Best Doorbell cameras in 2018

All of us are always looking forward to add comfort to our lifestyle and for this we are searching ways all the time. Thanks to the rapid advancement in the world of technology, we can now get a huge range of products that are all meant to add comfort to our lives. With the trend of internet being so pronounced, we can now order, buy and sell things easily with the help of our handheld devices. All these things add comfort to our lives and selecting the best possible ones from them is a task that needs all your attention.

In this article, we are going to talk about the security cameras, how they have affected the life of people in the positive manner, how they have provided comfort and safety to the owners and how they have proved fruitful in more than a few ways to the users. There is a huge range of the security cameras available in the market, all designed to provide security and safety to the users, however, the purpose or application of each of these could be different. Therefore if you are looking specifically for the doorbell camera then this article is going to help you a lot. Talking specifically about the doorbell cameras, here we are going to discuss the advantages of having a doorbell camera, will talk about a specific camera and its features, its functionality, the pros and cons that it offers and based on all this discussion we will present to you a conclusion for the purchase of this camera.

Doorbell Camera Short Description

First of all let us tell you what a doorbell camera is, the purpose of its use, why it is important to use it and the benefits of having it at your doorstep.

The best buy camera doorbell is a security camera that provides the video of the person who rings the bell. This helps the people inside the house to see who the visitor is and to decide whether or not they want to attend him. The continuous video of the visitor helps people inside the house know if there is some danger and to take some precautionary step before it is too late.

Let us have a look at the benefits of having these doorbell cameras at home.

Deterring away the thieves:

The thieves ring your bell and pose to be a legitimate person ringing the bell, if the home owners do not answer the bell the thief considers it to be the best opportunity and breaks in. a visible doorbell that can record and film you is the best way to keep such thieves away.

Catching the criminals:

Even if some worst condition does take place and burglary happens, then the camera doorbell is there to help you and the police with the footage of the burglary and the way it has happened. They can this way catch the thieves and recover the stolen items while the footage can help claim the insurance as well.

Keep an eye on kids:

Keeping an eye on the kids also becomes easier for the parents as they can check who is entering and leaving the house. You can also check the activity of the babysitter coming at home and see whether to rely on them or not.

Screen the visitors:

With the help pf the doorbell camera that comes with the ability to connect to your phone or tablet, you can screen the people visiting you and answer to only those who you really want to get engaged with.

Seeing the benefits

For the use of this doorbell camera might have given you a suggestion that you too need a camera on your front door to keep a check on the visitors and other activities at home. In order to best buy camera doorbell, you can have a look at the many cameras available on and other such websites or just visit some local store of the cameras to make purchase of the doorbell camera that you want to have.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
Q8 2.4 Inch TFT Color Screen Display Home Smart Doorbell Security Door...
Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell
AMOCAM Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inches Clear LCD Monitor Wired...
M5 Door Bell,M5 Wireless Door Bell WI-FI Video Doorbell Security...
Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
Q8 2.4 Inch TFT Color Screen Display Home Smart Doorbell Security Door...
Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell
AMOCAM Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inches Clear LCD Monitor Wired...
M5 Door Bell,M5 Wireless Door Bell WI-FI Video Doorbell Security...
Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
Check Price
Q8 2.4 Inch TFT Color Screen Display Home Smart Doorbell Security Door...
Q8 2.4 Inch TFT Color Screen Display Home Smart Doorbell Security Door...
Check Price
Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell
Ring Chime, A Wi-Fi-Enabled Speaker for Your Ring Video Doorbell
Check Price
AMOCAM Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inches Clear LCD Monitor Wired...
AMOCAM Video Door Phone System, 4.3 Inches Clear LCD Monitor Wired...
Check Price
M5 Door Bell,M5 Wireless Door Bell WI-FI Video Doorbell Security...
M5 Door Bell,M5 Wireless Door Bell WI-FI Video Doorbell Security...
Check Price

1:Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

To provide you with the review of the best doorbell camera, we have made the selection of this amazing doorbell camera that belongs to Ring Company. This doorbell can be found easily on and can be ordered to reach your doorstep anytime. We hope you will find this review to be a lot helpful.

This doorbell is an amazing one in the regard that it provides you with a lot of features and helps in connectivity so that you can stay aware for who is visiting your home in the hours when you are at home and away. This gives you an edge in determining the strength of security that is needed at your home and enables you to take measures for it.


Let us have a look at the salient features of when you best buy camera doorbell from ring Company.

  • Home security at your hands
    When you have got this ring doorbell at your front door, you can enjoy the perks of having a safe and secure home without having to worry about where you are. As long as you have some handheld smart device in your hand, you would be able to get the notifications and alerts on it each time someone rings your doorbell. Not only would there be the notifications but also you would be allowed to answer and even communicate with the visitor in the HD video of 1080P.
  • Advanced motion detection
    With the help of this amazing doorbell, you are now able to customize what you want to see and how. The customization of the specific areas where you want the most of the focus of the camera can also be settled so that you can get the high security in those parts. When you have specified some parts of the front door and entrance for being the high alert ones, you can easily detect the slightest motion going on in this area.
  • Nonstop power supply
    Another thing that sets this doorbell apart from the others is the fact that it keeps connected to the power all the time. You don’t have to worry about the tearing batteries and non-consistent power source when you best buy camera doorbell from Ring. This security camera based doorbell gets connected to the wiring of the doorbell that was installed initially and you need not to set up any separate wiring for it. All you have to do is to mount this camera doorbell along the doorbell and it will go on.
  • Interchangeable faceplates
    With the help of this amazing device, you need not to worry about the esthetics of the house as the faceplates of the doorbell can be interchanged even after the camera has been installed. The variable color options give you the confidence of choosing the color of your own choice, the one that matches the exterior of your house or the color that you like to have for the doorbell can be the one that you can pick for your doorbell. The matching of the doorbell can be done to match the exterior of your house too. No more dull and boring devices.
  • Save, share and review the photos
    If you go for Ring Protect Plus, then you can to save, record, review and share your photos easily. You can get a free 30 days trial for the Ring Protect Plus at the time of the purchase and later on you only get to pay $10 a month to enjoy the premium features of the Protect Plus. The members of the Protect Plus also enjoy the extended warranties, various discount offers and several other features that even include a 24/7 free monitoring of the recorded videos. So with the best buy camera doorbell from Ring, you are not limited to only the security purpose photos and videos, rather you can enjoy them as well.
  • Works well with Alexa
    With Alexa, life is a lot easier and simpler and you get to enjoy the safety and security of your house while resting in the couch. The most amazing thing about Ring Doorbell is that it integrates perfectly with Alexa so you need not to worry about the security of the house. Whenever there is someone at the front door, or in the area that you have specified for motion detection, or when someone hits the door bell, you can easily view all the activity on Alexa. Since you can give commands to Alexa as well, you can simply ask it to show you who is there at the front door.
  • HD and Infrared
    With so many other features from Ring Doorbell, another thing that makes it popular is the high definition videos and images that it provides. Since for the security purposes, you need the images and videos to be crisp clear so you can look into the details properly. Therefore the high definition imaging with 1080P helps you get the clearest images like never before. Also the night vision infrared allows you to look into the details of the view even when there is pitch dark outside so you do not miss a detail ever in the day or night time.
  • Life time theft protection
    Apart from all the best features of the Ring Doorbell that we have discussed so far, what makes it the most ideal one is the feature that the company provides you the opportunity to change the doorbell if someone steals it. Of course the theft video would be recorded on your camera and stored in the storage so it would prove to be the evidence for the company and hence you could get it changed with the new one.
  • Varied options
    With the Ring Doorbell in your hand, you can now purchase your most favorite doorbell from the varied options available at Ring and get going with your favorite one to enjoy the perks of the day. The varied options are based on the functionality, the better the features get, the higher the price goes, but still there is nothing bad in applying for the doorbell options and investing some good amount of money in getting your home secured.

So these were the features and specifications regarding this doorbell that we chose to provide the review with. But the discussion is not over yet as now we take you to the pros and cons of it, so that you know what you are buying.


  • You can enjoy the on demand view of the camera at anytime, anywhere
  • Comes with anti-theft protect and a yearlong warranty
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Runs on even the slow internet connections


  • Connectivity to all phone devices could be problematic
  • Connectivity to the previous doorbell also showed problems to some customers

Camera doorbells are basically the doorbells that have an in-built camera attached to it. Now you can see who is at your door whenever the doorbell rings instead of walking up to your door and checking whoever is visiting you.

2:  Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell


  • The ring video doorbell works through Alexa which illuminates and sends updates to your Echo devices when the doorbell is rung by someone or even when any motion is sensed by the sensors. This allows you to listen in and talk back through the two-way communication system. This can be done through your mobile phones, tablet, and computers
  • It has the night vision feature which allows it to work even at night with the infrared night vision technology.
  • It monitors and displays videos in full 720 HD quality
  • The Live View feature lets you check up on your home with the on-demand video. It also allows you to hear the audio at any time.
  • The motion sensors can be adjusted according to your homes and find the perfect setting that is fit for your homes.


  • If they are not any wires in the doorbell, even then it works on any homes.
  • It sends notifications to you as soon as the doorbell is pressed which shows how quick and efficient it is.
  • Alexa can be used to view live streaming at your doorstep.


  • Internet connection is required. For an optimal performance, 1 Mbps is recommended. So, if there is an error in the connection then the device won’t be able to send you any updates.

3:  Q8 Home Smart Doorbell Camera

Q8 Home Smart Doorbell Camera


  • The Q8 home smart doorbell camera device has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees which ensures the safety and protection of your property.
  • The camera in the doorbell cannot be seen with the naked eye and hence it is a smart doorbell.
  • The camera doorbell has a 2 MP camera which provides you with HD quality clear and sharp images.
  • There is also a PIR motion detector which automatically detects anyone lingering around your house. It will instantly take videos and images and record the visitor’s activity.
  • The infrared HD quality night vision secures your property even during the night and lets you see when someone pays you a visit.
  • The device is made up of zinc alloy which has some pretty good mechanical properties such as the device is wear resistance and at normal temperature the impact strength is good.
  • It also comes with a TFT color screen of about 2.4 inches. It is an electronic cat eye kit which is smart and is extremely easy to install.


  • The cameras are concealed to avoid any unnecessary problems. As some individuals consider it as an intrusion to their privacy that someone is looking and recording them through his or her cameras


  • Live video streaming to any of your devices such as mobile phones or tablets is not possible as the Q8 home smart camera doorbell does not support this feature. So, you cannot view live video footage from anywhere or at any time except when you are at home.

4: Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell device

Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell device


  • It features a PIR motion sensor that has a detection angle of 110 degrees which provides an accurate and precise detection of motion.
  • It is water resistant with IP55 so be it rainy, sunny, or snowy your video doorbell will work wonders in all types of climatic conditions.
  • The two-way audio intercom system lets you communicate and listen to visitors at your doorstep so no more going to the door to check who is there anymore.
  • The wireless WIFI video doorbell is supported by both Android and IOS systems.
  • It has the capability to capture videos and photos at any time with the night vision feature which has a diameter of 850nm and a distance of 5 meters.
  • It has an ultra-low long standby period of up 8 to 12 months with two specification batteries of 18650.
  • It also supports TF card which takes the photos of your visitors automatically.


  • You can answer your door from anywhere within the house as the device supports the two-way intercom system with the noise cancellation feature.
  • The installation process is quick and simple and can be done within a minute with the toolkit that comes with the package.


  • The video quality is not that good and preferable another HD camera system is much better.
  • Live viewing from any other device cannot be done with the wireless WIFI video doorbell.

5:  Door phone Intercom Doorbell Camera

Door phone Intercom Doorbell Camera


  • The door phone is the best doorbell camera that you should buy as it has multiple 16 chord melodies that you can change any time you like.
  • The TFT color screen consumes less power with a display of seven inches.
  • It has switch power supply that is built-in. The voltage and power are wide and are both compatible with each other.
  • It can support up to 1000 ID cards which can be used to unlock or lock the door by showing the ID card to the device. The unlocking of the door can also be done by electric controls.
  • The night vision feature is used to monitor outdoors during the night time.
  • The brightness, chroma, and volume are adjustable which can be used to adjust according to the user’s preference.
  • The outdoor camera is protected by the rain shade which can be used to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Also, the glass cover of nanotechnology ensures clear and bright images and videos.


  • No radiation is radiated from the door phone doorbell camera that results in high definition quality.
  • ID card unlocking and electric controlled unlocking is supported by the intercom doorbell camera.
  • Multiple options of up to 16 melodies is built-in which can be changed any time.


  • Live viewing is not possible with the intercom doorbell camera so you cannot view live streaming directly from anywhere.
  • Motion detection sensor is not present so it does not send alert notifications to your mobile phones or to any other device.

6: M5 Wireless Doorbell Camera

M5 Wireless Doorbell Camera


  • The M5 doorbell security camera is wireless that has the advanced capability to adopt high processing chips for high-speed coprocessors of the video.
  • The signal transmission of the device covers a long distance.
  • The M5 may be the best camera doorbell that anyone can buy as the monitor displays real-time video streaming to your mobile phones.
  • It displays high definition video and picture quality of 1280x720p.
  • The viewing angle is 166 degrees which are considered as a wide angle field view
  • The battery of the device lasts for a long time and it is built-in inside the doorbell camera.
  • The power consumption of the device is low and it also saves energy.
  • The Infrared LEDs are 850nm. The 6 pcs are used to monitor during the night and gives you the best possible results.
  • It is weatherproof with the IP53 technology which protects the device against various different kinds of weather conditions.
  • A TF card is also present which records for 15 seconds.


  • Live video streaming from your mobile phones is possible with the M5 Camera doorbell.
  • The two-way communication system is present which makes the talking clearer than ever.
  • The wireless WIFI internet connection makes it easier to monitor and watch video recordings.


  • The PIR motion sensors are not present in the device to sense if a visitor is at the door to inform you of your mobile phones.

7:Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell


  • With this camera doorbell, you will get instant alerts when someone rings the bell. Or even comes close to the door thanks to its motion-detectors. You can use the free Ring app to see, hear and talk to the guests at your doorstep from where ever you are through your smartphone or tablets.
  • It has night vision and is weather resistant. So no matter what time of the day or what weather it is, you will instantly know who’s at your door and never miss deliveries again!
  • It has Dual-power options meaning you can power it through its rechargeable battery or if you already have a doorbell just connect it to the doorbells wiring and get a non-stop charge.
  • It has 720p HD video quality, motion detectors, two-way audio, night vision, 180 degrees of field vision and a lifetime purchase protection.

8:RemoBell wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

RemoBell wireless Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


  • The RemoBell app allows access to the same login for up to five people. Making it easier for all family members to access and see the camera recordings. And if you want you can give access to your neighbors so that they can keep an eye on your house when your away and might not have access to Wi-Fi.
  • The set up for this Doorbell Camera is super easy and you will need no professional help. In no time your camera will be up and running and will allow you to answer the door through your smartphone.
  • You can connect RemoBell with Alexa and Google Home to get more features and a smarter experience.
    It has weatherproof, Night vision, HD quality videos and a cloud storage that allows you to store videos for 30 days.

9:Zmodo Greet Doorbell Camera

Zmodo Greet Doorbell Camera


  • Access the camera from anywhere and at any time through the greet app. It allows you to adjust the view of your porch and get the best angle.
  • It’s easy to install. Just connect it to your existing doorbell wiring, install the Greet app, name your device and you’re ready to answer the door with your smartphone.
  • It has HD quality, certified for outdoor use, built-in LEDs, and gives you a 155 degrees horizontal viewing angle that you can control digitally. It even has a 2-way audio and light sensors, what more could you need!

10:Gosund WiFi enabled Doorbell Camera

Gosund WiFi enabled Doorbell Camera


  • Left kids home alone? Worried they might answer the door to strangers? This Doorbell will give you instant alerts when someone is at the door and allow you to answer from anywhere through your smartphone and talk to your visitors at any time.
  • There is no headache of wiring with this camera. It runs on batteries and has a special low power consumption technology which sets this apart from the rest of the cameras on this review list.
  • Keep your house safe even in the dark. With this devices’ night vision quality and recording ability, you can get instant alerts if someone is lingering outside your doorstep at night.
  • Two-way audio and video, night vision, HD quality, PIR motion detection for all iOS and Android devices and much more is what this simple Doorbell camera offers.

11:Aunex Upgraded Doorbell Camera

Aunex Upgraded Doorbell Camera


  • Get a Wi-Fi Wireless Doorbell Camera and monitor who comes and goes by your house when your home and when you’re not. Aunex Doorbell Camera allows you Real-Time Video Two way audio so you can interact with your visitors live when you’re not home.
  • This camera doorbell gives you 166 degrees wide angle view! You won’t miss a single thing with this camera at your doorstep. It leaves no blind spots at the very entrance of your house.
  • Another special feature of Aunex Doorbell Camera is that it has a Build In 16GB SD card that allows you to store all your previous and current video recordings in one place. And there is no time restriction so videos will stay in the SD card till you delete them to make space.
  • This camera has all the features that you could need and is at a fair price. It has a two-year warranty and a 30 Day Refund Guarantee! There is no better and cheaper camera doorbell than this.
  • 720p HD video quality, two-way audio, Night vision, PIR motion detection are some more the features this camera offers.


Now that you have seen the introduction of the Ring doorbell, you have had the understanding of the advantages of owning the ring bell and you have seen the features, pros and cons to it, you might now have set up your mind whether or not you should buy this device. Since we are here to provide you a complete review of this doorbell, therefore we have to tell you that on purchasing the Ring Doorbell, you sure are going to spend some good money. The better the version of the bell would get, the higher would the price go. But from the point of providing security and safety to your house, it is not a bad idea and not at all a waste of money. If you get a lot of visitors at home, if you leave your adult kids behind alone at home or if you have got house help and nannies visiting you a lot, this camera doorbell could be the best option for you and your family. So we recommend to you to stop thinking more and go on to make your purchase for the Ring Doorbell.

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