Best Nanny Cam for Iphone

Safety and protection have always been prior to all. Further precautions are taken when the matter is about the security of your children.

Children are a blessing to parents and are perceived after a long-term process. To ensure that your child is safe and sound is just what parents want. But being a parent, you got work to do and that is a hurdle in the way of your child safety ass you won’t be there all the time to watch over your kid. You may have appointed a nanny for your child, but how to check if he or she is trustworthy and will babysit your child nicely? With all the violent nannies around town, keeping an eye on your child’s nanny is a must. We got what you just need!


You need a fully equipped guard that should be loyal and can watch over your beautiful children 24/7. Serving you faithfully in a professional manner, Wait! Is that possible? Yes, it is with best nanny cameras available to you, so you can monitor your children through these digital eyes and keep an eye on your nanny’s behavior.


The best nanny cameras are here in order to assure that your baby is safe and sound at home with the babysitter while you are away. These cameras, with the best features, are specifically designed to help you keep a watch on your baby and the babysitter, in order to prevent any kind of harm reaching your baby.


To assume that a security and a nanny camera is almost the same thing is wrong since the nanny camera has the feature and specification one would need while handling a nanny or a babysitter. They can be hidden if you want to keep the watch a secret, as well as it can be noticeable if you are comfortable with the camera being visible to the nanny. So, to make your digital eye work for you, one must choose nanny cameras wisely.


If you are an iPhone user, in need for a perfect nanny camera that can allow you to watch live streaming of your home, then here are some perfect nanny cameras for iPhone users, having all the nice elements and features that you require in order to be aware of any activity, suspicious or otherwise.


Furthermore, the alarm and the notifying system is simply the best feature, coming handy while you need to know if something went wrong.


With these amazingly well-designed nanny cameras, all your child safety problems will be gone in a blink. Buy the best nanny camera, suiting your requirements and fulfilling your utmost need of safety of your child.


1.    FAlconwatch hawk nanny camera



The best choice if you are looking for a nanny camera that works on your iPhone. FALCONWATCH nanny camera can be used to watch over your nanny and even your caretakers in order to avoid any stealing and to keep proof of any wrongdoing that might occur. You can keep track of your baby’s activities and nanny’s behavior towards your child. Furthermore, you can connect and participate through it even from afar. This nanny camera is very easy to set-up and has the amazing QR Code feature.

You can scan the QR code for a really quick set-up. The two-way sound enables you to talk to your baby or nanny and give directions. Every single activity will be audible to you perfectly. So you won’t miss out anything at all. What’s more amazing is the motion detecting software of this gadget to prove it in being the best helping hand.

The efficient app works on both Android and iOS and allows live streaming video on your smartphone. Isn’t it just what you need? To add in the list of its amazing features, it has night vision to keep a wide eye open even in the dark. So bid farewell to all your worries if you are working late or if you’re going to have a tough busy day. This amazing nanny camera is fully armed to serve its best assistance for ensuring the protection of your child to the best level.


  • Two-way talk and listen
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Motion-triggered
  • Wide angle
  • Night vision


  • Very expensive


2.    Puretech Wi-Fi enabled nanny camera



Puretech nanny camera works for iPhone and Android users with its amazing app that allows live video on your smartphone. It simply has the sugar, spice, and everything nice; by having a long list of systematic features that exceeds the expectations of an ordinary nanny camera. This amazing tool works on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G network connections and comes in an adorable range of four different colors to match the theme of your baby’s room. It has a two-way audio system to double check the safety issues.

The list doesn’t end here, as this handy gadget has a wide 127° angle allowing a large field of view right on your phone for remote viewing. It is easy to set up and has a power cord instead of a battery. An SD card slot to provide enough storage to record everything for the whole day. Still not satisfied? Puretech has a 30-day trial which enables you to send it back and get your money back if it doesn’t meet your requirements, plus a 1-year warranty. How cool is that! You will be receiving a USB cord, a holding bracket, and AC adapter right in the box. Don’t wait for any further and order this beauty with smartness now.


  • Low cost.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Night vision.
  • Distant view


  • Needs a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Sound quality is low.


3.    Uokoo wifi nanny camera



UOKOO wireless nanny camera is continuously at your service to assure that your nanny is doing exactly what is supposed to be done and can monitor your baby in the best way. This camera enables you to watch the live streaming of your home on four different phones, which really stands out in comparison with other nanny cams.

It has the easiest one key configuration set-up to hush away the complex ways required to set up a nanny camera. What is more interesting is the pan-tilt and zoom option, allowing a detailed eye on what’s happening in your babies room. It is night vision enabled and contains the motion detecting feature, in order to prove itself as a smartly designed nanny camera.


  • Motion activated.
  • Two-way sound enabled.


  • Does not work on 5G WI-Fi network.
  • Not very clear night vision footage.


4.    Nexgadget ip & nanny cam



NEXTGADGET camera is an all-rounder security camera that can accomplish almost any surveillance task and does the trick, whether it is required to keep a watch on the nanny, or to monitor your pet, this piece of smartness can serve all your causes systematically. With the remote access, you can watch everything that is happening in your absence right on your phone.

The two-way audio comes handy in giving commands and to instruct your nanny about today’s task. You can hear all what your baby is hearing through this device. Since its wireless, all the wire hassle has simply faded in the air, setting you free from the irritating sight of wires draping everywhere in your house due to a security camera.

It has a motion detecting software that works just fine. Last but not the least, this nanny camera allows you to pan, tilt and zoom to make sure you have your eyes on the smallest of the details. UOKOO contains a wall charger and a mounting camera in the box for your use. In short, it is a really well-designed camera to help you in taking the best care of your child and watching over nannies, while you have other important stuff to do.


  • High-quality HD video recording.
  • Pan and Tilt feature.
  • Two-way talk and listen.


  • Not compatible with the 5G network.
  • Requires SD card.


5.    Vstarcam c29 nanny and baby monitoring camera



VSTARCAM C29 makes the baby monitoring and keeping an eye on your kid’s nanny really convenient for you due to its perfectly suiting features and smart design. The comfort of your child should be assured in all circumstances and VSTARCAM does exactly that. The big plus that comes along with VSTARCAM, is the voice and cry detection system to alert you if your child is uneasy. It has built-in speakers and a microphone to enable the two-way talk and listen to the system.

With the high-resolution HD lens, crisp and vivid imagery of your babies room is being featured right onto your smartphone. This security camera has all the perks of a nanny cam and meets every standard of a regular nanny camera. Wi-Fi enabled, well featured and smartly designed nanny camera is the need of every parent. The need is fully met to the utmost level, with this amazing high-tech nanny camera. Doesn’t it sound like perfect?


  • Detects voice and cry.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • High-resolution footage.


  • Requires SD card.
  • Hard to connect.


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