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Arlo Pro 2

Home security is taking a new dimension with the coming up of several DIY concepts that are really working in practical terms when it comes to safeguarding our properties from unwanted guests. We shall be considering two of the popular models and place them side by side with the objective of determining the best among the two. The two models under review are the Arlo Pro 2 and Ring Spotlight; we shall be considering them under the caption: Arlo Pro 2 Vs Ring Spotlight.

The features of the two will be allowed to speak for them. This is no advertisers gimmick; it is rather a true reflection of the features that you will get from each of them on their individual basis.

  • Looking at the Ring Spotlight, it comes with the technology of bright concentrated light. This light is motion activated. Looking at the setup of the Arloo Pro, it does not have this type of technology. One up for the Ring Spotlight camera
  • When you want to view live feeds, the Arlo Pro will offer you the luxury of a three-second look back when you are viewing the live feeds. You cannot get this option with the Ring Spotlight. The equation between two will balance out.
  • There is beauty in having a continuous recording of events through the security camera. If you desired this feature among the two, then you must go the way of Arlo Pro. If you look in the direction of Ring Spotlight, you will not get the benefits. Arlo Pro takes the lead again.
  • If you want to go an option that has the technology of cloud storage between the two, then you have to look in the direction of Ring Spotlight. You will not get that from Arlo Pro.

Can you observe the ding dong affairs gotten from the features of the two so far? That is the actual reality looking at the features that each of the models possessed when it comes to the practical use of any of them.

  • The field of view is very important in the security camera. The wider the field, the better the results gotten because you will get more radius of capturing the image on the camera. When it comes to the field of view, the Ring Spotlight has it because the field of view that it boasts of is 10 degrees larger than the technology that comes with the Arlo Pro.
  • If you are to choose between the two based on their ability to detect the face of intruders in your home, the choice among the two is glaring. Where you to go for the Arlo Pro 2, you will not be able to achieve desired results because facial detection is not available there. However, with the Ring Spotlight, it will be pretty easy to detect the face of the intruder.
  • When it comes to the risk factor, you can as well give it to the Ring Spotlight. Where you report to the service provider that your camera is stolen, you will get a replacement because there is a lifetime replacement guarantee on the camera. You will not get this benefit from the Arlo Pro.

Going through the Features that we have mentioned above, can we then give it to any of the two based on the strengths of their great features? Perhaps you have to wait a little further as we delve into more details concerning the two before you take a definite decision between the two.

  • The capacity of the lithium-ion battery of both models is the same; they can last up to six months. Battery capacity is a major issue in security cameras if they rate equally, then the difference between the two can be excused.
  • Both devices use mobile apps for their controls
  • The two cameras can connect through your home wireless signal and network
  • When it comes to getting a clear vision during nightfall, both models use infrared night vision modes
  • When you look at the set up of both cameras, there is the option of a live feed viewing on both cameras.
  • Taking a look at the ease of installation of both models, it can be seen that both cameras have an excellent user interface. It is pretty easy to set them up.
  • Taking a look at their power supply options, each of the two has three different power supply options. In that wise, you can as well rate both models as equal in that direction.
  • There are cloud storage options in both Aro Pro 2 and Ring Spotlight. The Arlo Pro has four cloud plans as against the two that you will get from Ring Spotlight.
  • There are wireless communication options in both divides. With each of them, the wireless options will effectively enable you to connect with your wireless network. Each of the companies has a mobile app that you can fall on.
The apps that we are talking about here are very similar in appearance. You will need them to set up any of the devices and use it as a medium for controlling them. You can do all you wish through the apps which will bring out the beauty in your efforts to effectively monitor your home. You can get a look at live video feeds through this app.

There is a two-way line of communication here which will enable you to use your mobile device as well as the push-to-talk button. You can effectively view recordings on your television with both cameras. To be fair to the two models under comparison, their mobile apps, as well as voice commands, work alike.


Deciding on any of them as the best is a daunting task. Give it to the two; they both have their high points. Take a look at the features and it should form the basis for your choice. Where you find features that catch your fancy most in any of the two; then for you, that is the best security camera of the two.

Alex Dantas

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