advanced motion detection, loop recording and a premium customer support. And all that comes under a camouflage of a convenient USB charger.

As long as you’re worried about safeguarding your kids at home, senior citizens, pets or even general home safety, this device can be your go-to choice.

To be honest, there’s no ultra high-end features like WiFi connectivity, Night vision etc. But for this price, people who are concerned about the security of their space will find it a bang for the buck.

It records video clips at 1080p resolution. Even in low light atmosphere, the videos will be clear enough to detect faces, identities etc. If you want, you can enable the motion detection to record only when there is any motion into its sight.

To store the clips, there’s a micro SD card slot of up to 32GB. In case the memory is full, it won’t stop recording anyway. Instead, it will delete the older videos and free up some space for the newer ones.

Being covered under a USB charger has brought this drive it’s perks. You don’t have to worry about recharging your device over and over. In case you’re looking for a 24/7 surveillance, this is the one that checks the box. Besides, the absence of a battery had brought the price point down as well.

One of the reasons behind its overwhelming durability from the users is its durability. You’ll find a handful of local and low-end devices that might offer a handful of features, but not the durability.

The only issue that we’ve got to complaint about is it’s viewing angle, being only 90 degrees.

  • 1080p video with motion detection. 
  • 32GB micro SD card slot. 
  • Comes with a card reader. 
  • Extremely durable for even heavy use. 
  • Quick plug and play action. 
  • Comes in a cover of convenient phone charger. 
  • An extremely user-friendly price point.
  • Viewing angle is 90 degrees only.

Product Alternative

In case you are looking for similar kinds of features to the aforementioned product, but with WiFi connectivity, the Prompt USB Wireless Camera Charger is up for a shot. It sports the same 1080p video recording, even in loop, motion detection with alarm notification.

MingSung Camera Video Sunglasses

MingSung Camera Video Sunglasses

Product Overview

When a 1080p hidden camera comes undercover with a posh sunglasses, that’s something you’d find the ideal for spying or secret recording. If you’re wondering what the product is, here goes the MingSung Camera Video Sunglasses for you.

Before breaking down the specs, here’s an overview-

This sunglass camera can record for 90 minutes at a quality of 1920x1080p. To store the clips, you’d get 323GB memory inside, which can be accessed through USB port. Apart from the camera, the sunglass itself is a state of the art product. We’ll highlight on it later.

As it’s a secret camera you’re carrying to record something without letting anyone know, let’s talk the usability out. When you’re ready to shoot, just take one hand to the handle and press the ‘Start’ button. To stop, press the same button again.

On that note, let’s keep in mind that it has a ‘loop’ recording feature, which is quite rare for this kind of device.

Once you’re done with the shooting, connect it to a PC using the given USB cable, and that’s where you can access them all. As a matter of fact, this device doesn’t require any driver to be installed. It’s just as simple as any plug and play gadget.

The sunglass itself meets ISO standards in terms of design and protection. By protection, we mean it’s ability to provide an UV400 protection to protect your eyes. Therefore, when you’re up for outdoor sports like Cycling, Hiking, Biking etc, this device will protect your eyes and let you record the game at the same time. No need to wear those hectic headbands anymore!

Provided that you’re getting both of a high end hidden camera and a stylish sunglass, the price had gone a little bit high. If you’re pleased with the other specs, we’re sure that you won’t mind the price.

  • 32GB SD card as a storage.
  • 1920x1080P recording quality.  
  • Can run for 90 minutes straight on a single charge. 
  • A perfect gadget for outdoor sportsmen. 
  • ISO certified stylish sunglass with UV protection. 
  • Easy to use, just with a press of a button. 
  • No driver needed to run it on PC.
  • Takes about 3 hours to recharge. 
  • The price is of quite a high end.

Facamword Spy Camera Pen

No products found.

Product Overview

Another way to hide a camera behind camouflage is through a pen. The next model with the name of Facamword Spy Camera Pen had just got that done for you. Besides the camera-in-pen feature, it sports a 16GB storage, a 1920*1080 FHD recording at 30 fps rate, and a couple of ink fills for the pen.

The video quality is quite up to par. With a steady framing, an offering of vibrant colors, the clips will be no less qualified than what a good quality smartphone would shoot.

An important selling point of this camera is its usability. This professional stealth camera can be controlled just by one press on the ‘Start’ button. Once you start the shoot, press the button once, and press it again once you want the recording to be stopped.

The USB 2.0 is not the fastest USB port on the world, but this little delay in the file transfer won’t harm your overall usability that much. As the videos are going to be recorded in AVI format, it will be playable by any sort of Media Players and any OS(including Windows and Mac OS X).

It’s not all the time when you need to record only. Sometimes, a picture at the right moment is worth more than a 30 minutes video. To make sure that the picture comes out to be super sharp, this spy camera pen captures images at 2560*1440 quality.

What other things it can do?

Well, apart from the hidden camera, it’s quite a pen as well. You’ll get a couple of ink refills to use. Also, in case you want to use it for file transfer purposes, it can act like a 16 gigs Pendrive as well.

  • 16GB of memory. 
  • 1920*1080p video quality in AVI format. 
  • 2560*1440p image quality. 
  • Can act both as a recorder and a USB flash drive. 
  • Comes with two ink refills. 
  • Quite user-friendly design. 
  • Ease to control and access ‘Start/Stop’ button.
  • The ‘Start’ button is too sensitive to press.

Product Alternative

In case you’re willing to pay a few bucks more for a pen spy camera that can shoot higher quality photos(4032*3024), a bigger memory(32GB) and a longer battery life(2.5 hours), then LKcare Spy Pen can be an ideal alternative of this one.

Ehomful Wearable Body Camera

Ehomful Wearable Body Camera

Product Overview

Are you bothered by the troublesome neighbour or colleague at your workspace? Or maybe in search of a hidden nanny camera that looks far from an actual camera?

If the answers lean towards positive, the Ehomful Wearable Body Camera is for you. You can carry it right on your chest pocket just like you carry your pen. In case you don’t need it to be there, it can be placed on the desk, the neck and even with a lanyard.

The bottom line is, it’s a pretty good self-defense or spying device that you might love to put your hands on.

Let’s dig deeper on the specs-

A minimalistic feature of this device is, you don’t need to get an extra USB cable to attach to it to transfer files. It’s got a built in USB port, and that’s the end of its connectivity story! While you transfer the files, it would also charge itself in the meantime.

As long as capturing a wide range of area is concerned, this wearable camera is the thing for you. It’s got a 120 degree field of view with nothing blurry or low quality.

Talking about the quality, it can record 1080p Full HD videos at a rate of 30 fps. The video files won’t be that much larger and find a good accommodation for them in the massive 64GB space inside. However, in case you want to insert a smaller memory card inside, that’s also an open door of possibility.

Not worrying about the space, you can record videos for 3 straight hours on a single battery charge. The 240 mAh battery might seem a little under the bar. But as long as you’re not using it all day long, it’s good enough to go.

Impressive for such price, right? We’ve also found it a budget-friendly tool for those who’ve to spy or defend themselves in secret.

  • 1080p Full HD video quality. 
  • 140 degree wide viewing angle. 
  • 240 mAh battery can run the device for 3 hours straight. 
  • Built-in USB port to let the cable-hassle go free. 
  • Maximum 64GB of SD card supported.
  • No picture capturing facility.

Product Alternative

For a similar price range, we’ve got an alternative product called the KONPCOIU Mini Body Camera Video Recorder in hand. It’s motion activated, comes with a 32GB SD card, and has got a massive battery(1100 mAh) inside. The camera also can rotate at 90 degrees to provide you control on every frame you’re shooting.

TAOZHI WiFi Hidden Cameras with Motion Detection

TAOZHI WiFi Hidden Cameras with Motion Detection

Product Overview

If you ask us about the most unnoticeable hidden camera that we’ve ever come across, TAOZHI WiFi Hidden Cameras with Motion Detection will definitely top the list. It’s so much undiscoverable that anyone would just think of it as a button of your coat. In fact, there are 9 different DIY lenses to match it with whatever color of coat you wear.

Yes, it’s one hell of a camera to spy on someone with!

At first impression, the price seems a bit overrated. But wait till we prove it’s worth by explaining the specs one by one.

Firstly, it’s the wireless connectivity. You would hardly see a camera like this sort to be able to connect to WiFi and stream live videos. But this one can do that.

In case you need the cam to be motion-sensitive, it’s a YES from this device’s end. It can either record or snapshots as long a movement appears in front of it.

The battery life is literally massive for the price. It comes with 600 mAh battery, which will let you record for 3+ hours. In case the video files are large enough, there’s a 128GB maximum space available. But just like most of this sort of device, you have to buy the SD card separately.

The only hassle with this device is, you’ve to carry an adapter with you. This is because the power support and live streaming is quite simple to put in such a small camera itself. But as long as you’re hiding it all under your coat, it won’t be noticeable at all.

  • Comes in a ‘button’ size, with 9 DIY lenses. 
  • Quite impossible to detect even from a close distance. 
  • Wide-angle lens with HD processing chip. 
  • WiFi streaming through mobile app. 
  • Advanced motion detection enabled. 
  • 128GB SD card mountable. 
  • 600 mAh battery to back it up for up to 3 hours.
  • Comes with an inseparable adapter, which isn’t easy to handle openly. 

Product Alternative

A similar product with almost the same design that offers a handful of higher specs(two connection ways, multiple users, loop recording) is Cam Mall WiFi Mini Nanny Cam with Dual-Lens. It offers 2 hours of battery life with it’s 500 mAh battery. And you’ll get a micro SD card reader with it as well. 

FUVISION Photo Frame Hidden Security Camera

FUVISION Photo Frame Hidden Security Camera

Product Overview

If you’re not looking for a carriable hidden cam and in search of an indoor one, how does a hidden photo frame camera sound to you? It will see through it’s vision in both day and night, and it’s a complete surveillance assistant for both nannying, nursing home, office and of course, your own home.

Wondering the model? It’s called the FUVISION Photo Frame Hidden Security Camera.

The manufacturer had done some real wonder about the battery life of this device. With it’s high quality Li-ion battery, it can record for 30 straight hours on a single charge. In case you keep it unused, it will be available for 365 days.

As long as it’s about security surveillance, this gadget is a bang for the buck. There is a motion detection technology to keep yourself updated about any secret intruders into your home. The 1080p quality videos will let you have a clear insight of whatever this device has recorded.

And that works for not only in the daytime but also at night. It’s no-glow IR vision would see till 8 meters from where it is, and the intruder will receive no hint about its existence.

In terms of connectivity, it enables a 2.4 GHz WiFi, through which you can remotely control and access your camera. Through the YIEYE app, you can control, download, access and even stream the videos live!

Last but not the least, the photo frame itself is a good design and sports an impression for your home decoration. You can either set it up right on a table or hang it on the wall anyway.

  • 2.4 GHz wifi with live stream and control via app. 
  • Night vision till 8 meters. 
  • 64GB memory card capacity. 
  • 1080p video quality.
  • Motion detection with app notification. 
  • 30 hours of battery life. 
  • 365 days of standby mode.
  • Lengthy setup process.

Fuvision Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock

Fuvision Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock

Product Overview

We’ve covered hidden cameras that come into the shape of a pen, photo frame, sunglasses, chargers and whatnot! But you know what’s the most innocent looking cover for a hidden camera is? Yeah, it’s an alarm clock. And this time, the Fuvision Hidden Camera WiFi Alarm Clock is up on the podium!

Before anything else, let’s discuss the features of the alarm clock itself. It’s a digital clock with buzzer, snooze timing, non-display/display clock mode and a wireless stereo speaker.

To back this device up, there is a 3200 mAh battery, which will keep it awake for 5-6 hours at a stretch. In case you want a continuous live view, all you need to do is to connect it to a USB power.

The no-glow night vision is another extraordinary feature, along with it’s 30 feet visibility. And with all the videos it records, it puts a date/time watermark for accurate surveillance.

A dual recording mode is what you can choose from. The first one lets your device record videos constantly. You can view live stream through the app that runs on both Android and iOS. And the second mode is based on motion sensor, which is quite an energy and space-efficient option.

The video quality is a regular Full HD(1920*1080p) and it covers a viewing angle of 125 degrees. To store these clips up, you can add SD card of up to 128GB, which is massive!

  • Non-visible night vision for upto 30 feet of distance. 
  • Runs on WiFi and alerts through the app. 
  • Built in stereo speaker. 
  • 125 viewing angle with 1920x1080p resolution. 
  • 3200 mAh battery life to back up for 5-6 hours. 
  • A convenient table alarm clock with hands-free features. 
  • The price is not within low-budget regime.

Tips to Hide The Camera to Capture the Footage

We are no secret agents or spies. But as long as you’ve made up your mind to go for a hidden spy camera, we’ve done a fair amount of research to discuss on how to hide one. 

Many of these covers already come built in with the camera that we’ve covered in this post. We’ve started with the list of those covers at first. Later on, we’ve brought those places/items in the podium that can hide any mini camera into them. 

Here are the top covers that you can hide your camera under- 

Hiding Camera Under USB Chargers

If you’ve got a wall outlet at the central position of your room wall, this is probably the best place to set a hidden camera. These USB Charger cams pull power from the AC outlet. So, you don’t have to bother yourself about recharging the battery. 

Hiding Camera Under Pen

As long as you’re intended to record someone in secret while a meeting is going on between you and him/her, this is the best way to hide a camera. You can put it right in your chest pocket, and no one will have even the slightest amount of doubt.

Hiding Camera Under Alarm Clock

As an essential entity for every bedroom or living room, a camera hidden in an alarm clock will resonate no doubt in the mind of any intruder. On top of that, the position where an alarm clock is supposed to be, covers almost every corner of the room.

Hiding Camera Under A Sunglass

Well, this might seem awkward, but it’s the smartest camouflage for a spy camera outdoor. Through the lens of the camera, you’ll get the same viewpoint as your eyes would. So recording what you want and how you want becomes easier than ever.

Hiding Camera Under Artificial Plants

An artificial plant can be the best thing to hide your camera in, so you do not have to worry about the sustenance of the plant and on the other hand a decor piece will be added to the room without anyone knowing it.

Hiding Camera Under Stuffed Toys

A stuffed toy can replace the Trojan horse of the old time today. Putting the camera in the stuffed toy and placing the toy on such a point where it can capture the view of the whole place is going to be ideal.

Hiding Camera Under A Tissue Box

A tissue box can also serve best to provide a home for your hidden camera. All you have to do is take a decorative tissue box. Make holes in it so that the camera can work and then stuff some tissue papers in it so there is the least suspicion about the box.

Hiding Camera Under An Old Bookcase

An old bookcase can also be a safe as well as a nice home for your hidden camera if you wish not to reveal it. Make sure the book is not inviting at all so there is no chance for anyone to grab it to read. The older the bookcase, the better it is for hiding the camera.

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