Tips to make your home fool proof

We all love to have new homes and places of our own, we like to decorate them, accessories them and furnish them just like the dream homes and all we want there is peace. But there are factors in our society that don’t let us sit with peace be it the new homes or the older ones and that’s where we get to worry about securing our dear home. Yes, you guesses right, I am taking about the burglars and the threats they pose to the home owners.

Owing to the fact that the thefts and burglars appear every 15 seconds in the United States of America is alarming and it makes you think first for the safety, not only the safety of the house but the safety of the people inside the house is also important. So when you have spent a fortune building a new house, why not spend a little more to get the house fool and burglar proof?

To make things easier for you, we have gathered here the list of the simple yet effective ways of securing your home with the tips that you could enjoy as DIY or ask a professional for it. These tips have been gathered keeping in mind the common ways in which the burglars break into the house.

1: Secure all the doors and the windows of the house

Securing the doors of the house is the essential and the first tip that you must follow in order to secure the whole house since around 33% of the burglars enter the house through the front doors. You must check that the lock of the door is working properly, the hinges are not weak and the bolts are all in place. The wood of the door should not be very hollow and the door must be strong enough to withstand high pressure exerted against it. The front door does count a lot for the beauty of the house but you should not compromise the security of the whole house for that. Therefore you must double check the front door, back door and all other doors that lead outside the house for the security measures.

Similar to the security of the doors of the house, is the security of the windows. So if you want to keep your house secure, make sure that the windows are all closed and locked so that no one from the outside can enter the house. Adding grill frames to the outer part of the windows prevent the burglars from entering the house.

2:Invest in a good security system

Whether a simple one or a complicated and smart one, you must invest some good money in purchasing a security system to make sure that the house is safe. The selection of the complexity and functionality of the security system solely depends upon the situation of your area. If the theft rate is higher in there, then choose a good and highly functional security system but if the area is secure and safe them a simple security system can serve the purpose well. You can find a lot of variations in the security systems, they have alarms, smoke detectors, motion sensors for doors and windows, carbon monoxide and several other features to make sure your home remains safe while you are in or out.

3: Make use of the anti-climb paint

A lot of burglars enter the house by climbing the wall and entering your house through fences. To stop the unwanted people to enter the house, you can make use of the anti climb paint that helps put a barrier to those who want to enter the house by climbing. It is a non-setting petroleum gel that does not allow the hands or the feet to have a grip on the wall, thus the burglar keeps on slipping while he attempts to climb. Thus this paint in applied not only to the walls and pipes but also on the poles, rooftops and fences.

4: Apply CCTV camera on the entry points of the house

The CCTV camerascannot stop the burglars from entering the house in most of the cases but they have two major advantages. One that they are visible, so the intruder gets scared of getting caught on the camera or red handed so he would cancel the plan for entering the house, thus securing it. Secondly, if the robbery or the theft has occurred unfortunately, then the footage on the camera serves best as the evidence for the police later on when performing the investigation. This is a rather expensive home security idea but it has proved very effective in almost all the cases of theft.

5: Make use of lighting to stop the thieves

According to the reports from FBI, the burglars tend to enter those buildings, whether residential or commercial, that are in dark. While the buildings that have a lot of light flooding it, stay out of trouble since it is a general thought of the burglar to stay out of light in order to stay out of sight. It is a very inexpensive solution for the security of the house. You should add extra lights to the front, back and the sides of the house, especially at those points from where someone from outside can enter the house.

6: Talk to your neighbors

If you have some good and responsible people in your neighborhood, they also can provide extra pairs of eyes to keep a check on the activities going in your house when you are or you are not present there. So you should go talk to them, be friends with them and exchange the good idea of keeping an eye on the house while one of you is not around.

These are some of the tips and ideas that can help you secure your house and keep the family and possessions safe. We hope you found these tips helpful and you would soon be applying them to your house.

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