Night vision cameras

For burglars, the dark is not a hindrance rather an opportunity. Due to which it is vital to install the right technology for security purposes. Night vision cameras are the perfect objects for this job. They give a complete and clear view even in the dark. They cover all blind spots giving a perfect view even at night. Normally they are used for outdoor areas like entrances, driveways, backdoors and wherever something valuable is kept. But they can be used inside as well. They act as the first line of defense against all threats and provide evidence to the police. Anywhere there is a need for security in the dark; night vision cameras are the best options.

Shopping for the perfect night vision camera is not easy if you have no knowledge of it and no previous experience buying it. There are so many things to consider while choosing it. Camera resolution, field view coverage, WIFI range etc, in this review, we will cover all the specifics.

1:Yi Home Camera 2

Yi Home Camera 2

Yi Home Camera 2 tops our list with the latest generation of Ambarella S2LM chipset, a large aperture with 6 layers of the optical lens, low power sensor and much more. The quality of this camera is2x better than the previous one, this camera gives the high-definition image quality which you need to monitor your home when you are away.


  •  One of its best qualities is the amazing wide angle of 130 degrees that cover the entire view of the room. This makes it the best choice for indoor monitoring in the dark. Normally you have to choose the perfect spot to place your camera for an optimal view but the Yi home camera 2 removes that headache completely and allows you to put your camera wherever you want and still provides full coverage and excellent image quality.
  • This camera uses the new generation chipset from Ambarella, S2LM. It’s been combined with Panasonic MN3422X which is why it will give you incredible video quality. It will have low power consumption and low noise.
  • This camera is basically a cheaper version of another amazing camera, Nest Cam. Along with that it also allows local storage using an SD card. If you want extremely high-resolution images in the dark and be able to have a personal storage of your all your footage Yi Camera is the best choice for you.

2:Foscam FI9901EP

Foscam FI9901EP

For outdoor, it is the most powerful night-vision camera in this review list with better than Full HD Resolution-2560 x 1440p. With this camera, there is no need to waste money on bodyguards. It’s not just easy to install but by connecting Ethernet cable you can access it from your mobile and desktop, Giving you 24/7 live surveillance.


  • It has 30 IR Light Emitting Diodes that help out to penetrate the darkness up to almost 65-feet away.
  • Advanced WDR 2.0 technology helps improve image quality under all lighting conditions. Objects in dark or extremely bright areas are no problem for this camera.
  • This device gives absolute security and accuracy with 6x zoom. Have no doubts by zooming in on specific areas without any change in the image quality.
  • It is specially designed to ensure protection against all types of bad weather. The security monitoring that is yearly never stopped due to -4°F to 140°F operating temperature range.
  • It provides SD card capacity of 32GB so you can store the pictures and videos in it and review them later in your free time.
  • With a free mobile app and VMS, it’s the perfect outdoor night vision camera for personal use.

3. Ring Floodlight Camera, Night Vision, Motion-Activated, HD Security Camera, Two-way Talk, and Siren Alarm

Ring Floodlight Camera

Your old security camera is not meeting your standard now and you are looking forward to replacing it with a high-tech night vision camera. Here is just what you need.


Ring Floodlight Camera provides HD motion videos. It is very easy to set up and the wiring is very easy to be done by a le man. It is motion sensitive with two-way talk system which enables you to talk through it.

You can have the live stream of the camera on your PC or simply on your phone. Also, it has an alarm system to hush away the thugs or when any kind of suspicious activity is seen. Although having a typical traditional design like any other doorbell camera, it serves as a great on the watch camera and ensures your house’s protection through its various features. Powerful illumination, crisp camera footage, and a great application constitute in making it your right choice. Isn’t it really cool?


  • Wild field of view.
  • Affordable subscription plan.
  • Lets you set motion zones.
  • Excellent video quality.


  • No battery-powered option.
  • Needs to be near a Wi-Fi router for a strong connection.
  • Saving videos require a subscription.
  • Not weatherproof or water resistant.

4:Foscam C2E HD Wireless Security Camera 1080P

Foscam C2E HD Wireless Security Camera

This camera provides you footage’s with high resolution and crystal clear pictures. Foscam will always be connected with remote monitoring to you and your home by Foscam App working on a smartphone, Android, and this camera doesn’t support Mac or PC. If you want to manage or view your camera in your PC and Mac then you should try the R2C Foscam camera. In case you are looking for the best cheap night vision camera, then this might be your best option.


  • One of the best features of this camera is its sound and motion technology of detection. The app of real-time motion detection, as well as sound detection, push and alerts notifications as soon as any intruder, motion or movement is recorded in the radius of the camera.
  • The view of angle is ridiculously wide with 115 degree that provides you with more details as well as space. The night vision is around 26feet which automatically changes according to the decrease in light but you can also control it on your own manually.
  • The 8-hour cloud storage is absolutely free along with the validity of 12 months which is available on this camera used for any new subscribers of 2018 from service of Foscam cloud. There is no limitation of data space at all during the 8 last hours. You are able to view the footages live and playback them or save the alerts and watch them later.
  • Foscam provides you with the quality product at a good price without any hassle and a 30-day return as well as refund service with complete US Warranty.



Arlo is the only outdoor camera on this list that is completely wireless; it’s completely wire-free eliminating the hassle of cords and wires and allowing you to place it wherever you want. You can’t be in two places at once but this camera offers an extra set of eyes to keep your loved ones safe at a cheap and efficient cost.


  • The Arlo app gives you complete control by sending you instant notifications. You can view all your past recordings, personalize your experience and share access with others.
  • It runs on long-term batteries that can last from 4 to 6 months!
  • It is IP65 certified weather-resistant so no matter the weather outside you will get a clear and brilliant result. Most of the cameras provide blurry image regardless of being weatherproof but worry not as Arlo Camera is specially designed so it can provide you with the weatherproof high quality of footages.
  • The remarkable night vision quality lets you see objects and people even in pitch black darkness with crystal clear results.
  • As this camera is wireless, installing it is extremely hassle-free. No extra wiring or professional help is needed; you can install the camera yourself easily. This camera is used indoor as well as outdoor purpose.
  • Cloud storage Arlo provides is extremely free. You can review and store your recent activities in the cloud storage app.
  • Among its specifications is 1280 x 720p High-Definition resolution, 110° wide angle, 850 nanometers IR LEDs, and its range is up to twenty-five feet for Night vision

6.    Arlo Pro, Rechargeable, Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor 1080p HD, Works with Arlo Pro Box Station

Arlo Pro, Rechargeable, Night Vision Indoor/Outdoor 1080p HD

Facing problems with wires while connecting a security camera? Well, no need to hassle. 100% wireless and cord-free plus weather resistant Arlo pro night vision security camera is here to save the day. Stormy weather? Arlo pro is still at your service. It puts in all the effort required by a security camera. With a rechargeable battery, it becomes very special.


Due to its vast ranging specifications, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, you will get a 7-day free cloud live stream and recording. What more? It has a rechargeable battery too and is super efficient producing HD footage.

Two-way talk enabled and digital zoom. Not to forget the Arlo Pro app on both iPhone and Android which makes it super easy to use? This is the kind of camera that will meet all your requirements in a blink.


  • Easy installation
  • Improved video resolution.
  • Battery and traditional power option.
  • High-quality audio capture.
  • More durability.
  • Better integration.


  • High price.
  • Requires base station for use.
  • Incompatibility of top features with a battery powered option.
  • Does not record continuously.

7: Reolink RLC-411S IP Camera with Auto Focus

Reolink RLC-411S IP Camera with Auto Focus

You might find a bunch of night vision security cameras available in the market now, Reolink Auto Focus Camera is one of them. This camera has the features of night sight capacity that allows you to monitor your property throughout the day as well as night. If you are looking for the best cheap night vision camera then this is your best choice.


  • This camera has a zoom lens that comes with 36-degree to around 100-degrees viewing angle. You can easily zoom in the objects that are far away to see them closely without going closer yourself. You can even zoom out to have a wider view and a larger view.
  • Reolink RLC-411S does not settle picture and video quality.
  • You will receive the live streaming of everything that is going around right on your mobile device, Android and iOS.
  • This camera also comes with a built-in SD micro card of 16GB storage capacity which records and saves all the motions triggered events.
  • It comes with an SD card of industrial grade that holds long durability as well as reliability.
  • Its installation is absolutely easy and the software of this camera works very well.


  • It allows the option of playback
  • This camera is highly reliable
  • Super easy installation
  • For any Android or iOS and the mobile device, it is a compatible app
  • It is made with very durable products
  • It is completely equipped with good features
  • It allows you to keep your place in monitor instantly


  • This camera has problems with logging
  • Its software, as well as web interface at times, doesn’t work so perfectly

8: YI Dome HD Night Vision 1080P Wireless Camera

YI Dome HD Night Vision 1080P Wireless Camera

You would surely want your office and home secured either you are at or even away from your home. Installation is cameras for security purpose are being very common these days. Along with all the other cameras in market YO Dome 1080P Wireless Camera is also one of them which should be on the top of your best cheap night vision camera list.


  • This camera absolutely covers the whole area and makes sure that your home and workplace are totally secured, nonetheless you are there or not
  • The glass lens it has provides high-quality pictures, recordings, and crisp visuals
  • Regardless of the worst environmental conditions, this camera provides and works perfectly with the best results
  • The LED beads increase the visual capacity of the camera
  • Talking about its audio, it comes with a filter of anti-noise that helps in clearing any unpleasant sound which makes communication difficult
  • The intercom mode of this camera lets you speaker without any restrictions as the listener is listening and the hands-free mode lets both the speaker as well as listener to communicate freely


  • It has a very good feature of noise reduction
  • It sends message alerts right away to the user’s mobile device through apps
  • It provides clear videos as well as pictures
  • The night sight capability of this camera works very well
  • The motion sensors of YI Dome are very effective


  • This camera doesn’t have much storage space which is not efficient
  • The technical support that is provided is absolutely not enough
  • The device and the apps are very compatible

9:Zmodo Wireless Audio Smart Security Camera

Zmodo Wireless Audio Smart Security Camera

With a wide angle of 115 degrees 720 pixels HD provides you with the crystal clear captures in the day as well as night. This best night vision security camera review offers you the control of the sensitivity adjustment of night vision to automatic night vision that can see approximately up to 26ft in pure darkness.


  • A two-way audio system with high quality when microphone and speaker are used. It reduces the noisy background and provides better audio results. An anti-noise filter is built-in the system that automatically allows you to talk to your loved one wherever you might be.
  • Whenever a motion is detected a short video recording and an alert message is sent to you. The customizing option is also required for you so that you can set your own time about when you are willing to receive the alert message.
  • A 24/7 unending recording with its cloud services and you can also offer to customize, make videos or clips or even download pictures at any time of your choice. The motion detected recordings are stored on the cloud for about 36 hours just with no cost. The cloud also helps you by reducing most of the false alerts.
  • The camera’s base is 180 degrees rotatable. Zmodo also has a 3-year warranty, a return policy of 60 days and a tech support \u\s based for a lifetime.

10:Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Indoor

This camera is a must when your reading reviews of best night vision security cameras because of its capability to merge into the sizeable (Larger) Nest eco-system. Nest Cam Indoor surveillance camera acts as a second pair of eyes so you can go where ever you want and still be able to keep an eye at home.


  • During night time, the scotopic vision Nest employs 8 IR Light Emitting Diodes—not quite as Yi and many more—& the 130° wide-angle field of the vision. It battles all other cameras with Full High definition 1080p quality.
  • It doesn’t work on battery. These cameras plug into power so you don’t have to worry about dead batteries and miss something.
  • The two-way audio feature allows you to talk to a stranger and gaining their attention while sitting in your office cabin.
  • Nest sends you notification alerts in case any movement is seen so you are aware of whatever is happening. Unlike other cameras, it does not always annoy you with messages but will only alert you when someone is actually passing by.
  • Whether your kids have come back late from school or your dog has bitten on to your new pillows. With Nest Cam keep track of all the happenings around your home, it will work completely fine 24/7 hours.
  • Nest also offers you a subscription called Nest Aware subscription, where you can view all your Nest cam recordings 24/7! It will hold 30 days of footage safely in the cloud and you can access it anytime by just making an account.

11:xmartO HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera

xmartO HD 1080P Wireless Outdoor Surveillance Camera

The WIFI surveillance camera provides remarkable results with 2 million pixels of 1920 x 1080p comprehensible videos irrelevant of time whether it be day or night. All camera is supplied with the invisible night vision which enables you to see any object up to 80 feet in absolute darkness. The cameras are congenial, each given camera equips an audio port that allows you to attach an additional microphone to listen and record voice and this best night vision security camera review provides you with this feature without the need of an attached power cable. The cameras are also certified for weather resistance so are able to work both indoor and outdoor.


  • The wireless system is a complete dependent WIFI surveillance camera system and has its own built-in WIFI router. This indicates that it is a complete standalone system specially designed for long-range connections and trouble-free to your indoor home network. The NVR is provided with the high working with efficiency, allows you to even multiply the recording instance at the same video quality. 2TB HDD that is pre-installed offers you total 8 cameras that record 24/7 unceasingly for a month.
  • The system auto connects to the WIFI router the moment you switch the power on and when attached to the screen it immediately gives you the view of all 8 cameras. It is just a plug and enjoys trouble-free work.
  • The wireless system operates with or even without your home WIFI network because of its built-in WIFI system and this helps you in saving your bandwidth to a great extent.
  • Using Xmarto wireless system, viewing the camera and recorded videos on mobile devices is extremely easy. You just need to download the free app ‘xmarto wall pixel’ and then scan your Cloud ID and then you are ready to go. By the given free app you can also watch the live camera, watch the previous recordings, get the notifications, take snaps or videos and even share them through any source.

12. 4sdot, Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor Security Camera 1080P Wireless, IP Camera, Waterproof, Night Vision, Surveillance System with Motion Detection Alarm Recording, Video Camera Support max 64G SD Card

4sdot, Wi-Fi Camera Outdoor Security Camera


An outdoor surveillance camera being waterproof and consumes low power while provides high stability. A professional level camera for outdoor and indoor security check, this version is updated to have a more stable Wi-Fi connection and has scheduled motion detection. The waterproof feature enables the user to watch the live streaming video even in unfavorable weather, High-quality night vision picture almost day-like. Low-cost providing high-quality picture and with all the latest features.

An inexpensive, handy, simple to use the camera producing the quality picture and all the nice things to benefit from It is wireless so you can place it in the most effective spots. 4sdot has all the required features of this tech-savvy world.


  • Easy installation.
  • Great footage day/night.
  • HD Night vision.
  • 24/7 recording.


  • App instructions get confusing for manual use.
  • The power cord is not very long.
  • SD card is hard to install.
  • Not completely wireless.

14.    HUGOAI Wireless IP Camera Wi-Fi 1080p HD Home Security Surveillance Camera with Face detection, Motion Detection, Night Vision, Two-way Audio

HUGOAI Wireless IP Camera Wi-Fi 1080p HD Home Security Surveillance Camera

Extremely high featured security camera with built-in spotlights and the mind-blowing face detection and face recognition software. HUGOAI enables and alerts you on motion detection to let you know if your house is on invasion. Cloud storage is also free. No subscription fee, no wire hassle, two-way audio enable, day/night footage and HD image.

What more to ask? Along with all the normal features, has some super cool features and is definitely the right choice for your everyday security purpose. This will be obviously recommended to everybody thinking about buying a new surveillance camera. Even you can talk to your home while away. The magnetic base of the camera helps you forget about screwing. If you’re tired of less featured security camera then this high featured tech savvy camera is your savior.


  • Motion detection works perfectly.
  • Listen and talk to home.
  • Night vision is great.


  • Face recognition doesn’t work at a long distance.
  • Requires fees to register more than face.
  • App communication is unclearly written.

Final Words

These cameras will never be a disappointment. This review covers all grounds from cheap cost to best resolution power, indoor/outdoor cameras, wire/wireless cameras and much more. There is something for everyone among these selected cameras. Security should be a matter of no compromise. You want to have peace of mind when you are away from your loved one and home.

The right night vision camera with weather resistance gets rid of all your worries and keeps your loved ones safe even in the darkest hour. Most of these cameras come with storage and apps letting you keep up to 30 days’ worth of footage and providing proof for the police. Choose one of these cameras and you won’t have to worry about image quality, blind spots, blurred pictures, or lost footage.

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