Why you need to have an auto security camera at the first place

Are you getting scared of listening to the scary stories of the burglars entering the houses and damaging the property of the people?

Is the idea of leaving the kids back at home with the nanny haunting you with the ever increasing crime rate in this field?

Do you wish to make sure that everything is going good while you are away from your home?

Do you want your life to be free of the worries of the home while you are on the go for may be a holiday or some other occasion?

Do you want to be sure about your pet being safe and not getting into some mischief at your back?

If any of these are the cases with you, then here we are to tell you that the auto security cameras are your solution for the problem. Once you put them around the house, you can enjoy the peace of mind that you are keeping a close watch at the happenings inside the house.

The latest auto security cameras are so much advanced that you can view the multiple real time videos from different parts of the house on a single screen on your mobile phone easily. Also, if there is something happening in the house or around the house that is worth noticing, then the camera will send an alert to your mobile phone, so that you can switch to the real time video and check what is going on. Once you know what the trouble is, you can act in time to save the day.

These auto security cameras are proving highly helpful for taking care of the kids when parents are not around. Even if the parents are away, they can check the activities of their kids with the help of these cameras. There are thousands of cases in which the child got himself in trouble and was near to die when the parent or the nanny responded in time due to these cameras and saved their lives.

Owing to such benefits of these cameras, the homeowners are rushing to the nearest home security stores and are buying these cameras so that they can install them in their homes and get the best out of them.

So if you also are eager to buy such a camera, you need to continue reading this post as you will find a detailed review of a camera as well as you will learn so much more about the auto security cameras that you are going to love having them.

Are these security cameras good for the homes only?

You must understand that these cameras are not meant only for the home security but also for the security of the offices and businesses. These cameras find their application in the public areas as well where the number of people is large and it is hard to keep a check on every single person. Therefore the law enforcement agencies install these cameras at different points in the public areas and a team is set there to keep a check on the real time footages. This helps them learn about some criminal activity and to catch the person responsible for it easily.

What are the things that need to be kept in mind when choosing such a camera?

Looking for these cameras and finding them is not something of much difficulty but finding the precise camera that can fulfill your needs fully is something that you need to pay attention to. As there is a huge variety of these cameras available in the market, it becomes hard to decide which one is the most suitable for you and which will suit your demands the best. So here we are to help you out in this regard. We have prepared a small guide for you to decide which camera you want to have for your property and what you need to consider before you make the final decision for buying it.

Coverage requirement and camera count

The first thing you need to consider for the purchase of the security cameras is to look for the coverage you want to have. Sometimes and some places require only one camera to look out to. For example installing a single camera to the front door of the house can give you the required results. But if you have to place a camera in each room separately or if you are looking forward to get the cameras for the office, you will have to go for the multiple number of them and purchase them accordingly. The auto security cameras in the market are available in single as well as in the form of packs.

Kind of video you want to have

The next thing to consider while choosing the camera is to understand what kind of footage you want to have. Do you wish to have a camera that can record the videos all day and then you can view them at the end of the day to know what had been happening behind your back. Or you are looking forward to purchase the camera that has the facility to provide you with the live video stream all day long, from multiple views or for multiple viewers.

Night vision recording or not

Once you have decided on the above mentioned factors, the next thing you want to pay attention to is the need for the night vision. At some places, such as offices, that close at day time, this feature might not be required. While for the others it could be something worth noticing. Whichever is the case, you must decide it at the time of purchase.

Now let us get a complete review of one of the best auto security cameras, so that you get to learn about the features they have to offer and the way they can facilitate you.

TENVIS HD IP Camera – Wireless IP Camera with Two-way Audio, Night Vision Camera, 2.4GHz & 720P Camera for Pet Baby Monitor, Home Security Camera Motion Detection Indoor Camera with Micro SD Card Slot


This is one of the best and top rated cameras on amazon.com, which you can easily have for your home or business. The camera can be bought in the form of a pack or single so you can make your pick according to your need.


Night vision feature

The night vision feature of this camera is something extra ordinary as it has the ability to look up to 32 ft. in the pitch dark and give you the best results for it. The camera has a long range of the IR lights that help it see in the dark and can provide you footages equally clear in day and night.

Brilliant clarity

The camera also have the 1280*720 pixels of resolution, an amazing and powerful lens that allows it to capture the videos and images in high quality and provide you with the results that are crystal clear and rich in details, perfect for the security and surveillance purposes. The camera also has the remarkable feature of motion detection, something that allows it to capture every details required and on the other hand helps save the battery life as well. With the help of this detector the camera only records the video when there is some motion in the field of view.

Smart alarm and two way audio

The camera also has a smart alarm that, on detecting some kind of motion, sends alerts to the phone of the owner of the house and helps them tackle the situation well in time. On the other hand, the camera has a microphone and a speaker at both the ends so you can communicate with the other person easily.

Stable and smart network

With the help of the Wi-Fi connection that is given to this camera, you can easily configure the connection. In just one click you can finish the configuration of the camera with the network and start getting the desired output from it in just no time. Also the connection is stable and it allows the owner to interact with the camera with the help of the smart phone. All you have to do is to command the camera to start or stop making the video and it will do so easily. So the stable connection proves helpful to you a lot.

Perfect camera

The camera features we have discussed till now make it the perfect choice for the home security cameras and are the best ones available on amazon.com as well. The free replacement and money back guarantee make it more attractive for the buyers.


  • Extra ordinary video quality
  • Free replacement policy and money back guarantee


  • A bit expensive compared to the other options


If you are willing to spend some good money on something that is worth it, then try spending it on buying this camera, which will sure prove to be the perfect choice for you and your family’s safety.

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