We all grew up by watching those spy movies where kids and adults are all in their tech-savvy modes, all suited in perfect skin-tight superhero suits and has those cool gadgets to deceive and kill the culprits who are responsible for the destruction and are responsible for all the problems happening in the world. And not just that the villains and the culprits are so intelligent that they couldn’t get enough from this world so they also invade the outer space and apparently are responsible for the mass destruction in the entire universe.

Anyways, the reason I am talking about all those movies is that of those cool gadgets that these super humans used to use when the enemy attacked. I was totally obsessed with those cool spy cameras and you might also want to know where you can find those cameras in the real world, so here is the review of one of the coolest and smallest spy camera in the world that might help you to find your superhero dream spy camera.




  • This camera only costs $34.99 which is not that much but the qualities that this camera has been remarkable.
  • The manufacturers of this camera say that it is one of the world’s smallest cameras that can fit anywhere and everywhere in any portable device you would like to. It attaches everywhere.
  • A very small and light weighted camera is shaped like a button and can store up to the data of 128GB in its TF card.
  • Recording and charging at the same time, this camera is highly compatible with loop recording and the video file length can be around starting from 1 minute to 20 minutes. Isn’t that awesome.
  • This camera works like a real cam giving you the quality images you would like to take, by giving you the HD results on 1080p.
  • The Wi-Fi camera makes it easy to use and one can easily connect to Wi-Fi from 30 meters of distance. Passwords are managed and the information that is in your device is not decodable through this device. Mobile phone internet connection also enables the camera so there are no worries if you don’t have any Wi-Fi available nearby.
  • Motion Detection sensor is amazing in this device; it activates crazily when it comes to detecting the movements. This feature is extremely useful to record the moves of the people who are not wanted.
  • The 200 mAh lithium battery makes it work and record up to 300 minutes and you won’t need any Wi-Fi or router to make the use of it.
  • This is a very good and wise investment that one can make by carrying their own personal security camera anywhere they want to on any desired device they wish to carry it with them. The best and the smallest spy camera in the world, it is.

2: UYIKOO Mini Spy Hidden Cam:

UYIKOO Mini Spy Hidden Cam


  • This circular spy hidden camera is just of $29.99.
  • The manufacturers of this camera claim that this camera is one of the smallest spy cameras in the world.
  • This portable pocket body camera can record both, the picture as well as the videos without making it obvious and be making others noticing its existence. Best for home and security monitoring
  • It provides the high quality and high definition videos and pictures up to 1080 and 720 HD. The video mode also possesses two options. One is 1920X1080p and the other is 1280X720p. You can select whatever format suits your surroundings and environment.
  • This also supports video recording, and it is amazing.
  • The problem with the night vision is also solved because the IR LED lights that enable the camera to record and provide a clear and concrete image of the surrounding even in the dark.
  • The motion detection technology is also available which increases the demand for this portable camera because it has those amazing detectable sensors that can identify any minor movement around in the surroundings making it recorded. It records and you can also set it to capture the snapshots of the problem that is happening in the surroundings.
  • The super and amazing quality of this camera is that it has the built-in lithium battery that can enable this camera to records and work for almost 100 minutes which is extraordinary and not all the cameras around has this technology.
  • Other than this, the company also one-to-one after sales services which makes it cooler.

3: NIYPS Mini Spy Hidden Camera:

NIYPS Mini Spy Hidden Camera


  • This little mini camera is has a supermini body, of 0.87 inches and 0.7 oz cube which is you can imagine how tiny it is.
  • The prize of this super small camera is just $36.99.
  • Because of the small size, it can record anything anywhere without grabbing the attention of others.
  • This records the amazing and clear pictures of 1920X1080P HD which you would love at the rate of 30 frames per second.
  • The care of night vision is also taken with 4 pieces of light and IR LED lights for the powerful and clear footage display.
  • It is considered to be one of the best smallest spy cameras in the world because it can work for 50 minutes when fully charged. This quality is not found in a lot of cameras.
  • It can save the data up to 32GB when the mini SD card is plotted in the slot.
  • The video starts recording on the motion detection and it works and saves the recorded video if it senses any uninvited guests in the surroundings.
  • The T- flash card enables this camera to perform the loop recording. It supports a flash card up to minimum 4 GB to 32 GB.
  • You can also use a camera or camcorder along with it as it can fix anywhere even in the collar or the corner of your house anywhere you want to.

 4:Shire star Hidden Spy Portable Video Camera:

Shire star Hidden Spy Portable Video Camera


  • This smallest spy camera in the world is just for $39.99 and it is one of the coolest cameras too.
  • This camera is the smallest DV camera, which is a fully polished shell and round with the best magnetic technology.
  • It is a portable camera that can be fixed anywhere one would like it to be attached, on the sides of the shoes, sleeves, pocket or collar.
  • One can charge this camera from a professional chip which is extremely easy to use.
  • This provides the amazing and clear picture by giving the HD quality of 1080p.
  • The camera has the support of TF card up to 32GB, so you won’t lose any details of the recorded images or videos.
  • For the home security surveillance, the camera has this motion detection sensor technology which enables the loop recording when the movement is detected in the front side of the obscure lens.
  • Whenever the SD card memory is full this camera is smart enough to record the details by simply overwriting on the memory of the oldest videos.
  • Within 60 days the full 100% return is available if you are willing to return it back to the manufacturers.




  • This mini hidden camera is just for $32.99, but extremely useful.
  • The size of this little camera is 0.92 inches and 0.6 oz cube is very useful in adjusting anywhere. Due to its small and concise measurements, it can be fixed anywhere even in the pocket or in the bathroom. That is why it is considered the smallest spy camera in the world.
  • The most amazing thing is that it records stuff without even grabbing attention towards itself.
  • It has 2 IR LED lights for the clear night vision in dark settings.
  • 115 degrees wide-angle lens makes up the ultimate 1080 HD that can produce a picture which can be of 12 million pixels and the HD quality will be maintained at 30 frames per second. How cool is that!!
  • You can easily put in the mini SD card in the slot given that will have all the previous data stored in it. This can take in the minimum 4GB card to maximum 32GB card in the slot.
  • Motion detection technology is also one of the main features. It records the footages and saves it up in the SD card if any changes or movement is detected in the vicinity.
  • Loop recording can also be captured through this device.
  • This super camera has the built-in Li-Ion batteries that can recharge and work for 60-80 minutes without dying. The good news is that it can also be charged while it’s working so there is no need to worry about that.
  • This camera is designed to face the most extreme environments and have this specific waterproof coating to stand out in adverse surroundings. Indoors or outdoors, Bathroom. Swimming Pools, or anywhere you want to you can attach them anywhere you want to.

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