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Security is one of the hot issues around the globe these days and special measures need to be taken to make your property and yourselves safe from the dangers lurking outside. There are a lot of ways in which one can provide security to the place where he needs it and the security cameras are the latest trend and the safest option for this all. The security cameras give you several benefits apart from the other means you use for the security. Using the security cameras along with the other means for safety can surely enhance the level of security for your place and can even promise to make it foolproof and more secure.

Benefits of Using Security Cameras

If you want to know the benefits that a security camera can give you then the list of these benefits is going to help you learn them a lot. Let us have a look at these benefits.

  • In case there had been some bad incident happening at your place, the security camera of course cannot jump and stop it from happening, but it can catch the whole scene and provide you, the police and the insurance companies with an evidence that this incident actually happened and how it exactly occurred.
  • Secondly, the presence of the security cameras can make the burglars scoot away as well. When a robber has something bad in mind but he sees a security camera hanging from the wall of the property, he senses danger of getting caught in action and therefore he simply refuses to complete what came into mind. This way he cannot continue what he wishes to do in the absence of the home owners.
  • Thirdly, with the help of these cameras, you have a chance to keep a check on the activities of the people that are linked to you. For example, you can look at what your kids, pets, parents and even the subordinates are up to while you are away. This way the supervision of the concerned person is never lost and the moments that you miss when you are away from them can easily be seen with the help of these cameras.
  • The internal crime rates regarding the baby sitters and the nannies have also reduced considerably with the help of these cameras and they can be used hidden as well. Abiding by the laws told by the state for installing a hidden camera, you can check what the nannies are up to while you are away and ensure the security of your kids.
  • The security cameras installed in the outdoors help keep a check on the vehicle and prevent their theft as well. Similarly when these cameras are used in the traffic signals, they provide live footages of the events happening on the road as well and can easily help the law enforcement authorities to catch the person responsible as well as help catch the criminals.

This way the security cameras are constantly providing the benefits to the people and the places where they have been installed and are successfully giving the required results. Now the purchase for the camera that you wish to have depends solely upon your need and how you want to proceed with it, what function and goals you need to achieve with the help of the camera and where and how you want to install it. All these factors greatly affect the choice of the camera you are going to have.

Types of the security cameras

The security cameras can on the larger scale be classified into two major categories, the wired cameras and the wireless cameras. Of course, the name tells us something about the both of these but we will be seeing the in detail in the following sections to let you learn more about them and to make you understand how you will be using them. Both the cameras have their own specific properties and their own uses, both have their own pros and cons so they are used accordingly in the areas where they are needed.

Now we will be taking a look at both the types of the cameras, their pros and cons, so you can decide which category suits you the most according to your requirement and then you can go on to buy it in the market. Once you will visit the market, you will get to learn that there are further many kinds of the security cameras that fall in the categories of the wired and wireless cameras. We will be discussing those types in some other post as well so you can get benefit from it and learn which camera is the most perfect option for you.

Wired security cameras

Wired security cameras

As the name suggests, the wired security cameras are those camera that need a live power supply to operate and to produce the real time video. For this they have to be mounted or installed on such a location where the wires can easily reach. When wiring this type of security cameras, you need to understand that they also need a connection to the nearest transmission network as well, so the cables to that connection are also needed. This way this camera works with the help of majorly two types of cable, one providing power supply and the other coming from the internet source.

These types of cameras are usually the PoE IP cameras and hard-wired analog cameras that require the Cat 5 or Cat 6 types of the Ethernet cables to get connected to the network for transmission of the signals. To get into more technical details, you will have to follow out other posts to learn in detail what these cables and cameras are, for now they are beyond this discussion.


  • There is no signal interference from the nearby devices
  • Most suitable security option for the large homes and commercial buildings
  • Provides comparatively safer and stable data transmission


  • These cameras are not portable at all
  • They require a lot of hard wiring so are difficult to install
  • You will need to drill holes all around the place to get them installed

Wireless security cameras

Wireless security cameras

As the name implies these security cameras are the ones that does not require any kind of the wires to transmit data or to get the power, rather they are connected without wires and with ease. The wireless security cameras are the latest trend in the world of cameras as well and it is selling like hot cakes due to ease of use and installation. These cameras typically require the batteries that help them operate and the batteries need to be charged from time to time to keep the cameras working. Now this all wire free setup of these cameras make them more portable and easier to deal with, but they also have some constraints that you will be seeing shortly.

For now, you need to understand that there are two major sources for the cameras to get charged when they are wireless.

  • One is the solar powered charge that makes use of the solar energy to efficiently charge the device
  • The second one is the battery operated one that gets charged with the help of electricity

So whichever option is suitable for you, you can use it to get the output from the cameras. Another great benefit of this camera compared to the wired one is that it does not require any wire or cable to get connected to the system network to transmit the live videos. Therefore they are totally wire free and hassle free type of the cameras.


  • Easiest and the simplest cameras according to the installation and maintenance
  • Most flexible with thousands of options to choose from
  • More portable so you can take them anywhere with you easily without much effort


  • They have the risk of getting hacked by someone
  • They can have signal interference from the other neighboring devices as well
  • They are comparatively expensive cameras


Now you have got the basic knowledge of both the types of the cameras, the wired ones and the wireless ones so you are now in a position to tell whether or not you want to purchase them. Your choice of the camera for the purpose of security will greatly depend upon the following factors.

  • The portability required
  • The budget you have for the purchase of the camera
  • The strength of the signal that you need
  • Availability of the power and network in the area
  • Aesthetics of the place where the camera need to be installed
  • Whether you want the camera to be hidden or revealed

These factors will help you decide on the choice of the right kind of camera for your property from your security cameras and will tell you whether you should go for the wired option or the wireless option for the security camera. We hope that our analysis helped you in making the right decision for the purchase.

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