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Insteon Hub No Light: Four Easy Fixes

insteon hub no light

Introduction I guess, it won’t be bold of us to say, that we’ve reached a peak in technology. Come on, with new inventions like the Insteon Hub, you can now remotely access all your home electronic appliances. However, what to do when you find your Insteon hub no light? Don’t panic. This issue can be […]

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Do LED Brake Lights Need Resistors: The Beginner’s Guide

Do LED Brake Lights Need Resistors

Introduction LED lights are an absolute blessing in disguise.  While they may not seem like a big deal, they’re efficient and overall environment friendly. Thus using them on brake lights may seem like a great idea. However, questions like “Do LED brake lights need resistors”, may bother you. Yes, LED brake lights do need resistors. […]

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