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Batteries are the electric device which holds power and consists of a positive part and negative part just like magnets, but there are special types of batteries for wireless security cams. They could be lithium, Li on, etc. These batteries can be easily purchased from markets and stores. However it is recommended to choose or select best batteries in terms of its qualities and long life or lasting, so you could be less worried regarding the negative factors of batteries affecting the performance of your camera.

Following are the best batteries for your camera product, with its features and pros and Mankind, when came into existence, faced different types of threats throughout the years. However, time to time we human come up with new ideas to be vigilante regarding the matter of security, among those ideas there was the idea of security cameras. Security cameras are used worldwide, in houses, in offices, in schools, etc. This technology has been very helpful for example: At some market, a robber came and looted money from the shopkeeper and went away, but left the image of his face in the recording of a security camera, now it will be easy to track down the criminal.

However many cameras which are used, have wires and are tricky to be placed by a normal person. As it is human nature to make things simpler and easy as it can get, that’s why “Arlo cameras” came up with a solution, the cameras developed by them are wireless and can be easily set up by a normal person too. Suppose you are away from home and want to check if your house is safe or not, you can open the Arlo app (which can be downloaded from IOS and Android stores and check out the live recording, you can also see the saved recording too. People have started using this product because of its quality and solution. To activate the camera or to make the camera do its thing, it is required to place four batteries in it.


1:Arlo Battery Fast Charger and 650mAh Rechargeable Batteries for Arlo Wireless Security Cameras

The combination of the two best things results in a positive and productive outcome. Like that, the combination of Tenergy batteries and Arlo wireless security cameras. Tenergy is considered to be the best among the most of the batteries used for devices. You can have so many different varieties of Tenergy products, but its best to choose what is suitable for your wireless security cams. Once you have purchased the batteries of your demand, you can enjoy the outcome of its features.


  • Following are the specifications and features of Tenergy 3.7V Arlo batteries:
  • These batteries are reusable, which means you can reuse them 500 times.
  • These are manufactured in such a way that it can save your finance and eliminate the need to buy another set of batteries constantly.
  • Its designed is Arlo wireless security cams friendly.


  • The factor of rechargeable is the pros of the product.


  • Not for single use purpose.

2:Energizer lithium CR123A batteries


Energizer was founded in 1896; this brand’s batteries are commonly used in many products. The quality and standard of these batteries are remarkable as they are used by so many people around the globe. One of the best things about these batteries is that they are made specially to profit your camera device. Remarkable branded batteries give you remarkable features and specification.


  • Energizer CR123A batteries features and specifications are as follow:
  • These batteries have 10 years of shelf life, making its life big.
  • Has the capacity of 1500 mAh.
  • Temperature limits: -40 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius (-40 degree Fahrenheit to 140-degree Fahrenheit).
  • Has lithium CR123A, giving it the property of “not expiring soon”.


  • We can also use word advantages too, however, the specification and features of these batteries can also be considered as the pros or advantages of it, like long-lasting property, etc.


  • It is not rechargeable. This could be a disadvantage for some people.

3:ERB rechargeable batteries


Many companies claim that their batteries are best, but only the type ones which are approved by user’s products are considered to be suitable. Among the many suitable choices for the wireless security cams and other products, ERB batteries are well known in the field of electronics. If the features and specifications of these batteries fulfill your requirements, then what more you need?


  • Following are the features of the ERB rechargeable batteries, for your awareness:
  • Don’t be worried regarding the volume power side as these batteries have high volume power juice property, for the good performance.
  • If you are a seeker for rechargeable batteries, be happy as it can be recharged 1200 times, even if drained partially or fully and of course it will make your mind relax regarding.


  • The specifications and features of the battery can be considered as advantages, such as the property of recharging, etc.


  • For some people it is a disadvantage to not have a long-lasting property such as of lithium batteries, having approx 10-year shell life.

4:Duracell ultra CR123A batteries


Batteries which are product friendly (meaning the requirements to make the product work at best level) are more prominent in the world. The brands who keep up with the modern age needs always win, such brand is Duracell. Duracell is a highly trusted brand worldwide, its products are made in the U.S.A, and when it comes to power it is very hard to find any match of Duracell ultra CR123A batteries. These batteries are used for products like medical system, alarm devices, flashlights, Arlo wireless security cameras, etc.


As human beings, we are interested to have many cool qualities from just one product. Duracell ultra CR123A has many features and specifications for you. These features and specifications are defined as follow:

  • The factor which makes it perfect for devices is that It features 3 volts of power.
  • Has weight 17.0 g. suitable for products like flashlights, security cams, etc.
  • Height 33.4 mm and diameter of 17.0 mm, standard sizes for respected devices.
  • The battery is long lasting having 10 years of shell life, because of its chemistry: lithium. You should be relaxed for a long time after choosing Duracell ultra CR123A batteries.
  • Current is also good as these batteries have the current of 0.5000 A.


  • Batteries are designed specifically by keeping in view the standard for devices. The single battery has an energy capacity of 1470 mAh. This is also the reason why Duracell batteries are among the highest.


  • These batteries have the chemistry of lithium which makes it a single use, meaning they cannot be recharged. One can say this property of lithium as a con.

5:Panasonic lithium batteries


Japan is known well for its contributions in electronics. Panasonic is a Japanese brand which was founded in 1918; this brand is well known internationally for its products like, air conditioners, refrigerator, batteries, etc. Many people are satisfied with their products. Panasonic lithium batteries are good select for your Arlo’s wireless security cameras. Check out the cool and interesting features of the batteries.


  • Once you are aware of what you are buying is good, it makes the experience of you with different products, more interesting. Following are the product’s specifications and feature, for your knowledge:
  • These specific Panasonic batteries are designed by designers, to be of lightweight.
  • If you worried about the factor of temperature affecting the batteries, so don’t worry, these batteries can tackle extreme temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Has the remarkable capacity of (mAh) 1550.


  • Long lasting because of lithium factor of chemistry.


  • Non-rechargeable

More useful information

Following are some useful information for you regarding the side of batteries.

  • It is recommended not to mix up different types of batteries from different types of the brand as it could result in less efficient or unexpectedly poor performance. Use batteries from the brand as a set, suppose Arlo security camera requires 4 batteries, so insert four of them, belonging to the same brand.
  • Beware not to mix up lithium and Li on batteries with each other.
  • Lithium batteries are not rechargeable, so kindly do not even think about making an attempt to recharge up the batteries, as it could result in fire, etc.
  • Don’t feel tempted or to rush in purchasing, batteries by is appearance or fake reviews. Many people from around the world are victims and are suffering from the poor performance of batteries.

Once you have placed the best suitable batteries for your camera device you can relax from the regarding side. Just open up the lid of the camera, insert the batteries, close the lid, activate the camera and place it where ever you like, but it is recommended to place the cams at least 7 feet above the ground. If you have any problem with the placement of Arlo cameras, you can check out its manual or the videos, demonstrating the activation and placing of the product.

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