Small Spy Cameras For Cars

We have seen that the statistics regarding the crime rates in homes is very high according to the reports from the FBI, but still there are other crimes as well that need consideration. The crimes relevant to the theft of the vehicles has a rate quite high as well and special measures need to be taken to save the world from these crimes. Although in every part of the world, the state and the law enforcement agencies are working together to bring down the ever increasing graph of the vehicle theft, still the ratio is not decreasing as with every passing day the thieves are becoming advanced as well.

If every person start keeping in mind the precautionary measures that ensure the safety of the car and the driver and make it impossible for the thieves to take the vehicle away, these crimes could lessen a lot too. Most of the times the carelessness of the driver and haste are the reasons behind these attempts of stealing the cars. Therefore it is important to take some measures to make the car thefts fool proof.

The most common mean that the drivers today are using for tracking the theft and for knowing what the thieves have done to the vehicle, is the planting of the small spy cameras cars. This helps a lot in knowing the activities of the thieves and to next time avoid such a thing from happening. Here we have gathered the top reasons for you that tell you why you need to install a hidden spy camera in your car.

  • Accidents: one reason why people install these small spy cameras for cars is to know the details of the accidents that what had happened before and after the crash. The footage from the camera also serves as an evidence for the insurance companies and the law enforcement authorities to understand whose fault it was.
  • Security: the hidden spy cameras also serve as the modes for providing security to the owner of the car. If some prized possessions from your car get stolen or you have trouble with knowing who has been behind the mischief all the time, then this security camera can tell you who the person is and can even send you the real time video and the message alerts so that you know what is happening there.
  • Monitor the young drivers: if, for some reason, you have given the car to some teenager and you want to keep an eye on their activities, then these small spy cameras for cars can be the best option for you. All you have to do is to put the camera hidden and keep checking the live footage. Other than that, if you want it this way, then you can tell the driver about the spy camera and use the two way audio communication.
  • Just for fun and recording: you can install the camera in the car just for the sake of fun as well so that you can record your journeys and travels all the way long.

There are some countries that have a compulsion to install a dashboard camera in the car, but of course that camera does not need to be hidden at all. This is essential for recording any type of eventualities and accidents. This measure is proving a lot helpful as the videos tell you who is the real culprit and the person who did the wrong is punished well.

We will now provide a review of one of the best small spy cameras for cars so that you know what you need to look forward to when you are searching such a camera. This camera has been selected as the best one on the site and it has proved to be highly efficient to be used in the cars.

WBESEV Spy Camera, Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Clock 1080P Video Recorder Wireless IP Camera Alarm with Motion Detection, Night Vision, Real time Video

Belonging to the company named WBESEV, this is one of the best small spy cameras for cars is used effectively in the cars and other vehicles as it looks just like a small clock, sitting on your dashboard and showing you the time. While at the back end it is recording everything that is going on in the car. The place where you want to put the camera depends upon your own choice as you can place it easily anywhere inside the car and enjoy the recordings that it will give you.


Now let us have a look at the salient features of this camera to understand whether or not it is best suited for taking the footages for your car or not. You are going to be overwhelmed by the things that you are going to find to be the features of this camera.

  • 24 hours stand by with motion detection

The camera comes with the amazing feature for motion detection where it stays in the standby mode all day long and only gets alert on detecting some motion in the vicinity. When there is a motion in the area of focus of the camera, the camera takes three pictures simultaneously and send them straight away to your phone so that you can get alert and notification right at the time of the action that has taken place and then if some other action has to be taken, you can go for it as well.

  • Hidden design

Since this Wi-Fi clock camera is very small in size in these small spy cameras for carsand it looks like an ordinary time piece showing the clock, this makes a perfect disguise to be hidden in the car and take on the go as well. If even there is someone who picks the camera in their own hand and examine it, they still cannot guess what they are holding, they just know that they are looking at a regular time piece.

  • HD real time video recording

This simple camera is simple to set up and it does not require a lot of establishing of cables as well. So once you have put it to work and have correctly connected it to the Wi-Fi network, there will not be any trouble for you to start receiving the video in the real time on any of your devices like smart phone, tablet or PC. So you see that this camera is a rather simple one that goes well with all that you are doing.

  • Home security provider

Thesebest small spy cameras for carsalso serves as a perfect medium to provide home security to the house and the office in the time while you are not present. All you have to do is to put this tiny clock on the table or some other random place where it has to be, this way the other person does not get to know that the clock they are looking at is a camera, rather they think it to be some clock. So this camera serves the purpose of security provider for home, office and other commercial buildings as well.

  • Night vision feature

The camera also has the night vision feature where there are IR lights installed in it that provide a clear and crisp image even in the complete darkness. So the camera is able to provide you with the video whenever it observes some motion in the vicinity. Therefore with the help of this camera you have an access to the home in the darkness and in the day time equally. Now you are in touch with the home vision and security all the time and 24 hours.

  • High resolution

The camera is 1080P so the camera reveals a video that is in high resolution and is perfect for providing you with the videos that are crisp in details and is clear. With the help of this camera you can clearly see the details in the video and do not miss any single thing at all in the video. This way, the camera is a perfect blend of clear and crisp images and videos that are an amazing source for providing proof.

Now that you have seen the salient features of this best small spy camera for cars, that make it perfect for your choice of spy camera for the car, we will now present to you the pros and cons of it and provide a brief conclusion as well.


  • Multi user based camera
  • Best for providing disguise as well
  • Best for android and Iphone interfaces both


  • Sometimes night vision is not very effective in display


Now that you have seen the features, pros and cons, you have seen that this is actually one of the best small spy cameras for cars that helps you spy and record the happenings in your car and in the surroundings. The features are excellent that makes it a worth buy.

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