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A lot has changed and is still changing in the technology of today. New ideas and inventions are coming up with every passing day of the week The need for security cameras cannot be over-emphasized because of the increasing wave of insecurity that we have to grapple with in the times that we are in. Talking about these security cameras, we know that it is customary for them to work in a situation where there is the availability of the internet.

Moving on, what becomes of areas far flung away where there are no internet connections? Can those areas be monitored with the almighty internet connections? That is the focal point of this article. We can gladly tell you that there are Security Cameras That Don’t Need Wifi to effectively have you covered.

When you go online, you will have choices that you can make among the options that are available. We shall be educating you on all the technical details that are involved in the technology in a simple lay man’s language with the objective of getting you fully informed about the inner workings of this technology.

Let us start by taking a look at the functions that your security camera is capable of carrying out without the availability of internet connections.

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Functions of Connect Camera with WiFi

–    When you connect a monitor to the camera, you will get the benefit of a live viewing through the camera.

–    You can save the CCTV footage on site to an SD card or to an NVR

–    You can make use of battery cellular security when you are in off-grid places

Having revealed the above functions, let us take it further by taking a look at how you can effectively connect your IP Cameras to your PC.

–    The starting point will be the task of charging your PC and security cameras to full capacity. You will require this because the performance of the camera with or without internet connections is tied to the power of the battery.

–    Get a network capable; with the cable, you can now connect your camera to the computer.

–    The third line of action to be taken is to locate the particular security camera address on your computer

–    Having taken all the three steps above; you can now change your PC’s IP address to the particular network prefix of your camera.

With the above steps, you are now connected without the availability of any internet.

Features of  a Camera without Internet

We are now going to take a look at the top expected features of a security camera that functions without the internet. There are several options online, this guide will serve as an eye-opener to determining the best that will work well for you. The online shoppers of today are much in a hurry. They have no time for research into the product before they click the order now button.

This is an excellent guide for those that desired the best option available in the market because when you are armed with the tips below, you can easily go for the best among the options that are online.

It should be noted here that the brand of your choice will determine what you are going to get from the model. There are some companies who are reputed for excellence in the industry; they will leave no stone unturned right from their drawing board in their bid to give their customers a concept that will gladden the hearts of their users.

With such supper performing cameras at your disposal, you will be able to effectively monitor the situation that is happening around your premises. The following are what you stand to get from the best of these cameras even when there are no internet connections:

Local Video Recordings

With the best of these cameras, you can effectively access local video recordings without internet enablement. When you install the best of these devices to help monitor your remote areas, it will allow you to save the video on NVR/DVR. With that arrangement in place, you can be sure of getting the surveillance on your property 24/7 without the internet.

How will this be possible? It is simple, the security camera will combine with NVR and a network of communication will go on between the two. This will be achieved through their propriety internet after they have been powered on. That is how the technology of things worked out here; so without your internet connections, the best of the models will give you all the details that you needed to effectively police your property.

4G/3G Networks

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The best among the cameras that operate without the internet using 4G/3G connections on their network. This is an excellent way of bypassing traditional internet connections. This is a great innovation because you can now observe what is happening at home while you are away from home on your mobile devices even without the benefits of internet connections.

It is necessary to sound this note of warning here once again that the result that you will get will be determined by your choice of a service provider. All the providers will only write what will make you click the order now button on their site. Where you have read their sales contents, take it up by looking at what professional reviewers are saying about the product delivery. It is only when there is a green light from such independent sources that you can trust any model online.

You can effectively view CCTV on your mobile phone with the backup of the best model online today. The best of the cameras available today will enable you to set remote viewing via your mobile devices and you can effectively monitor events in your home from your location. If an intruder is approaching your premises, you can scare him away even when you are far away from home. The best among the cameras will give you the benefits of achieving this result. The none availability of the internet or power supply will not stop the functioning of the best of these cameras. The bottom line is that you get the best available in the market. The reviews of happy customers are one to go about it aside what you will get from independent reviewers whose business online is to look for the best of the models and give an honest review on them according to what they see in their features.

Things To Consider Before You Order For Your Security Cameras That Don’t Need Wifi

14 - Security Cameras That Don't Need Wifi

The following are the considerations that you must use to determine the choice of the best among the options that are available online when you want to get a camera that does not need internet access to effectively monitor your property:

The Powering Options And Connectivity

The connectivity factor can be used to determine the option that will work best for you among the available online. Majority of the models online work through 3G/4G sim cards or Ethernet cables.  Of interest should also be the source of power supply to the camera. Is the power through a solar panel or rechargeable batteries? Those are factors that must be considered before you pick on any of the models online.

The Storage Options

There should be a particular interest from you on the storage options of the camera. Where the storage is not large enough, then you will well off if you look the other way. The storage must be large enough to accommodate a lot of varieties.

The Area Of Coverage

This is one area that should be of great interests to you. It should be a must-have feature in any security camera. The camera that does not use the internet should have an inbuilt capacity that can take in a wide area of coverage when you put it into operation.

The best of the cameras around today will deliver this feature and they are the ones that will serve your best interests. You must choose according to what you required the camera.

Push Notifications And Motion Alert

This is one of the finest features that you must get from a camera that will give you the desired results. You are expected to get the motion alert on your mobile device whenever there are movements around your property from wherever you are. The push notifications that you get will enable you to have live coverage of what is happening in your home at any point in time. You are entitled to know what is going on live on your premises and the best of the device will give you the best that you are entitled to.


Perhaps equally important is the vision of the camera. Where there is a blurred vision, it will make a mockery of the whole exercise. The vision should be clear and sharp. The camera that will give you excellence picture displays should have a night vision technology that will ensure that even at night, you will get a clear image of what is happening in your premises.

While you are away for long periods of time especially on your annual vacation, you can have the desired peace of mind with the best of this no internet camera in place because you will get a picture of what is happening at home through the footage of the camera.

Quality Of The Image

The quality that you will get displayed to you is of paramount importance. It is therefore advised that you go for a high-resolution camera. Your target should be a camera that supports within the region of 720P or 1080P resolution.

The Price

Another factor that you must consider in times like this that the global economic recession cuts across or strata of the economy are the price on offer. When you have gotten the best that you feel will serve your purpose, make a price comparison before you finally seal the deal. You will be surprised that there are price differentials in the unit prices on offer from the models. Go for the one that is more-pocket friendly and you will be surprised at the extras that you will save from undertaking such a survey.

However, where the price appears ridiculously too low, you must not fall for that because the quality in the case might be suspect.

The Advantages Of Security Cameras That Don’t Need Wifi

17 - Security Cameras That Don't Need Wifi

The level of reliability that you will get here is better. The data is transmitted through wires which is a safer and faster means of transportation

The cost of regular maintenance is out of the equation. You will never be required to change your batteries often. This is, therefore, an economical option when compared to the wired concepts.

If you want to cover a wider area, then you can effectively rely on the camera that works without the internet. It has the proven capacity to handle more sensors when compared with the ability of the wired sensors.

The incidence of security online is getting bigger with each day of the week As security measures are been taken, cybercriminals are busy perfecting the acts that will help them beat the security measures that are put in place. With the camera that works outside internet connections, there are lowers chances cyber hackings getting into your system to cause havoc.

Another advantage of the camera that operates outside the internet connections is the variety of control features that will give you full control of the operations on the camera.

Another big plus of this version of the camera is the inclusion of high definition video recordings.


It can be seen that using Security Cameras That Don’t Need Wifi is a possibility. It comes with its advantages. In as much as you are having the best among the available options, you will get full value on your investment. However, you will spend more on installation costs. When it is installed, you cannot move it around.

The advantages far outweigh the few disadvantages. Go for the best option available and you will definitely enjoy your money’s worth on your investment.

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