How to hook up security cameras


There was a time where technology was not that much advanced like today. People most of the times were faced with security issues. But, the time passes and the same like this the era of technology also going to be advanced. The concept of the camera actually came from the pictures if I reverse back and recall the old times so there was a time were camera only used and known for the sake of capturing the pictures. But then slowly and gradually according to the requirement of world camera is going to be advanced as well. Now at this stage cameras are also used for security purposes like people set the CCTV cameras in their stores, at homes and as well as the public spot point areas for the safety precautions. My today’s article is all about the security cameras in which I try to highlight and cover up the facts that how to hook up security cameras mannerly.


How to Hook up security cameras?

Well, fixing or putting a camera doesn’t mean that you are done. It requires more things. Things like a proper set up or hook up through which one can easily see, check and manage the security cameras settings according to their requirements.

There are numerous ways through which you can easily hook up your security cameras. But before going to run down the possibilities keep one thing to remember that there are various types of cameras and according to their type they require adjustments. So I’m highlighting some of the well-known cameras and their common possibilities for your hook up settings and arrangements.


IP cameras and Mainstream video hookup guidance:


If you have IP NVR cameras so for this there is no hard and fast rule which you have to do. For the IP NVR security cameras what you all require is simply connect your CCTV camera with the NVR 5/6 Ethernet Cat cables. Once you connect it with your NVR then connect your NVR to your TV with the help of the HDMI cable. This is simply easy without using any extra wiring and all. After the connection of your TV just power the NVR with the help of power adapter and then simply turn on your TV. Once you have done this then you can easily enjoy the live on-screen view.


  • There is no requirement to download any app
  • No router connection
  • No configuration
  • Simple wiring
  • No additional cost
  • No connection failure issue
  • Large storage space
  • 24/7 recording
  • Stable signals
  • Reliable management
  • Better clarity
  • Effective features


  • Only for the IP NVR system security cameras


Alternative hooks up guidance for theNon-NVR Security cameras


Ok, so people mostly get stressed and then ask this question again that how to hook up security cameras when they have no NVR security cameras. So there is no need to get worried. Like every problem, this problem also has a solution. There are the alternative ways through which you can easily hook up your Non-NVR security cameras. So for these types of security cameras what you have to do is simply use your IP camera and then connect it to your HDMI converter or the decoder. Then after this, simply set up your DLNA server on your PC and stream the IP videos on your TV. The next thing which you have to do after this step is to use GOOGLE (chrome cast) or APPLE TV as per your availability and then use the streaming apps on your smart TV’s.


  • The only pros of this type of hook up are that you have an alternative way for both android and ios users. Like they both can download and use the smart apps according to their requirements.


  • Without NVR you can face unstable signals
  • Sort of time wasting
  • And the non-technical support


How to hook up the multiple security cameras on your TV?



It doesn’t matter if you have one or multiple cameras you can easily hook up your multiple security cameras on a TV easily without any hurdle. For this, what you all require is just a Processor. But, before going to reveal the procedure let me clear you one thing. Like there are 2 types of Processor one is known as a Quad Processor and the other one is known as a multiplexer. The difference between these two is that with the help of Quad Processor you can easily hook up to 4 cameras whereas, on the other hand, for the multiplexer, you can hook up around 16 cameras profoundly. For the hook up of these quad and multiplexer, you required a Coax Cable.


  • You can easily view 4 to 16 cameras at one time
  • You can easily find analog CCTV video splitters
  • Mannerly scroll the different screen configurations


  • Quite tricky
  • You require different coax cable for the quad and multiplexer


How to hook up wired security cameras?



Well, the other types of security cameras are wired security camera. Same like the above one those who have a wired security camera having the same hookup question. Well, for the wired one you have to be very much concerned and conscious especially when you hook up the camera. Like for this at an initial stage what you all require is a special kind of adapters, power drills, steel fish tape, s0pade bits, drive bits, masking tape, baluns for the ETHERNET cables (this helps and allows you to use the ETHERENET cables) and a help of your friend. So for this first, you have to require a wiring to plug in your DVR box. Once you have done with this then you have to connect the external monitor, and a power outlet to manage all the stuff. It is common that most of the cameras are come up with a mouse or keyboards as well so the wiring of these are also included according to the requirement.


  • Manually manage
  • See the past recordings
  • Easy 24/7 recording


  • The Installation will be according to the figure out the location
  • You require run cables
  • Too much tricky wiring
  • And then you have to set the interface


A brief buying guide for your security cameras:

Well, after reading the complete guidance of how to hook up security cameras there is an additional brief buying guide which I want to mention here.

  • Before going to buy any camera always remember one thing that didn’t forget to check the quality. Infect I highly recommend you all to never compromise on quality just for the sake of few pennies.
  • Next, the above how to hook up the security cameras list are according to the type of cameras. So before going to do anything make sure that you are checking the right type of installation or hook up procedure.
  • Except this, make sure to check the reviews, ratings, and comparison a little bit of homework before going to buy any type of camera for your security purpose.
  • Try to prefer genuine and world known website for online buying. I recommend you to buy your electronic gadgets and products from AMAZON. Rest there you can also see the  security cameras brief guide below the product.
  • If you are not habitual to buy your electronic products from online then make sure to survey different markets and always demand to ask the warranty card from the shopkeeper or mart keeper.
  • No matter whether you buy online or from any shop or mart make sure to keep your survey strong as it will help you and keep you away from any bankrupt and extravagance.
  • Research is quite important, it is not essential just for the sake of cost purpose but it also aware you about the specifications, pros, cons, and features as well. So then through this, you can easily compare your product from one company model product to other company model product. Rest it also helps you out and aware you about the difference between genuine and duplicate quality product. Most of the time people who are not that much aware of the e-gadgets or electronic products can easily fool and cheated. So to keep yourself away from all these types of things make sure to open your eyes and keep your senses active when you buy any product.



I hope that this how to hook up security cameras buying guide will surely help you out to pick the best one and also make your installation and set up things easy and reliable for you. Rest, for more better and accurate results, and further elaborations, also visit and check the Google sites and as well as the YouTube videos. This will also give you a brief idea for the better hook up and installations for your security cameras.

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