The Arlo Solar Panel 2-Pack Bundle Unmasked

Arlo 2 pack bundle unmasked

The technology of things keeps on improving with every passing day of the week. With the coming of the digital camera, you can now take pictures of interesting landmarks which you can keep as a souvenir for posterity. When we take a look at most of the cameras that we have on the shelf; there is a glaring shortcoming that is peculiar to all of them. Their battery capacities vary from one model to the order. This has constituted a big challenge over the years; but with the coming of arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle, we can now heave a sigh of relief.

The attributes of this device cannot be ignored. If you are a lover of adventure; then you must keep this device handy because you will need it whenever you are out in the wild or on that tourist visit if you really want to capture interesting scenes that you are going to keep as a memorial. The features of arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle are so great that you cannot ignore it if you do not want to face the embarrassment of a low battery. We shall be taking a look at these features and you will see clearly that it is indeed a must addition to you if you want to keep your camera working 24/7.

The Technical Specifications

7 - The Arlo Solar Panel 2-Pack Bundle Unmasked

Quick Delivery

When you place an order for this model, you are going to get your delivery within the space of 5 days at the most. The delivery comes in a package that will get to you in one whole piece. When you open the package, the following items are what you are expected to get from it:

(2) Solar panel

(2) 6 ft. power cable

(2) Mount

(2) Mounting screw kit

(2) Quick start guide

(2) Window decal

The user interface is excellent. When you go through the guide, setting it up will take you only a few minutes of your time and you will have handy at your disposal-a model that will make your battery run forever. It is as simple as that.

It Is Lightweight

Another interesting fact that cannot escape mention is the weight of this very model. You have at your disposal a lightweight device. It will, therefore, constitute no burden of any sorts to you while you are making use of it. The net weight of it is put at 10.83oz (307g). This is a lightweight device that is very handy. Therefore, it will constitute no barrier to you when you are out with it.

Solar Power Technology

In as much as there are the rays of sunlight wherever you find yourself outdoors; you will not have issues with your battery length. Just keep on clicking on the interesting images that catch your fancy and you are well covered.

This device uses solar energy which it converts to help keep the battery of your camera running. So there is no way for low battery; you will never get such notification from your camera because the technology in arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle is such that will keep your battery charged forever.

This is the most excellent means of solving once and for the issue of low battery in your camera.

Adjustable Mount

Aside from the fact that this model will deliver all that you will require to get full benefits from the battery of your camera, it comes with an interesting user interface that you will definitely fall in love with. The technology of the mount is such that it has the capacity to cater for anyone-no matter your height. With an adjustable mount, you can adjust the stand to any height that is most convenient for you. This makes it pretty easy to use because you will get the arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle at that convenient height that is custom made for you.

Weather Resistant

A lot has been taken care of at the drawing board before this device hit the stands. Everybody wants to invest in something that will last him forever. With this model, the technology is such that it can withstand the weather 365/366 days all through the year. So if it is the worst of winter weather or the heat of the summer, you will have no issues with this device because it is weather resistant.

Take it out in the rains, you have nothing to worry about. If it be in the heat of the sun, the technology that comes with this model has it completely covered.

How It Works

2 - The Arlo Solar Panel 2-Pack Bundle Unmasked

The arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle is designed for use of Arlo Pro or Arlo Go camera. What you need to do is to connect the panel to your camera. With only a few hours of direct exposure to sunlight, this model will harvest the energy needed to keep the battery of your camera running forever. The following steps should be taken to have the setup completed:

  • First, attach the solar panel to the stand and adjust it to position it well on the stand. The stand will ensure that the device is kept in a firm position. Now adjust the height of the stand to a convenient height of your choice.
  • Now connect the solar panel to your camera. You can now be guaranteed a steady supply of power to your camera 24/7. No more worries about a battery that is too low.


The above represents the true position of arlo solar panel 2-pack bundle. It is one device that you need not only to sustain the power of your battery but also to protect the lifespan of the battery of your camera. When you have it handy on that adventure trip to the wide, you will not have any worries about the battery of your Arlo Pro and Arlo Go Camera systems. The rave reviews that this model has been receiving are a testimony that it will serve the useful purpose of sustaining your battery length.

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