How to Find Cheap Mini Spy Cameras

There is a guide for you all to use and buy these spy cameras which are not very heavy for your pocket. These cheap mini spy cameras are the major source of spying. They are mainly used for detection purposes, as well as provide security for your own benefits. It is easy to use and comfortable to wear. It can easily be carried for traveling purposes. You can clip it on your shit; insert it on any secret place out of anyone’s eye. These cheap mini spy cameras provide good quality and sharp features with clear imagery that can help you with proper video and recording.

You must get a license or a permission letter before using it. You want to keep a check on your children, on your house; you can place the hidden camera anywhere out of anyone’s reach. You own a business and you want to keep a check on all your stock, you can secretly place the spy camera which is very much inexpensive. This will definitely ease your tension. Spy cameras are also placed in classrooms to detect the children cheating in the exams when the invigilator is not around. Spy pen cameras can easily detect the person talking with someone and can easily provide you with ample knowledge.

ProductProduct typePriceOverall rating
SCS Enterprises Wireless Clock Spy Camera
SCS Enterprises Wireless Clock Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Clock Cam$$$****
WiFi Baby 4: HD Wireless Nanny Cam and Baby Monitor
Wi-Fi Baby 4- HD Wireless Nanny Cam and Baby Monitor Review
Check Price
Nanny Cam$$*****
Sleuth Gear Xtreme Life RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera
Sleuth Gear Xtreme Life Rock Cam Review
Check Price
Surveillance Cam$$$$$****
Phreilend Hidden Camera
Phreilend Hidden Camera Review
Check Price
Surveillance Cam$****
Phylink PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera
Phylink PLC-128PW 720P HD Covert IP Wireless Mini Pinhole Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Spy Camera$$*****
FREDI Mini Spy Camera
Fredi Mini Spy Camera Review
Check Price
Spy Camera$*

These are wireless cameras, which can easily be connected with your computer that help in viewing the images. These mini spy cameras can only produce sharp and vivid images due to their high resolution that is about 960 P. Some cameras also require 12 million pixels for resolution. These cameras provide you with motion detection sensors, used for security purposes in offices and homes. Night vision sensor gives you clear imagery at night. Charging capacity is high and can also record videos when connected with charger or the charging lead so you will not get bored and can help you gather more in your enjoyment. The view is extensively up to 50 degrees. They consist of different bytes of loop recording and provide Wi-Fi connection. It works faster. These cameras range at different speeds. Reset pins are also there to reboot the camera so don’t get worried when it does not reboot.

You can even use these surveillance cameras in public places to increase public safety. This will help you stay saved when traveling, shopping and so on. If people come to know about these surveillance cameras, then they get secured from any criminal activity occurring in the area. Your mini spy cameras help the criminals to get exposed everywhere.

Furthermore, these mini, hidden, cheap spy cameras are portable in size, it has high storage capacity, can hold things for a longer period of time. These cameras have at least a 1-year warranty and can work for a much greater interval of time if not used continuously. They can easily get linked with android and iPhone and provides you with creative effects.

Spy Camera Wireless Hidden, 1080P Portable mini Video & Photo Recorder, Magnetic Camera with Night Vision/Motion Detection/Recording, and Security Camera for Home and Office.

It is a small miniature portable camera that is used for hidden purposes. It is easy to use and is very suitable to hang it on the wall it can even be placed in secret places putting it on the table, clipping it on your shirt, placing it on the wall frame so that it cannot catch anyone’s eye. It can also be used for traveling purposes. All the video coding takes place in M-JPEG format. Video and image quality is very good and sharp. The camera lens is imported and of higher resolution. The video format is up to 1920X1080P produces clear imagery and photo mode is up to 960P. It charges full and lasts up to for a longer period of time that is up to 50 minutes if not used continuously.


  • Video coding takes place in M-JPEG format
  • Surveillance camera
  • Sharp, better image and video quality
  • Motion Detection
  • The Camera lens is imported


  • It can easily be lost
  • It can work for a short interval of time
  • Set up takes time
  • The legal right is required when buying this camera
  • Not allowed to use in office areas

Hidden Spy Pen Camera, Teepao 1080P HD Portable Mini Body Camera Video Recorder With Loop Recording, Support 6 Hours Video Recorder /TV OUT/TV Surveillance/32G TF Card (SD Card Not Included)

Spy pen camera is a portable mini camera which can be put in your pocket. It is cheap but proves to be a good quality camera with sharp and creative image effects. It has a 1080P/720P resolution. It saves the space for different materials and can only work when there is movement. This pen camera can also record when it is connected with a power bank or any charging lead. This camera can be taken anywhere in order to capture any fascinating moment. It is used a complete and as a proper security system to encounter every act of vandalism. It can conserve a lot of heat and also not crash in hot weather. The charging capacity is higher and it also supports charging of USB (universal serial bus). Resolution of taking a photo requires 12 million pixels.


  • Can be carried easily
  • Charging capacity is higher
  • Good picture quality
  • High picture resolution
  • Recording can also be done when connected with a power bank or a charger.


  • Requires permission or reason of putting it with yourself
  • Cannot work without motion or movement
  • SD card not included

Newest 2018 Upgraded Hidden Camera 1080p Home Mini FullHD Small Advanced Security Motion Cam Night Vision Audio Mounts (Black)

This mini spy camera has an impressively designed structure which is portable in size. It can record good video with clear imagery that is about 1920 x 1080p 30fps & can also view extensively up to 150-degrees. This hidden mini camera can start its recording when there is the presence of movement. The battery can work about six to seven days only when the motion detection process works alone. Moreover, the loop recording capacity is about 32 when the new loop recording is completed, the SD card gets full and the old video is replaced by new video. Screenshots and snapshots can also be taken through this miniature camera. It consists of a battery which can also be charged when doing a recording. It can also work for a week and can tolerate up to 100 minutes. Not only this, but it also provides a 1-year warranty.


  • Manual recording is good
  • Picture quality is good
  • View extensively up to 150 degrees
  • Higher charging capacity
  • Loop recording is 32GB


  • It is difficult to use
  • Battery work for 1 hour maximum
  • No signals
  • It cannot record more than 20 minutes
  • Micro SD card is not included

2018 Model: Spy Camera Wall Charger, Night Vision-1080P HD Resolution, Nanny Cam USB Security Camera, Supports 128GB SD Memory Card – Superior Motion Detection, Wi-Fi Viewing. Free Charger. No Audio.

It is the USB wall charger mini spy camera that can be hanged anywhere on the wall without anyone noticing. This camera is also used for security purposes, can easily watch all the happenings in the house. It is wireless and can be fixed on anything. It supports 128GB and easily linked with iPhone or android through this you can easily control it from any place. It consists of Motion detection mode which can only occur in movements, loop recording and night vision. These all features can also work best at night. It is easy to use, you just have to plug in and play it. It also consists of a double charger as well as reset pins. It lacks audio track.


  • It is wireless
  • It supports 128GB and easily gets connected with android or iPhone
  • Motion detection mode is there
  • Reset pins are there to reboot the camera
  • Easily get connected with Wi-Fi


  • No audio is present
  • Picture quality is bad
  • Blurry effect on video whenever movement is observed

Camera Glasses HD 1080P Towero Wearable Hidden Camera Glasses

These are the hidden camera glasses which can be easily be worn and would be difficult to get noticed by anyone. There is a small camera hidden inside the glasses. The video recording is of good and better quality. It is easy and comfortable to wear. Plus you can also use it in watching television, live cricket matches, reading newspapers, and also look up to streets to watch any fascinating act of vandalism. The battery can last up to 60 to 80 minutes. These glasses can be made according to your eyesight. The memory support is maximum up to 32GB. It is quite a heavy product of about 30g in weight. Its working temperature ranges from 0 to 60 degrees centigrade. It can be used manually and easily get attached by the computer.


  • Easy and feasible to wear
  • Charging can last up to 60 to 80 minutes
  • Memory support is 30GB
  • Charged when connected to PC
  • Speed is very high


  • It is not waterproof
  • Cannot be worn every time

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