Smallest Spy Camera in the World


Recoding a video without the subject knowledge is easily possible with the help of little spy cams. Little camera is not visible so subject don’t take notice because spy cam has long focus lens or capturing all the view of a suspect. Most of the time, reality TV shows and other TV programs commonly use these cams. On this stage suspect some time unaware or some time aware. Hidden cameras as built-in commonly used products like Television, clock, Ball caps, Plant, Mobile Phones, Motion Detector, smoke detector, and radio. Sometimes pen spy camera is also used to detect suspects. There is a lot of range Small Camera for spying. Spy cameras are also helpful in protection and safety use; it’s also helpful in Investigations too. Spy cams are used to record audio and video in many crimes, these kinds of videos can use as evidence in court by law. Security officers need this type of equipment to record crimes or suspect at the spot. Spy cams usually tiny and didn’t show to everyone that’s why little spy cams are also a great invention of technology. Day by day many extra functions and features added in these cams.

Smallest Spy Camera has become very dangerous sometime in our social life because many privacy issues rose. There are too many ways to use these spy cams like when you are not in the home but We want to close watch on our children routine and their caretaker entrusted with the job by the help of spy cams we know caretaker of Childs or nannies play appreciating job or not. It can also use in the business environment, home security, keep eye on workers in the shop and recording the meeting. Here we discussing some best smallest spy camera in the World.


1:E-Bo trade Direct portable Alarm clock spy Camera


When we are looking for nanny cams which help for our home security then eBo Trade direct alarm clock with a spy camera is the best choice. The result of this spy cam is capturing the crystal clear images with HD full-color video; it is more pixels than a DVD. The quality of HD video enables us to easily spot anything which appears in spy cam videos. Easy to install and spy cam will do all the works when we just click on it. This spy cam could store the data and the data is portable. We can easily view this camera by using a spy cam USB port.


  • Alarm Clock
  • Thermometer
  • Calendar
  • Backlight
  • Item size 2.8*2.6*0.8
  • Pocket size or travel clock
  • Snooze function
  • Folding compact and portable size
  • Easy to stand on the table, study table bedroom desk and office desk



  • Portable Data
  • Recording time is 12 hours
  • HD Image capture
  • Remote control operations
  • Less expensive



  • Less attractive


2:Tatathink TT531Wn-PRO


The TitatHink TT531WN-PRO camera is designed as a clock; no one guesses this is the clock or spy cam. Everyone assumes that it’s not spying cam its only clock. A camera can record video in 720 HD with the best quality. Tiny spy cam has 1280* 720 resolution is good enough to capture the detail in every frame video. Wi-Fi feature is also an additional quality of this tiny spy cam so we can see view the time video on the smartphone. Recording Audio and capturing images in real time format with the help of night vision. Good point is that capturing the image in low light conditions because it contains 2 high power IR LEDs with infrared light. It comes with 16 GB SD card but its support up to 64 GB SD card. This spy cam can email alerts to on our phone when it captures suspected activity with the help of built in the technology of motion detection. Though it’s easy to use and very simple features, the Wi-Fi function is easy to set up and this device is work wirelessly. A single charge offers 3.5 hours for recording video.


  • Night Vision camera
  • High-Quality camera HD 1080*720P
  • By using Wi-Fi, we can see live footage
  • Built-in Micro SD card
  • Motion Detection
  • Audio can record 64 square meter distance
  • The audio system also allows speaking outwards.
  • Installation is easy, despite all the advanced features it’s not a complex device to set up and its use.
    Easy to set up with modern smartphones
  • When a battery is plugged into power then its supply 24/7 otherwise average timing of battery is 3.5 hours



  • like a desk clock
  • An app is Easy to install
  • The setting is also easy to adjust
  • Helpful for monitoring office or bedroom


  • App software needs some improvement
  • Low frame recording
  • Small battery lifetime
  • Poor quality in low light


3:Fredi HD Mini Spy Camera



Another affordable camera is FREDI HD mini spy camera. It can record videos while on the go. We can attach it on anything because it’s extremely small. The size of the camera is too small that’s why no one can detect it and with IP Functionally. We can be accessed from the internet.

Once we place it on anything, we can record video from anywhere because no distance limitation is here. It can connect with smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. The function of motion detection takes the picture and sends to our tablet or phone.

There is no SD Card is placed in the camera but it supports 32 GB SD card. This device is supported to a 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connection so that we can monitor our pets, home or office.


  • Support real-time video recording
  • World’s smallest DVR video camera
  • No risk of personal information
  • Loop recording and time stamp
  • Time and date stamp CAN be adjusted but loop recording is a default
  • Build in 400 mAh battery.
  • Video recording on the day is 2 hours and in nigh is 1.5 hours when a camera is fully charged



  • It can be set anywhere
  • Instruction is easy
  • Wi-Fi connect allow us for real-time monitoring.



  • Circuitry can get warm


4:MINUTE HD 1080 spy pen



This camera is also listed in small camera for spying. A very popular spy camera with 1280*1080 HD resolution .this spy pen is the built-in rechargeable lithium battery. A 16 GB SD card is placed in it but this spy cam can support up to 32 GB SD card. It records the video continuously 60 Minutes, a single button is used to start and stop the recording of video. We can watch this video on our Computer because the USB cord makes it very easy to extract this video. It can record 178 minutes of video in its memory. In the end, this best little spy cam is available to plug n play spy pen cam in the market with high recording resolution.


  • FHD 1080 P quality
  • We can record videos in FHD 1920*1080
  • Picture quality is 250*1440 with the FHD lens,
  • Super battery which is rechargeable 260mAH capacity
  • Pen camera into 2.0a USB port on the computer with USB cables
  • 12-month warranty
  • Motion detection and loop recording
  • We can connect to the customer’s service team.



  • It blends into the everyday environment
  • It can record video in low light
  • Only one button interface is easy to use
  • Design of pen is just like standard desk pen



  • The activation button could be concealed batter


5:FREDI 360 wide camera Blub

It just looks like a Regular light but it works secretly. FREDI 360 wide camera secretly recording videos and take photos on SD card. It is LED spy Blub. This device is one of the best product t keep an eye on our homes.

LED blub spy cam can record everything around it with the help of super wide view. so we can see what is actually happening in our homes. A night vision function can record day and night view. Quality of video is 1280*720 resolutions with genuine color. Easy to and Wi-Fi option is available.
The best feature of this cam is Loop recording, fast charging, night vision, and motion detection.


  • Led light in a hidden camera
  • We can record both video and audio
  • Camera super wide view with 360 angle
  • This setup is very easy and fast
  • Record video and images when motion events detect.
  • We can also view remotely live on our smartphones.
  • This spy cam has a motion sensor of the multi-zone and adjustable sensitivity.
  • We can view our camera online within minutes.
  • 360 wide angle view



  • Two-way Intercom
  • UN expensive subscription
  • When kids on vacation this device is great for talking them
  • 24-hour video can record



  • It is difficult to setup Alarm Zone


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